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Luonto Furniture at High Point Market

By 04/05/2014February 2nd, 201716 Comments



This market I am a sponsored blogger at High Point. So when I arrived at Luonto Furniture to meet Ville Karesto the Sales Manager for, I think the world is what it sounded like when we talked, but it doesn’t say that on his card, he spoke in Finnish to Maria, who had arranged our meeting.

“I can understand you, you know” I laughed. I can’t speak Finnish well at all, under duress yes, but my parents speak Finnish to me all the time so I understand, no problem.

Ville asked where in Finland my parents were from.

OMG do I even remember? Is what I was thinking. “I think Kurrika, Mom’s always saying ‘I’m from Pohjanmaa, we are direct and blunt and without a filter’. Does that sound like the people from that area?” I asked him.

“Oh yes”, He said, “In fact, that’s where our factory is”.

Well, no surprise I am the same as my Mom. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess.

Luonto Furniture

Here we are in a picture before I left. I wasn’t going to post it, but there comes a time when you hit a certain age and you look at 5 pictures someone has just taken, and you know you can’t implore them to just keep snapping and you realize, “That’s just what I look like”, haha. Sigh.

Anyway, I’m thinking I look like a Fin here, just like Ville. Big cheeks, round face. It’s where my blond hair comes from (which is of course highlighted every 4 months now).

And I learned a pile of interesting things that I’m excited to share with you.

First, Luonto means Nature in Finnish. This means, their furniture is 60 – 100% environmentally friendly. There’s a range because you can specify how green you want your furniture to be. It’s all handmade and custom. It takes about 10 – 12 weeks from ordering.

This company is 50 years old and they have 700 stores worldwide. They are the biggest sofa manufacturer in Finland. They are really proud of the fact that many of their employees have worked there over 30 years.


This is how fast you can turn this sectional into a sleeper (above right). And there’s storage underneath it as well.

Take a wild guess which colours are the most popular.


White and grey. He says blue and turquoise are the most popular when people choose colour.

He said Finns are conservative (as I well know) and are slow to pick up on trends. If Milan shows a new trend, it takes approximately two years for that trend to come to Finland.

I asked which colour is the MOST popular right now and he said WHITE. It was Cognac for the past 15 years but now white. Of course, this is no surprise since that’s what we’re doing here in America as well.

But if you want a white sofa, you can get one in a fabric that can remove stains like magic:



Just a little water and a quick scrub and it’s gone. Poof.


Birch trees are everywhere in Finland. There are real trees and real grass vignettes in the showroom. It’s real because they are committed to maintaining the look and feel of organic and green products.

So that’s the story of my first sponsored manufacturer! How many of you have heard of Luonto! More to come from High Point! xo Maria

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  • KimM. says:

    Great story Maria! I’m not in the trade but I do love decorating and your blog. I love that sofa! I’ve never heard of Luonto but now that I have I’ll have to remember for future purchases. My MIL is downsizing and that may be something she can use in her new place. What I’ve been looking for is a nice looking storage headboard for my master bedroom. 2 years now and still haven’t found one that’s actually nice looking. I don’t want cheap particle board but one made from real wood.

  • JoyceB in Atlanta says:

    My son moved to Sweden last year – all the way from Atlanta, GA. This is exactly the kind of furniture he admires. I’d love to hear more about the ability to clean the fabric. Also, how comfortable is it for actual sitting and lounging. we’ll be in the market soon for new family room furniture, but the high ceilings, mantel and traditional furniture call for something different than this line, I think. Also, in my house, I don’t need furniture that becomes a bed, but I can see how useful this could be. BTW, we are always hardest on ourselves about our looks – you are always attractive in every picture I’ve seen, and your roundish face will hide the wrinkles of age better than any other shape can!

    • ka says:

      Very thoughtfully designed furniture.

      On the other note, I just think you’re being too hard on yourself. It’s the overhead lighting that is the problem, not you.

      The other great thing I learned from my Norwegian friend with your coloring is that, as your hair goes “gray,” unlike the rest of us, your hair will look platinum blond. Without any trips to have hair coloring. She’s 60 and no one would ever think that.

      Also, check out what famous Hollywood costume designer Edith Head said about “color auras” based on hair, eye, and skin color if you haven’t already. Go to and look at auras. The pretty color you wore in your video is probably one of your four colors according to Edith Head’s system.

  • J Fisher says:

    I was completely lost in the second sentence, but glad I kept reading to find out about Lonto. Very good info. And, you don’t look bad in the pic — just washed out by the lighting and two intense yellow-toned-colors. It’s a good demo that color principles apply everywhere; color reflects (or absorbs) off our skin too, not just walls and ceilings! Undertones around the face are especially important for those of us who are fair-skinned. =)

  • Brenda F says:

    Is this furniture available in Canada? Calgary?

  • Mary-Illinois says:

    Seems like great furniture. A little modern for my taste but I can appreciate how it’s made.
    And I think you look cute…even with the bad lighting.

  • Angela Taylor says:

    Interested reading this morning. Have always appreciated fine furniture as my Dad had his own business in upholstery and consequently we always had the best that
    my parents could afford.
    Think I told you that when I had my DNA results last year that 80% of my ancestors on my mother’s side settled in Finland. I have that round face too:)

  • Kay from Kansas says:

    Hope you enjoy High Point! The sofa looks great – good design and storage. Have you considered selling the April issue of Style at Home on your website? We can’t get it here in the midwest without a costly subscription, and that wouldn’t start with this April issue to include your kitchen. Thanks!

  • Kay from Kansas says:

    Sorry, my post is incorrect- it’s the March edition of Canada’s Style at Home magazine, that I’d like to purchase.

  • can’t wait to see your pics and posts. must be visual overload! have a great time.

  • franki says:

    My son-in-law is from Sweden…even though his coloring is brunette…he will know your furniture. EnJOY High Point!! franki

  • Molly says:

    I love your blog and am a faithful follower but have never commented. Funny that the thing that would prompt me to speak up has nothing to do with color or decorating.
    I wanted to thank you for your comment about posting a picture you didn’t love. Can you imagine how many of us (especially those over 40) feel that way but aren’t open enough to admit it in this way? Maybe it’s the blunt Fin in you?
    You are beautiful inside and out and maybe that’s why I’m drawn to your blog out of all the talented designers out there. It’s certainly your sense of humor and directness. You are a real person who sincerely wants people’s homes to make them happy.
    Thank you

  • Janice Waterman says:

    Thank you! The sofa you show is the exact shape I’ve been looking for for my family room. Lots of seating and reclining space, but not bulky or heavy looking.

    I’ll google them right now.

  • Lisa says:

    Interesting, but too modern for me. What about Could doing a feature on great furniture made in Canada or US?

  • Great post Maria! Also wondering if this company sells their product in Canada. Enjoy High Point!

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