My Breakfast Area: Before & After

I decided on sconces after the new kitchen plan did not leave room for a full size table and chairs. Having a light fixture hanging over the new eating area would be an issue because then it would not be centered to the bay windows. So I eliminated the overhead light fixture and added two sconces instead.

bench area


Custom Banquette


The brushed nickel scones arrived with yellow parchment shades so I had new white ones custom made.

Still need two bistro chairs but have not found them yet. Love the fresh pop of green in my white-on-white kitchen!

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  1. This is chic! Very fun! But tell me, will you ever wish for a larger table…newspaper, plate of toast, coffee, laptop, etc? Well done, Maria!

  2. Very sweet Maria, tell us what will your bistro chairs look like and what colour?
    Please post a picture when complete..

  3. that table looks tiny, really tiny, like it should be in a hallway to put your keys on or an end table. is that really the permanent kitchen table?

  4. “The brushed nickel scones arrived ….” you wrote. I think you meant sconces. 😉 Or are you having scones for your Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Sorry, I used to do proof reading. 😉

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look though 🙂

  5. I have a table base exactly like yours, but with it I used an antique inlaid wood top that I’ve had for years. Did the marble (granite?) top come with the table base? I may want to change. You know… wet glasses, spills, etc. Your room looks so inviting! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I really love your house renovations (colors, materials, etc.). But, although I agree it is very chic, the banquette seems disproportionate compared to the size of the table. Maybe a picture from another angle would give a better view.

  7. Pretty exact replica from nest egg – wouldn’t it be proper to reference your copy cat source ? However, I would live to replicate this in my home too!

  8. I love the banquette and the sconces, but do think that the round table is too small. I would opt for a rectangle or longer oval shape in order to take better advantage of all of the available seating. Enjoy!

  9. That is lovely Maria ! You have made it a beautiful space with that gorgeous banquette. Having the windows nearby, the banquette acts like a perfect window seat !

  10. Gorgeous. I am trying to figure out how to get a banquette into our dining space. We have an issue with centering a light fixture also, but we don’t have a wall to put sconces on either.

  11. Looks beautiful ! Did you have to move the light switch on the wall? I also agree that the table is out of proportion, too small.

  12. Nice job Maria. At first look I thought the table was a temporary piece and thought it was off scale but I can see two great chairs (comfy, chunky perhaps) that would balance the banquet and would invite you to sit for scones under the sconces! A friend has a banquet and she’s trying to find a smaller table because with a bigger table your guests have to scoot along the banquet. Fine if you’re eight yrs old but not for girlfriends that drop by for a chat & a nosh.

  13. great job on the impressive and beautiful banquette -love the pop of green and the nickel sconces …
    are chairs going to be part of the space?
    from the angle in the picture, the proportion of the table looks too small – is it?

    • The entire space is not very big, looks bigger because there are no chairs around the table so you are just seeing the open space. And it’s just the two of us so it’s not designed for a family of 4 to have breakfast. It would look crammed with a bigger table and 2 chairs. Maria

  14. This so pretty Maria! So Ritz Carlton…Bet you enjoy sitting with a cup of tea there. Did you get your window treatments for that bay? I’m guessing that the fabric is linen? I like that everything in this space doesn’t have to be practical. All of us need to take a spot to exercise our artistic, romantic bent. Enjoy!

    • Hi Paula, it’s cotton actually, I searched high and low for that colour, it’s the same as the green in my living room which is lighter than my front door. I forgot to mention that the banquette is done in faux leather. Maria

  15. Perfect scaling Maria, some of the readers don’t see the bay window and when the chair will be there it will be absolutely exact as supposed to be. It is absolutely perfect, elegant, it remind me a classical condo in Paris – France.

  16. So lovely, Maria. I too first thought a slightly larger table for the banquette; however, I can see how, once you get your bistro chairs, the whole effect will be absolutely perfect. Love the sconces – ceiling outlets, even when you want them, are rarely in the right place – maybe centered in the room by the builder but once you do even a logical furniture placement, they’re not where you want them to be. And, I don’t remember loaning you a couple of my green pillows, but they are so popping pretty in that spot, they’re yours for good. So inviting – when can I come over for coffee?

  17. I’m in love with everything about this same space, especially the flow from the kitchen proper. I can’t wait to see what chairs you choose. (I love classic bentwood.)

