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Teen Bedroom Design for a Budding Musician; Before & After

Carving out a space for his musical interests was the focus of this teen bedroom design. It has a modern look while keeping the colour palette neutral and charming for a growing teenager and budding musician. Here’s a closer look at this navy and cognac colour palette bedroom makeover. 

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Last week you saw Bella’s magical bedroom, and this is her brother Bobby. 

Bobby is 13 years old and has been a competitive swimmer since he was 10! He swims six days a week with a great team of kids and coach. His dedication to the sport is impressive. 

Bobby is a kind-hearted young man who has loved being in the water since he has a baby. He has always been a little fish! He grew up swimming the summers away in his home pool, the local lake and the rivers, so trying swim club was a natural fit.

Since age 9, Bobby has been training and swimming competitively. Now, at age 13, he competes in regional and divisional swim meets and is working hard towards qualifying for BC Summer Provincials coming soon.

Bobby also has enjoyed playing guitar since a young age. And, now in middle school, he started bass in the school band and school rock band!

Music-themed teen bedroom makeover

Incorporating your teen’s hobbies in their bedroom design is always a great starting point. We wanted to give this teenager space for his musical interests while also updating his bedroom aesthetic with neutral and timeless colours. The combination of navy and cognac colours makes an ideal backdrop for a masculine bedroom design but still maintains some boyish charm.

Here’s the before:

We arranged Bobby’s guitars as art on the wall so it’s the first thing you see when you walk into the room. Storing them this way keeps them at arm’s reach when he wants to practice, but also lends a modern rock star vibe to the bedroom. 

The geometric jute rug helps pull this colour palette together nicely.

We added one of my favourite lamps to create a lovely glow in any dark corner. It’s a great addition for bringing diffused light to a small room. You can find this one from IKEA:

The roman shades are custom made and help streamline this little music nook.

White Swing Light Sconce | Modern Leather Accent Chair | Metal Bookshelf

Hanging his swimming awards on a framed cork board turns his ribbons into art.

I love how this room came together. It’s updated, but not too grown up. 

Modern navy and cognac teen bedroom mood board

teen bedroom mood board

Area Rug (sold out): Similar, Similar | White Swing Light Sconce | Modern Leather Accent Chair
Metal Bookshelf | Similar Quilted Bedding | Guitar Wall Mount | Guitar Art

Bedroom designs are such a fun way to help your teenager express themselves. It’s an excellent way to showcase their hobbies and interests in a unique way. And, it’s a great way to get them involved in the design process early on. Next, I’m helping my nephew with a new room design soon, so stay tuned for even more teen bedroom inspiration.


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  • Benesse says:

    Definitely an improvement. Just curious…does a teen boy really like all those little plants? (counting 4)
    Maybe just a tree would have added some vertical greenery.

    • Maria Killam says:

      I brought in the two small ones to style the room for the photo, however I know lots of kids that love plants in their room 🙂 Maria

  • Cassie says:

    Pleasant room for practicing his music. Where does he do homework? Where is the clothes storage? Critical issues for the parents.

    • Maria Killam says:

      The closed door on the left that you can see from one of the photos is a walk in closet. And the kids have a homework room in another room in the home. Maria

  • Bette says:

    The new flooring, rug, and bed made a huge difference, as well as the more modern color scheme. Love. But, I’m curious, why put the bed under the window again? It seems it would fit perfectly turned 90 degrees, with the headboard under the guitar wall. It’s my own personal pet peeve, so maybe no one else minds beds under windows? I find it makes it difficult to open blinds or shades or curtains when there’s a bed in the way.

    • Maria Killam says:

      We wanted to display his guitars which would not have worked over the headboard. Thanks for your comment, Maria

    • Kathy says:

      I agree, Bette. And another factor is, no matter how air tight your windows are, (unless they’re very specialized panes) the cold air moves downward through the glass (warm air rises). We have whole house shutters, great windows, and still need insulated full length draperies to keep the chill controlled. As it stands, that wall has no means of controlling drafts. Move the bed on the wall that has the guitars, then put a guitar on either side of the window ( may have to make an insulated frame around them if they would be impacted by being on an outside wall). The third guitar could be horizontally positioned above the bed, or placed on a stand beside the chair. The space above headboard could show off the boys favorite musical inspirations. Everything else works well. I’m a believer in form and function plus Maria telling all of us we need to be able to answer “why” something is being recommended. Function is so important. There are many talented designers out there and that’s what makes decorating fun.
      Just like artists. There’s Picasso, Rembrandt, Warhol, Segal, Stella, etc.. Who you like is a matter of personal preference, but they all share a mastering of the basic elements of art. They manipulate these with skill to communicate their visual message, similar to how a great writer uses words.
      Yet, there are many ways to a glorious end. (Also known as ” more than one way to skin a cat”) Note: even Leonardo da Vinci changed his mind when doing the Mona Lisa and this was detected by hidden under drawings.

  • Holly says:

    fantastic looking teenage boy’s room, Maria! What is the wall color, yellow beige? Love the navy and cognac and the intimate chair and end stand in the corner with the wall scone light.

  • Sheree L says:

    Maria, I couldn’t love this makeover more! I love everything about it: the color scheme, layout, lighting, decorative elements, and especially the guitars on display! Just brilliant! And I spy a periodic table of elements on the wall above the guitars. Brings back memories of my 2 boys’ bedrooms. They are both grown ups now, but they both loved science and made their own periodic tables as young children. We proudly displayed them in their rooms until they left the nest and we moved 🙂 Bobby seems like a great young man, and I’m sure he loves his “new” room!

  • Tina says:

    Looks lovely! Did you start with the rug as inspiration?

  • Ruthie says:

    Nice change to the room! The rug is just perfect for the space. What is it made of and where did you find it, please? Thanks!

  • Rebecca says:

    What is the wall paint color? Thank you!


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