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Looking for some fresh colour inspiration for your patio or deck? 

Both my patio and my sister’s patio makeover are featured in the Spring edition of Canadian Home Trends Magazine!  So, I thought it would be fun to revisit them on the blog.

Here’s a look at the photos and some of the advice I shared for decorating your patio.

You can see the full article in the digital edition here. 



Set of 3 candleholders, similar here and here | Coral similar here

Shop: Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs |(similar) Rug | Mirror

Shop (similar): Sectional | Garden Stool | Natural Throw Pillows | Lime Green Chair

So the last area rugs I had related to my taupe siding but they looked dirty with my freshly painted patio (I kept it orange from the last homeowner so it wouldn’t show when it scratched, plus it’s the colour of cedar).

Anyway they were dirty and needed to be replaced, since I already had two fixed colours on the deck (with the siding and the deck colour), I chose black and white striped rugs since brown and white stripes were no where to be found and black and white in this case is close enough (below).

Remember what the sales rep said 9 years ago when I was looking for a black fixture for my entry? 

Wayfair is having their biggest sale of the year right now, my rugs are on sale here.

Shop similar art ideas: Seagull art | Ombre Beach Art | Seagull Beach Canvas | Seabirds Canvas Art| Set of 4 Ocean Prints

Get my sisters area rug on sale here.

My Mom Hellen, my sister Elizabeth and my two nephews Markus (left) and William (right)

Are you working on your patio this season? We still can’t go anywhere in Canada so my patio furniture was up the first week of April this year!

My eDesign packages are still sold out (my eDesign Director has a daughter in critical condition in the hospital) but if you are working on an exterior, you can learn how to choose your own colours in my Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass here.

PS. Those of you who are eligible (because you bought a set before February 2021) to buy the set of 20 new colour boards I’ve recently added to the VIP Collection, get your link here. Please note they will only be available for a limited time and the first order sold out immediately. The next order will be shipped AT THE END OF MAY. 

Otherwise if you don’t have any previous boards from the VIP Collection you can buy the entire set with the new colours here. 

My large colour samples are well-priced (you won’t be able to make them yourself for less) and only go on sale once a year on Black Friday.

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  • Diana says:

    Prayer for your e designer’s daughter. Nothing on this earth can touch a person as much as our children.
    Be blessed Maria and thank u for u.

  • Tara Dillard says:

    Congratulations Maria, another good magazine article for you.

    Makes me realize how windy my property is. Cannot have any of the accessories shown. Would be putting them away, putting them back out according to weather. And still get it wrong…………..things smashed. My accessories stone, iron, large potted plants.

    Cannot have furnishings outside with fabric. Too many pollen seasons, months worth. Pine, Oak, Pecan, MAJOR.

    If I see pillows at Thrift Store, right color, will buy them, use till ruined, on pair of antique wicker rockers. Repeat. Those chairs sited in deepest recess of large front porch. Not as much wind/rain as rest of porches. Yay, bit of ‘normal’ you show.

    Your brownish furniture would be perfect here. Everything coated in pollen, grit, wind blown soil receives a coating, needs good wiping down minimum 2x/year. More, but not getting it !

    Oddly don’t feel deprived. Still comfortable, pretty. Simple. Winds demand, simple.

    And I live Next Door to the windiest county in my state ! Clients in that county, Whoooooosh.

    Great pics of you and your family. I know a joy for all.

    Garden & Be Well, Tara

    • Nancy says:

      I get it! I live in the middle of dirt fields up to 3 sides of my yard. Any Tractor work, spring winds, and we are covered in dirt. Wasp love any kind of stained wood. Not to mention Hank the cow dog! Metal or heavy vinyl furniture is my friend, for lower maintenance pillows are not used often, and definitely no breakables. Much beauty is in my surroundings and the fresh air and sounds of birds and sprinklers are musical, so it’s worth it! I have gleaned great ideas about rugs and thinking through the furniture ideas here, so thankful to Maria for that!

  • Nikki says:

    Sweet picture of you, Mom, your sister and the nephews (they got so big!). Still waiting to see Mom’s three-season room!

    Wishing your Mom and Sister a Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Rebecca says:

    Sorry to hear about your director’s daughter; praying for a full recovery.

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