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Decorating My Home

Outdoor Vignette on my Patio: Before & After

By 05/25/2014August 12th, 201932 Comments

As you know, I’m decorating my patio this Spring. Our deck most definitely needs to be replaced, but we can’t do that without replacing the vinyl siding first. As we’re not prepared to go there quite yet, I’m decorating instead.

I’ll show you everything soon, today, I’m just showing you the vignette I created on my Pottery Barn console that arrived this week.

Can you see the water spigot on the right which almost touches the deck? I can’t believe it was installed in such a dumb spot. We are going to have it moved to the side of the house.

I adore my oversized faux coral, also from the Pottery Barn. The mirror and faux lemon branches are from Target and everything else (except the flower pot, San Pellegrino and watering can) is from HomeSense.

The basket with the lid holds placemats.

This is how crooked our existing deck is, it took two little slabs of stone over an inch thick to balance the console, haha. My best friend Tami Rode was over on Friday afternoon for cocktails and snacks on our new patio furniture and she walked to the side of the house, picked up two stones and magically that was exactly the height we needed. I would still not have worked out exactly what to do with that dilemma.

Desperate times, call for desperate measures, that’s all I’m saying.

I’m running out next to plant some annuals in my garden! xo Maria

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  • Kathysue says:

    Looks fabulous Maria. Love the pops of yellow, perfect touch!

  • StagerLinda says:

    Color me GREEN with envy over the console table. It is amazing!!

  • Kathy says:

    Adorable Vignette! Love how in the first picture, I thought the mirror was a photo or painting because it was reflecting the greenery in the yard! Great solution with the rocks to level things….

  • bfish says:

    The console is really a beautiful piece and your vignettes definitely enhance it — but the star of the show for me is the flowerpot. Next I see a more compatible/quirky light fixture in your future.

    Your deck has never looked bad to me in pictures but when you illustrate how out-of-level it is, wow! That’s a lot of slope over a short distance; good fix on your friend’s part.

    Maria, I hope that when you replace your siding you consider a different material, and most of all, install some substantial trim around windows and doors. That will add so much! Please continue to share pictures of what you’re doing with your outdoor spaces; they are some of the greates transformations.

  • Louise says:

    very cool – I thought the mirror was one of those new boxes that you will up with plants and hang on the wall. Only did I realize it was a mirror when reading the comments. The entire effect is so summer-y. Wish we had some of those stores (The Pottery Barn, etc) in Ontario.

    • Don’t know where you are in Ontario, but I think there’s still one in Yorkdale. The Eaton Centre one did close a few years ago. 🙂
      I live in SW Ontario (1/2 hour south of Woodstock) and there are no stores like this around. The only “shopping” can be done at the Zehrs (Loblaws) or the Walmart which doesn’t even have a garden centre! So I know your frustration.

  • It looks wonderful. Your first picture with the lemon branches and the rope around the jar got me! I know the deck is wonky, but your stone levels really worked and were hardly noticeable until the close-up shot. You’ve created another awesome space.

  • Melissa says:

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Linda says:

    Dear Maria,
    I so enjoy your site, your tips, and your candor.
    You have a great, refreshing style, both in decor and blogging. Thanks so much for sharing! Linda

    PS – I’m wondering about the light fixture that appears on the wall in these patio photos. Would you please provide some info?

  • You are so fortunate to have a covered porch! I am challenged decorating my iron baker’s rack that used to be inside my kitchen at my previous home which I know utilize on my deck. Being exposed to rain, wind, a huge maple tree that seems to be always dropping stuff means I am always putting things away which gets tired pretty quickly! But you have motivated me to search Homesense again for pieces that can stay out and dont require alot of constant cleaning! I so love all the coloured glass there, but thats is just a mess in the making, sweeping broken glass off the deck is not so much fun. Thanks for the inspiration to try again!

  • KA says:

    Your vignette looks nice! Looks like whoever built that deck sloped it on purpose so they didn’t have to move the spigot.

    I moved my pink flowers to my other deck and feel better already.

