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Hans Wegner Chairs

By 11/19/2008February 10th, 20172 Comments

The cool thing about blogging is that suddenly, everywhere you go, you look at the world with new eyes, you take pictures of things that previously you might not have, because every occasion becomes a blogging opportunity. Then you have to do some research and gather information so that you can sound remotely intelligent when you are describing the photos you have just posted.

Bottom line: you become a better designer because of what you learn along the way.

Case in point. I have a client in West Vancouver that I recently helped recover some furniture. She is Danish and so is her husband. Their house is filled with fabulous Danish art and furniture. Before I got to her house to see the chairs that needed recovering, I did not know who Hans Wegner was. In the last few months since meeting her, I have become educated! Yesterday they were delivered in the beautiful wool fabric from Beacon Hill that she chose.

Last night when I started some more research on the”Papa Bear Chairs” [as they are called] so I could post them, I was shocked to discover that so much of the iconic mid century furniture that I love was designed by Danish Designers! But right now we are talking about Hans Wegner:

Hans J. Wegner was one of the greatest and most prolific furniture designers of the modern era, responsible for more than 1000 original designs. He recently passed away in his native Denmark at 92 years of age.

Hans Wegner

With over 500 different chair designs Wegner is the most prolific Danish designer to date.



Here they are upholstered in cream:

Image from House Beautiful

His international breakthrough and greatest sales success came in 1949 when he designed the Round chair. American Magazine Interiors featured the chair on the cover and referred to it as ‘The worlds most beautiful chair.’

The chair rose to stardom when used in the televised presidential debates between Nixon and Kennedy in 1960 and has since been known simply as ‘the chair’.

Wegner’s designs went on to win worldwide recognition in the 1950’s and 1960’s and his furniture, in particular his chairs, are to be found in the permanent collections of the world’s most prestigious museums.

Ox Chair

Bull Chair

 Sawbench Chair

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  • Shay says:

    Fantastic brief post on Hans W.
    Thanks so much !!

  • Hi Maria,
    We absolutely love Hans Wegner. I have had the good fortune of finding Papa Bear chair for $34.50. The ten foot teak dropleaf for $28.50 and two ch23 chairs for $5.00. Truly an amazing man.
    best regards,

    Eric and Heather Andersen

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