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Colour in Fashion

Happiness is. . . Champagne & Shoes

By 09/06/2009January 27th, 201719 Comments

Have you ever sipped champagne out of your shoes? My friend Tami has (but she said they were new 🙂 and if you saw her shoe collection, you would completely understand!!

Photo by Maria Killam

I arrived at her apartment the other day and walked into her bedroom to see all her flats stacked vertically in a large champagne bucket! Storage is at a premium in her bedroom, and since necessity is the mother of invention, she came up with this brilliant plan! I had to take a photo especially because she had the flowered ones at the front! Adorable or what!

Now that I’m talking about shoes I have a confession. I have never had a shoe fetish (like most women I know) until I became so heavily involved in the colour business (especially now that I have a colour blog!). People expect me to show up wearing colour.

For years my uniform in the summer has been white t-shirts, khaki pants and a light black sweater (or denim jacket) with black flip flops. If it was really hot, switch out the pants for capris or a jersey skirt. 
I would buy coloured t-shirts and put them on, and take them off again and they just sat in my closet and I couldn’t understand why?

The Gap

Since I live, breathe, and dream in colour, I have finally figured it out! You can wear the clothes I’ve just mentioned and look perfectly stylish and classy, but picture the same outfit with a blue t-shirt?
Not so great unless I have shoes with blue or some jewelry with blue or something else on that repeats the colour I’m wearing. If you look at expensively dressed women wearing colour, that’s what makes the difference! And this explains why my friend Tami aways looks so pulled together, she has shoes to go with everything!

Chelsea Premium Outlets ad

Not like that’s a big rule, but notice how you can seem to be able to throw on a black sweater, jeans and black heels and be perfectly at home anywhere but it’s not always so easy when wearing colour? That’s my experience anyway. And this is my own little theory, not like I claim to be a fashion expert by any stretch.

Image Source

But to make a short story long, I’m here to tell you that I now have a shoe fetish (just like everyone else I’m finally in the shoe club!) I see shoes in my colours on sale, I snap them up!

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  • Eliana Tomás says:

    Well, I'm a shoe and bag addicted… and I've only 2 pairs of shoes totally black. The rest of my collection is colourful. I wear black and white all the time but my accessories are always a splash of colour…
    Happiness is colour 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I love colourful shoes. Especially red.

  • Sedona @ MyDivineDelights says:

    I posted one of my favorite pairs of shoes on my blog this week! I love shoes and I love using them as a splash of color with an outfit. For instance, with the khaki and white w/black or denim, my shoes would be my hot pink sandal, or my green sandal. If I wanted to dress it up I would wear the shoes I posted on Friday or my red wedges. A pop of color with the shoes make the entire outfit look better!! 🙂 By the way, Maria, I posted about my drapes on my front door! I'd love to know what you think about them!!! 🙂

  • Greet says:

    I have to confess that I am shoe-aholic! I can not throw any shoes away, because I like them of course but they can never be worn-out because I don't have the time to wear them all!
    And champagne…. Mmmmmm….I like it!
    It's a good idea to put some shoes in a champagne bucket!


  • Marlo says:

    Shoes are great mood changers! You can be wearing jeans with sneakers or flops and feel good but switch them out for a sexy pair of heels and wow – what a difference.

    I went shopping recently with the girls and they kept trying on black shoes – black, black, black. I asked them if they have black shoes at home and of course they said they did. So I pointed out the sexy hot pink heels and the strappy emerald green heels and the silver metallic ones (okay this one isn't considered a colour) and suggested they try on some colour for a change. They each walked out the of store with two pairs of shoes and none of them were black! 🙂

  • Renae says:

    I used to have a shoe fetish…but as I get older, I get lazy and wear my faves all the time. I need a little kick in the behind to think in colour again!

  • Karena says:

    Congrats on joining the club. I have always had a shoe fetish, and although I have a lot of black, my summer sandals and flip flops are very colorful! I actually have them stacked in a basket, as I have a walk in closet, with nor enough room for it is already stuffed!

