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Gifts my Mom would Love

By 05/03/2013February 20th, 201711 Comments


Mother's Day

When I thought about writing a post on gift ideas for Mother’s Day, I thought it would be easier to write about everything my mom would love to receive.

Gifts for Mom


My mom has a huge garden so this kind of gift (above) in any shape or size would be a big hit!


My mom is a massage therapist and she also needs to get her aches and pains massaged away at least once a month!

Fine China

I still have my Strawberry & Vine Wedgewood china from my first marriage. My mom always said she loved the sound my dishes make when you put the cup down on the saucer, or stir something (she never had wedding china). A few months ago I found a white set for her and every few days I arrived with a few pieces until she had a complete set.

Use the good dishes. . . they seem to be the strongest anyway. I have never broken one of my bone china dishes and we use them everyday.

Master Bedroom Organization

My mom would love it if I helped her organize her master bedroom. It’s the last frontier catch-all spot in her house and these tips would probably help a lot!

Recently I found these instructions for turning anything white again, I’m thinking about our mattress pad but I have a front-loading washing machine so I can’t soak it before it’s put through a cycle but I’m hoping it would still work, what do you think?

Garden beds

My mom fought a losing battle last year with the slugs in her garden and it didn’t help that we had a really rainy spring. This year, she wants to turn her vegetable garden into raised beds. We need a strong, hulking man to build them for her.

Milk Glass

I’ve recently become obsessed with milk glass. When I showed my mom a few pieces I bought she was upset when she realized that she’d given hers away when she moved not realizing what it was. Anita? Don’t you have one of the vases she gave away? Easy present for you to give I’m thinking, haha.

What will you buy your mom for Mother’s Day?

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  • Anne says:


    How true! Just like your mum, I too now look at cabinets and cushions and colour schemes through your eyes so I’m slowly but surely changing my whole house, based largely on your oh so wonderful advice.

    Have a wonderful mothers day.

  • Lori Knight says:

    I purchased white Carrara 12 x 12 for master bath. When they came in, they took out a tile to show me. I noticed it looked a little gray, but I did not have anything to compare it to. I mentioned this, and they said the lot varies. We went along and had them cut to 6 x 12, started installing, and realized they are not the same as the sample lot I selected. How do I handle this with the marble company? Upset and disappointed since we ordered samples and and got something very different. Especially since we have other tiles to match to. Help!

  • Donna says:

    My mom did the same thing with her jadeite dishes. She sold them on a garage sale. Well, they were cheap and common when she bought them and she’s used them for ages. She never knew they were now collectibles until I told her after the fact. I tease her about selling my “legacy” every now and then.

  • Franki says:

    I luv that you use your “good china!” So do I! Viva Mama! franki

  • Ginger Kay says:

    Soak your mattress pad in a bathtub. That’s how I wash my white king sized bedspread.

  • SandyCGC says:

    What a delightful and, as usual, inspirational post. Don’t have a “dish” story, but certainly could use the massage as well as getting back into yoga, but especially eager to start a herb garden in my “hopefully some day to be French country” kitchen and attached small screened patio (shared with 3 cat people so “small” is the operative word). The rest of the patio is open and any type of container gardening will probably have to wait until I can afford a lattice cover above it to screen out the hot!!! desert Arizona sun overhead. Also have a front porch which houses my currently empty Baker’s rack and there is a small courtyard inside the entrance pony walls that is mine to green as I choose (within some seemingly reasonable HOA guidelines). So I loved the pix of the herb pots and the garden beds and I’d love to follow your mom’s progress in her garden.

  • Amy says:

    My dad battled the garden slug problem by filling (clean) tuna fish cans with beer in the late afternoon and putting them around the garden. By morning the cans were full of slugs who hopefully had a pretty good time on their way out.

  • I love this post and the way your heart thinks!

  • The only thing better than the feel and sound of a good china cup, is a good china cup full of an incredible loose leaf tea…
    I can’t think of anything nicer than to share a cup of amazing tea with my daughter. I will always remember sharing this ritual with my mother and her mother and so forth, it is a Mother’s Day ritual in our family.
    I also love the fact that you use your good china everyday, way to go Maria, loved your post.

  • Ellie says:

    Thanks, I really like the whitening tip for mattress pads… I’m ready to try it. Like you Maria, I have a new front load washer as well, so I’ll have to pre-soak mattress pad in the tub & then transfer it to the washer for the final cleaning. I think that should do the trick.

  • Stacy says:

    I’m so glad you still have your mother here on earth to enjoy. And thanks for the promo.

    I have to say that I once owned the front loading washer for two days, but when I needed to soak my grandmother’s hand-made quilt, I returned it and sought a large top loader that had the ability to fill and soak. Hard to find one these days.

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