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Happy Easter

By 04/09/2009January 26th, 201735 Comments

My dear friend and mentor Elizabeth Stevenson passed away this week and in addition to that devastating news, I am in Victoria over this weekend as my uncle is in critical condition in the hospital after suffering a severe heart attack yesterday morning. We are waiting (hoping and praying) for him to wake up tomorrow morning. One of my lovely readers Colleen Buker from CB Design (coincidentally in Victoria as well) sent me these beautiful photos of her spring pots and I thought they were perfect to include in a post for Easter since now I haven’t had one prepared.

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!
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  • DesignTies says:

    So sorry to hear your sad news, Maria 🙁

    I hope the beautiful pictures from Colleen cheered you up a bit.

    Fingers crossed for your uncle….


  • Studio14D says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that, Maria. (((Hugs)))

  • Patricia Gray says:

    Hi Maria
    My condolences to you and the family on the passing of your dear friend and mentor.
    Take care

  • Bethany says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I hope your uncle pulls through.

  • Imogen Lamport says:

    Condolences for your mentor, and hope your uncle gets better soon.

    Love those photos – what a beautiful quirky spot!

  • Bonnie says:

    Hi Maria,
    Im sending warm thoughts and prayers to you and your family, especially for your Uncles recovery. Im so sorry for your loss of your mentor. May you treasure the fond memories forever.

  • DesignTies says:

    Maria – my thougths are with you and your family as you all gather around your Uncle. May he have a speedy recovery! Also, my condolences over the passing of your wonderful friend and Mentor. Your mentor-post really translated your love and admiration for her!
    All the very best,

  • Julianne says:

    I am sorry to hear this. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos.

  • Rebecca Sherman says:

    I’ll say prayers tonight for you and those you love. Hang in there.

  • Things That Inspire says:

    It sounds like a time of reflection for you, Maria. So sorry about the loss of your mentor, I hope the wonderful memories you have of her get you through this difficult time. I also hope you have some good news about your uncle.

  • Renae says:

    Oh Maria…prayers are with you not only for the loss of your beloved mentor and for recovery of your uncle.
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures.
    Blessings to you…

  • Michelle says:

    I’m sorry Maria; things can only get better from here 🙂 Glad you have friends in Victoria to help you out.


  • Meade Design Group says:

    I am so sorry to hear the news Maria. My thoughts are with you.

  • pve design says:

    Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Hill Country House Girl says:


    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend and mentor.What a blessing she must have been in your life. My thoughts are with you and your family,wishng healing for your uncle. Thank you for the lovely flower photos – they are beautiful.

  • Live In Full Color says:


    I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s passing and your uncle’s illness… her family and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers over the holiday. Sending good vibes your way….


  • Maria Killam says:

    Thank you my friends, for your wonderful comments and for thinking of us this weekend in Victoria!

  • Brillante Home Decor says:

    I don’t need to add more, the previous comments said it all.
    Thinking of you and hoping to receive good news about your uncle.


    My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Wishing you all a wonderful and joyous Easter.


  • Kelly@Color Sizzle says:


    May the promise (and the true meaning) of Easter strengthen you!

  • chanteusevca says:

    My dear Maria,

    My sincere thoghts and prayers are with you on the loss of your dear mentor and for the full recovery of your uncle. May the God of all peace and comfort surround you and your family during this time.



  • Ada's Design Team! says:

    Big ((((HUG))). My thoughts r with u.

  • Awesome Sara says:

    I’m sorry maria. *hugS***

  • sallymandy says:

    Maria, so sorry about your news. I’ll be thinking of you. Take care, please. xo

  • Bonnie says:

    Happy Easter Maria!

    Thank you for the nice Easter wishes on my blog too. I’m still praying for good news. I’m so sorry about your mentor.

    Thank you for the nice compliment about my new header photo. I thought of another idea for your header and wrote a note about it in the post on your blog. It’s at the bottom of the list. I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend.

  • Awesome Sara says:

    thanks for the kinds words about my guest blog on hitchcock style, you’re so sweet! take your time on the guest post, i understand what you are going through

  • Mark and Amy says:

    I am so sorry about your loss.

  • Linda/"Mom" says:

    * You are in my thoughts, Maria, as well as all your family & friends at this time… Blessings this Easter Sunday, Linda in AZ*

  • Emily Johnston | EJ Interiors says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that Maria- just know we are sending thoughts and prayers your way.

  • Lauren says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this and I hope you’re okay. I’ll be thinking of you.

  • Haven and Home says:

    I am sorry to hear that Maria. I will be thinking of you.



  • Kelee Katillac says:

    Maria, I am sending you sky blue in my meditations for comfort…blessings.

  • Ivy Lane says:

    Maria, I am sorry to hear your news. You and yours on the prayer list!

  • thedraperyshop says:

    Wow you have had a tough week. I’ve said a little pray for you. I discovered your blog by way of Red River Interiors. I will be listing you as one of my favorites.

  • hello gorgeous says:

    So sorry to hear all your bad news.

    Wishing you peace,


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