    You did post on this table prior. Maybe you should link to it and then people could see what influenced your lovely choice. Although, judging from some comments, I think a few folks just skim through it.
    I’m curious about the fill for thebanquette cushion. To me, it looks very stiff, but I kow you always incorporate comfort in your seating. Is it a standard depth? I guess I’m asking, is it comfortable?
    I would like to see the kitchen again with the window treatments complete once you find the chairs.
    Very elegant and SO you.
    P.S. I’m sure glad no one is checking my typos. Sometimes I laugh my head off when I review my comments!

  18. I would also like to congratulate you on finding such a creative solution to an awkward space. That, to me is what great design is all about.

  19. while i think on it’s own, the very *white* banquette is lovely…if it is meant to be used daily for actual eating and serving, one can only hope you have some *serious* fabric ‘ protector’ (that works) on the seating…

    i cannot imagine using this daily for even my husband and self without getting stains…yes, we spill coffee…

    and who on earth wants to sit ‘side by side’ on a ginourmous settee in front of a tiny table for dinner?

    beautiful as photographed, but a functional fail, imo…


  20. Would you mind sharing the info on the faux leather? Including what color? I am looking for something like this for our banquette…

    • The faux leather is from Maxwell: Maxwell, Rhino, #03 Ice. Maria

      One tip I’ve learned about faux leather is never use anything but plain soap and water to clean it.

  21. Maria,
    I rarely, if ever disagree with you, but I have to say that I much prefer the small rectangular table from your source photo. It’s just a better fit. Even if you have two more chairs it would work I think.
    However, you are the one who has to live with it:)
    Enjoy your beautiful new home, it really is gorgeous!

  22. Love it !!!!!!, you took a plain wall and turned into something so unique and pretty-it makes me happy just looking at it- I am sure it looks in perfect scale when you are standing in your kitchen,a 30 inch table is plenty big enough for two people to eat at-I really like the look of that fabulous banquette with the black marble,it is just beautiful-great job,Maria!

  23. Okay so I’m now done with comments about the ‘small’ round table. It is exactly what I wanted. It works perfectly for us. We have a beautiful dining room where we have dinner and enjoy the view of the mountains. The before picture shows a much bigger area which is now smaller because of the new island. This is a breakfast room for 2 people, period. End of Conversation.

  24. I’m still obsessing over these chair options. The ghost chairs could look hot, but bentwood, charcoal or a kelly green would pop as well. Maybe a seat cushion if they seem too hard. I hope you share your options on these…it’s clear everyone has some sort of opinion!

  25. Loving your new banquette Maria and realizing you are not necessarily a big fan of leather furnishings; you still opted for it in this space. (I do stand to be corrected and full heartedly apologize if I am confusing you with someone else.)

    Regarding the sizing of the table it is my understanding that most Bistro tables are designed to accommodate two and can range in common sizing from 27″ to as large as 42″. With that said, I am sure what you have chosen suits your needs and space however ‘my personal’ preference would have been something with a slightly larger surface perhaps in glass keeping in scale with your beautiful banquette and use only one chair. (A little more elbow room and less obstacles to clean around …. winks!) -Brenda-

  26. Well I rarely post comments to a blog site, but I have to say that some of the comments on this one really ‘irked’ me! Can we all PLEASE just look at the site for its intended purpose – in this case, design? I know you spelling police out there (yes, I am looking at YOU – Connie Nikiforoff and Katie!) have nothing better to do except point out the flaws in other people’s posts – but lets do please remember that we read this site because we get a lot of DESIGN IDEAS from it. I have been reading this blog for about 3 years now, and have loved how Maria constantly opens up her own home projects to us, not just the ‘perfectly magazine photographed’ interiors for clients. I may not always agree with her choices, but who cares – I don’t have to live with them – and at the end of the day, I do beleive the message is to just love your surroundings and make them special to you! So, if the table is just for two people it works.
    Apologies for the rant – and maybe the time shift has affected me as well – but I am done with the Miss Perfectly Perfects of this world!
    Fabulous job on your banquette, Maria – would love to have tea or coffee there any time!

    Cheers, designgirl
    (who lives in a very small condo in Toronto – and does NOT have a large dining room table!)

  27. Very nice, but visually that banquette is too large for the table, or the table is too small for the banquette.

  28. I love your banquette and have been trying to have something similar made for my kitchen. Would you please share how you went about having it made? Did one person make and upholster the whole thing? Or did you have a wood worker make the frame then an upholsterer finish it off. I’m lost. Thanks for the information.

    PS- How is the faux leather holding up?

    • I had mine made at my upholster who makes all my custom furniture for my clients. Vance Upholstery in Burnaby. Notice those nail heads, they are perfect. Not just anybody could have done it. Faux leather is great it just needs to be cleaned where we sit. Maria