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My Top 5 Picks for Fall Fashion

By 11/04/2012January 28th, 20176 Comments

My sister Elizabeth and I were in Seattle this weekend for a little fall shopping. The rain held off for most of the weekend and we loved walking through the streets kicking leaves in between the stores.


Kate Spade

We hit the outlets on the way into town and I picked up this purple bag from Kate Spade. My sister took one look at the old coach bag I was sporting and declared it tired.

Elizabeth’s friend Kimberley has a pair of J. Brand jeans that look amazing on her so all weekend she was obsessed with finding a pair (but not for $300). This morning when we walked into the Nordstrom Rack there they were for $79 (similar to this pair, below). She was very happy all the way home.


 When we arrived in the Gap, I picked up this sweater because it matched my new bag.



 I also thought this chambray shirt would be a great layering piece underneath sweaters.


Kind of like this inspiration photo (below) from my Style & Closet Pinterest board. Having a pinterest board filled with fashion images that I like makes packing so much easier. I just look through the images to find inspiration for outfits.


I always buy a statement necklace when we arrive at the Kate Spade outlet store. This time I bought this daisy one.


I searched for a new pair of boots but did not find anything I liked that were also comfortable. My sister found a pair of Born boots (from the Rack) that were stunning. I had a pair of Born shoes that were so comfortable I wore them for four years! I went on-line to try and find the same ones but these were the closest I could find.

What is on your list for Fall?

ps. If you live in Vancouver & the Lower Mainland it’s not too late to enter the “I Hate my Closet Contest with the Designer Closet guys.

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  • patience says:

    i am in love with the purple bag

  • jeri says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have been having a hard time choosing complimentary color for my living you and you just confirmed it With powder blue blouse and orange sweater…I used the color wheel to get my connecting colors…now I have find the color of drapes to make it all pop…also using blood red and green..Thank you

  • Ginger says:

    I want to find a couple casual, everyday, winter weight skirts that are neither pencil skirts nor polyester.

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Glad to hear you went & had a day with your sister!
    Don’t you love the Rack? Best shoes, almost always.
    Love the purse & turtle neck & their color!

  • Kimberly Wright says:

    Love your taste! I have that very same outfit picture “Pinned”, I think I got it off Tobi Fairley’s board – love it! In fact, I recently bought a polka-dot chambray shirt, too, and wore a whole outfit very similar to that one just the other day. How funny that your sister thought your purse needed retiring. I admired it when we were out to dinner after workshop and have been looking for a similar Coach purse on ebay for a couple weeks because of it 🙂

  • ellen Rush says:

    What an excellent tip you’ve provided us all – use pintrest for outfits that you like and use them for inspiration when packing! (or dressing for that matter) Thanks Maria

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