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Inspiration for the Day

Happiness is. . . Enthusiasm!

By 12/21/2008January 23rd, 20172 Comments

To the woman who complained that riches hadn’t made her happy, the Master said “You speak as if luxury and comfort were ingredients of happiness; whereas all you need to be really happy, my dear, is something to be enthusiastic about.” Anthony de Mello

image from flickr

Orange is the colour of enthusiasm!

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  • Avatar Patricia Gray says:

    I love the color orange!!!! Enthusiasm yes!!!! I want to paint my Den BM’s new Affinity color AF-220 masada. What do you think?

  • Avatar michelle says:

    Orange is the colour of creativity in Holland…plus the Royal Family’s name was once Orange…just a tidbit…I wondered why there were oranges on every reception desk and so much modern design was in the colour, so I asked.

    Affinity? Has anyone used their new paint? Is it yummy?

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