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I’m Not a Designer, Should I Still Take Your Class?

The key to living a colourful life is making decisions that take you where you want to go. So don’t hesitate to follow what excites you! This is the perfect time to explore your love of colour! The early bird price on my Fall workshops ends soon!

I’m Not a Designer, Should I Still Take Your Class?

I got this note from a follower and I’m thinking some of you might be in a similar place. Please let me know in the comments section below what you find is holding you back. I want to hear from you!
Hi Maria, I’m not looking to become a color specialist except perhaps in my own family (and God love them – they already think I am one…I’m not).  I’ve just suddenly been hit with the burden of selecting paint colors for three very large houses (one beach house inside and out-one Pennsylvania farmhouse inside only –  and one giant mid century rancher that I would like to give a giant refresh inside and out) I’d love some peace of mind that I picked the best colors and not have teeny tiny paint chips taped to every wall. so here I sit wondering…do I take a class? Do I get the giant color swatches?? Suggestions would be appreciated.
Well yes and yes!
I have seen so many colour and design careers launched this way! Remember this one
Because here’s the thing, if you’re the go-to person for your family and friends for colour recommendations before you even have any kind of training. Well, just imagine what you could do once you do have my Expert Colour & Design Training!
This training will turn your knack for colour into your own fun business, or even simply a very lucrative hobby! That’s the kind of transformation YOU will walk away with.
My large colour samples are a game changer for designers or homeowners embarking on a big house project! 

My Expert Colour & Design Training is for professionals AND homeowners!

If you’re facing even one large renovation project or build, I highly recommend you invest in my course so you have the confidence to see the project through, step by step, in a well planned, perfectly coordinated money-well-spent way.
Because the alternative, if you’re lacking the confidence you’ll get from my course, is a whole lot of stress. It’s constantly spinning and second guessing those great instincts of yours. It’s losing sleep over your project. Or worse, a close friend’s important project.
Attendance in my courses is about half and half. Homeowners tackling single or multiple projects they want to get right and designers wanting to hone their colour skills. And honestly, there is plenty in between!

Create your dream career in colour and design with this training!

I’ve seen many home decorators and colour enthusiasts suddenly find themselves in high demand after taking my course. I see them grow their colour business on my private True Colour Experts Facebook group.
In fact, helping my own friends and family decorate is exactly how I started all those years ago. 
This Fall, this, in a nutshell is what you’ll be learning:
They say follow what excites you.
I’ve personally always been excited about colour, even before I spent decades analyzing how best to work with it. It’s what drove me to where I am now. And that energy I have always had around colour is why I’m motivated to share it all with colour lovers just like you!
Still on the fence about whether my Expert Colour & Design Training is for you?
If you love colour, if you’re curious about an exciting career in colour, or if you want to nail your own home projects without all the stress and expensive mistakes. You don’t want to miss the fall sessions, they fill up fast!
Sign up for my Fall in-person or virtual courses here! Hurry, the early bird pricing ends August 31!

Here’s what True Colour Experts are saying:

    • Maria, I felt quite emotional at the end of class yesterday. It was fantastic and you’ve nailed it and created something no one else has figured out. We’re designing our house and will be using your eDesign services. I bought the boards and Business package (worth every penny!) I have the Exterior Masterclass and Shop Online with Confidence too. Best to you and Terreeia, you make a great team.  ~xo Bren
    • As a new interior designer, I already feel more confident in choices I will be making which will translate to professionalism. I feel like what may have taken months to learn in an internship, I just learned in 2 days. ~Jacquelyn
    • Maria was so good at explaining her system and the exercises were so useful that I now feel way more confident with selecting paint colors and decorating. Best of all, I can articulate why!   ~Evelyn
    • I really enjoyed how Maria was willing to show some of her early work to provide some ‘learn from my mistakes’ moments. It made the course very approachable and Maria very relatable & likable!  ~Stephanie
    • I had an aha moment that I do not need to be an Interior Designer to understand color. It may not come as second nature to me however if I study the MK color wheel system I can find my way around in the world of color.  ~Yuri
    • This old engineer enjoyed learning some new tricks that can be applied to his even older house.  ~Alan
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