    • Kay says:

      Yes. Most the things in an older house that don’t make sense come from alterations that are badly done or incomplete. Homeowners want a deck but don’t want to incur the additional expense of a plumber, so they slant and cut out the deck to avoid a spigot! Although sometimes the person having the house built creates the problem. The woman who built our house failed to plan for a linen closet, so part of the hallway was built out and the bathroom wall was slanted in to accommodate one. When we remodeled our bathroom, we were unable to install the pocket door we wanted because the wall isn’t straight. And the funny angles meant that we had to have a custom bath.

      Maria, your vignette is lovely.

  • Durf says:

    But where’s the people and party?

  • Mary-Illinios says:

    Very nice, Maria. I love how you brought your yellow outside. With the lemon branches & watering can. I gotta say… Never would have thought to hang a mirror outside. But if you treat your space like an indoor room, why not?
    Lesson learned!

  • Ange says:

    Very classy! Love the mirror. In the first pic it looked like there were plants on the wall, which I thought was interesting, then in the other pic I noticed what it actually was. Very clever.

  • Anne says:

    Great job Maria as always!
    They always say, before you hang up a mirror look what it is going to reflect! This is a great example of that. Your mirror reflects nature, you have a perfect spot!
    I can ‘t believe there is a faucet in that spot. It looks like the previous homeowner build the deck himself ( did not have a level!) & did not want to spend money on a plumber!
    Keep informing us on your remodeling/decorating adventures. It’s fun!

  • Beverley says:

    Very nice! I think I am the only one who likes the water spigot placement. If you cut a bigger hole into the deck, with a hinged door over the hole to hide it, you would have access to the spigot when needed, but not have to see it. The sloping deck solution that the previous homeowner used is not ideal though.

    • Maria Killam says:

      Yes but what makes it totally unworkable is the hose would have to run across the deck and underneath the dining table 🙂

      • Beverley says:

        Well, then, that makes it less desirable as a whole. 🙂
        That would drive me crazy.

        I was going to suggest one of those Pocket Hoses which collapse, but it looks like those hoses have very short life-spans.

        • Maria Killam says:

          Yes that’s the truth, those hoses last one season, we’ve already replaced ours this year for the front of the garden where it sits in a decorative container. Maria

  • Jane says:

    Wow what a difference – very nice!
    I’m pinning it! 🙂

  • sandyc says:

    What a delightful morning already. First blog I read this morning over coffee was from Roses and Rust, The Aesthete’s Alphabet – O is for Outside for Sunday, May 25, 2014 ( and I thought, “Wow, someday in heaven!”. Then I opened up you blog for today, Maria, and I thought, “Wow, today on earth!”. I love everything you have out there, especially the mirror that looks like a beautiful frame for a vertical garden, and the lemon branches, and the yellow watering can, the gorgeous console table and the big fat pot of greenery. Here in the desert of Arizona with an unexpected greenbelt backyard with grass, fruit trees and a bunch of other glorious trees, constant sunlight and quickly approaching triple-digit temps, my challenges to grow things are different from those of you in normal and cold climes, but my mind is racing with inspiration.

    Caroline, I too, have a big old black iron Baker’s rack sitting empty on my front porch. Every time I go out the front door to take a walk, it asks me ?When?”. My challenge is mostly facing due east and getting intense sun and heat. Hope you find the right inspiration and I’d love to see your results.

  • Fran says:

    Love it!

  • karen says:

    Maria, absolutely beautiful. I love it. Love the mirror there, love all the pieces that bring it all together. Yellow is the sun and it’s a warm and inviting feel good space. Bet you can t wait for the nice weather to hang out there!
    Amazing job!

  • kelly says:

    Looks so beautiful Maria! Isn’t it great to be outdoors again?

  • Elara says:

    Looks good as always, Maria!

  • Looks lovely! Enjoy your summer.

  • Dianne says:

    You could add some colored boards under each side. Just make them smaller on one side and/or use the same colors just on thicker pieces on the other end.

  • Centsational Girl says:

    Absolutely fabulous Maria, I love each and every detail!

  • Judy says:

    What a transformation! Looks really fantastic, love it.

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