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Happy New Year from Big White

By 12/31/2011January 28th, 201714 Comments

Okay, we’re here and it’s the first time I have been on skis for over 10 years – eeeek!

This photo is taken from our Apres Ski spot where we had the most awesome veggie falafels and salad for a snack at the end of the day.

I was scared today when I got on the hill but Elizabeth had been in a three-hour lesson yesterday and she said the big takeaway of the day was to lean forward and tuck in. I didn’t fall once I am happy to say!

Here I am in the ski jacket I purchased at Walmart in Merrit on our way up to the ski hill, because I had decided my little yellow Nordstrom puffer would not cut it in the cold. Actually I was quite warm and there’s nothing wrong with it for $89.










This is the sign above the door of the condo we are staying in.

The owners of the condo had placed these awesome little trees in the living and dining room. The colour on the left is HC-109 Sussex Green and the yellow is CC-210 Dijon. Do you play a guessing game on colours when you arrive somewhere? I am seriously obsessed – I do it constantly.

Also I can’t help but critique the finishes in every hotel I’m in. The same slate was everywhere and actually I am okay with slate at a Ski Chalet. The colour on the walls in the bathroom is HC-90 Crown Point Sand.

One of ONLY three stacked stone colour ways I like, besides cream and the colour of natural stone.

Same 12 x 12 slate on the backsplash and as I said in this post, it looks a little like the floor tile was repeated on the wall but I like the continuity of the same tile everywhere. I see no reason why you have to change the finishes in every single bathroom, it looks cleaner and creates more flow to do it this way.

And here’s the colour of the exterior, 2161-30 Dark Mustard – the view from the hot tub on the deck.

And of course I can never resist taking a million pictures of my sweet nephews. Markus still has so little blonde hair on his head that mom made sure he had a hat on when we went outside into the tub.

Photos by Maria Killam

I think I want to go skiing every year after Christmas, it extends the holiday feeling to be in piles of snow, I love it! It poured rain in Vancouver all week and felt very much like January until we arrived here!

Happy New Year my Lovelies!  xoxo Maria

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  • Bert says:

    Happy New Year, Maria. I love how even when you’re away on a holiday, you’re still checking out the BM colours and the slate styles and colours.
    Your little nephew is adorable, btw.
    Enjoy the rest of your ski weekend.

  • Happy New Year Maria! I too critique spaces I stay in! Its a sickness…

  • Dianne Tant says:

    yes, you are addicted to
    “colour’…funny…love the ski lodge!

  • Happy New Year Maria. When I saw the first couple of pics, I thought “sweet, she’s having a great vacation”, then I realized that you are obsessed and couldn’t resist showing us the colours. You put a smile on my face early New Years morning. Enjoy the skiing – we used to do that as a family every New Years and loved it.

  • Robin Reid says:

    Looks like a fine lodge -colors and all. Have a blast with your family, and Happy New Year!

  • I too look at colors and finishes where ever I go, so I can relate, and I love it that you recognized the color names….I think you are right there is something wonderful about snow between Christmas and New Years. Happy 2012 my dear. Thanks for all the laughs in 2011.
    Jennifer Duchene.

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    I love Markus! He’s a star! I can relate to your “obsession”–I do the same everywhere too! In fact, I think ALL HAIRDRESSERS need to take your color undertone class. From what I’ve seen of hair colorings
    on certain people,ugh…. they need to be able to read the skin undertones to get the color to complement it.
    Anybody else ever notice that?
    Glad to hear you had a wonderful run, didn’t fall and didn’t think of being coooold!
    Thanks for sharing!
    xo, Paula.

  • Karen says:

    Happy New Year Maria. The kids are adorable and loved seeing the colors of the chalet. A friend has the flake sign, I just love it.

  • Elara says:

    Happy New Year, Maria!

    Sounds like you’re having fun!

    Say ‘hi’ to everyone.



  • Eva says:

    Happy New Year Maria! From hot 40 Celsius Melbourne, Australia.

    I stumbled on your site 2 months ago and loving it. Wish you would plan some classes here and introduce reference to a more universally known paint brand as well, as the one you refer to is not available here.

  • Lisa Porter says:

    Happy New Year Maria!
    Silly me I thought this was going to be a post on the color white! Then I saw you out skiing and having a ball on the slopes! Good for you and good thing for the hot tub…right?
    Your nephew is just precious!
    Wishing good health and much happiness always!
    xo Lisa

  • lynne allard says:

    Enjoy your time with those cute kids, Maria! You are a wonderful photographer :).

  • Happy New Year, Maria. Great pictures. Thank you so much for all your information in 2011. You really keep me ahead of my game. Love ya, Ann

  • Kathie Johnson says:

    Maria, Marcus is adorable and makes me smile and so do you. Many Blessings in this new year. Thank you for all you share with us. I am truly grateful. signed Kathie a true fan of the “True Color Expert”
    p.s. I have not posted in a while and wanted to congratulate you on your new book, and new website. Everything you do, I see you must put your best in. I respect your knowledge and how you choose to share it.

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