Happiness is. . . a Philippe Starck chair

Spring is finally in the air here in Vancouver and here’s a happy chair to celebrate!

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The Kartell Mademoiselle Armchair was designed by Philippe Starck, and features lovely, transparent legs set off by a fabric-covered expanded polyurethane body.

This green chair would be fabulous with a lovely round antique table and a large globe glass bowl filled with green apples and purple hydrangeas!

Where would it go in your space?
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  1. Phillippe Starck is fearless and amazing.
    I love this chair especially in those wonderful florals. Perhaps I am embracing color after all, Maria! Maybe it was New Orleans.


  2. I love the animal print chair…I would use it in my office if it came with wheels, so cool.
    I love your blog very much, and love your new header, very nice…Keep up the great blogs, wish I lived in Van so I could meet you…looks like your parties are great fun
    Regards, Carol Ann

  3. These colourful chairs are great!! The flowery fabric is so bright and cheerful — especially on a day like today when it’s gray and dreary and SNOWING.

    I would definitely put the leopard chair in my house. I’d use it as an accent chair, maybe in the hallway. I think just one would make a real statement!!

    Thanks for your nice comment about my virtual kitchen 🙂 I have a long way to go before I’ll be as good as Michelle at renderings!!


  4. Hill Country House Girl

    Love them! I’d have four of the first ones – the floral – around a table in a sunny breakfast spot! Great post!

  5. Brillante Home Decor

    They are absolutely fantastic like any other Kartell(www.kartell.it)products: they produce the most extraordinary and provocative objects teaming with the best designers.
    Kartell was founded in 1949 and the factory is a few Km. from Milan (I could not resist to say it).
    I actually sat on the flowers chairs, while in Milan, in a beautiful restaurant and it was like sitting in a garden!
    I would love to have them in every pattern.
    This Post cheered me up!!!

  6. I interviewed Larry Laslo (interior and home textile designer) once, and he said that every home needed at least one item in leopard print. Check! That’s always stuck with me… Kartell has such amazing furnishings!

  7. really cool chairs… wondering if they are comfortable? looking for something to “pop” in my kitchen seating area as accent seating…..

  8. Unique Unique Design

    What fabulous chairs! I love the shape. I especially love the ones with the transparent legs!

  9. Great find!!! I love how you can pop in color with these lively chairs. It’s like having bouquets of flowers spread around the room. I would love to see a set of the floral chairs in a pale gray room with dark flooring and one of the bright colors from the fabric on the windows.

  10. as for the guest post, you can talk about anything you like. your fav color or color combo?? fav chair, vase, designer? anything. i think you are so cool, you can’t do anything wrong in my eyes. you can email me here [email protected]