  • AB HOME Interiors says:

    I think this post is funny. As a designer I think many NEW clients expect me to show up in fancy heels, a crazy hat, feathers and a ridiculous over the top personality. But I typically have my hair up in a pen (yes those things we use to write with) silver hoops, jeans and a t-shirt. This is typically paired with black flip flops. Im so boring. BUT Im always in the elements, and I find myself climbing in and out of my car 5000 times a day, on top of warehouse shelves, unclogging toilets, and replacing bulbs in a ten foot ceiling. After I moved into my building last year I quickly gave up on the nice clothes. It is pointless!

  • Linda/"Mom" says:

    * G' Morning, Maria~ Fun blog here!

    I've been a TOTAL shoe-nut since I was a little girl (Yes, I started VERRRRY early, w/ "enabling" from my Mom!)~~~ took 42 pair of shoes w/me, as a younnnnggg newlywed, to our first TEEEEENY-WEEEENY little rental house (leaving behind over 30 pair @ my folks house. So, my Jim KNEW what he was "in" for!…).

    Living in the desert means/"demands" a huuuge selection of wonderful sandals (besides terriffic cowboy boots n' mules)~~~ it's FUN to wear hot pink or bright orange sandals (they also show off a tan beautifully!), & enjoy not only the compliments and "Where DID you FIND those?" questions, but I have some FUN conversations with "total strangers" sometimes in the nicest shoe stores!!!

    "WELCOME to the CLUB", girlfriend!!! Once you start buying & wearing them, fab sandals are like a MAGNET to you~~~ yes, like radar!!!

    Happy day!
    Linda in AZ *

  • Between you, me and the Fencepost says:

    It's about time you're starting to see 'in color' when it comes to tops and shoes. I need to start investing in colorful shoes and accessories now.

  • Ivy Lane says:

    Fun post Maria! I am with ya..I am a Gap girl at heart!!! I still cannot wear color in shoes and handbags..but tend to stay a wedge heel..Lipstick is where I add my "touch of colour"!!!

  • Ideezine says:


    This is cute. I have always loved color and have had many experiences with clothes and shoes. Being a designer now I look for comfort, and "can do" clothes and shoes, purses and organization for work.

    I'm also into make-up and re-styling clothes so color is the thread that runs through all of my passions.

    I select color by what color I feel that day for my top. Capri's are denim or black. Always cute flats so I can run, catch, climb or fly if need be. Sometimes it's all of the above on the same one day too.

    Like a classic pair of diamond earrings you can make it happen and look fab! Remember it's your personality that carries the weight Maria and you already have that!


  • Under a Green Roof says:

    I must say, I love to wear color! repeated, mixed, matched, non-matched, I think if you go for it with a smile you can't go wrong!

  • Cristin says:

    Welcome to the club!!!

    Also, I know you are a blogging expert. Is there a "best" way to print out a blog article?



  • Maria Killam says:

    Hi Cristin,
    I have never tried to print one, but I googled it and here's what I got–apparently you can even add a 'print' widget to your blog posts. Very cool. check it out,
    Hope this works!

  • Imogen Lamport says:

    Think of colour on you like an accent colour in a room – it needs to relate to something else you're wearing.

  • Lauren says:

    what an adorable arrangement!!! Too cute!

    I don't really have a shoe fetish like most women I know… I buy maybe 2 a year… but I make it VERY known to my husband how I RARELY buy shoes and so when I do, it's time to BUY. 😉 😉 hee hee if you get my drift

    I do have a bright yellow pair of leather flats that actually end up going with a lot!!! (I bought this really gorgeous pair of turquoise leather sandals/ heels with a leather flower on them and was IN LOVE with them but just didn't use them enough!!!


  • samia says:

    that is a surprise coming from u.. certainly i wont be expect u to be trot around the streets in an all white ensemble.. 🙂 and oh yes shoes.. i love them all.. n surprisingly this season i have been in love with the neon pinks and sunshine yellow ones.. :)but wat i own is the metallic ones which work with every outfit..:)

  • Maria Killam says:

    I knew you would have something to say that would make dressing with colour even more simple! I should have thought of that one:)

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