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Do you know why it’s so important to have a handle on the colour trends? Because knowing where the trends have been and where they are going is the only way to ultimately see what looks good through it all.

That is, to know what is actually TIMELESS. For starters, here are two essential tips for decorating with black walls.

Stay tuned this fall. You can count on me to bring you my perspective on all the Colour of the Year (COTY) announcements!

Behr Color of the year 2024 cracked pepper

Behr COTY for 2024 Cracked Pepper via BHG

The black paint trend

Behr is usually first with their colour of the year.

And their COTY this year is going to be outdated before 2024 is even over.

Because everyone is painting their house black right now.

And when you see the same color everywhere, you get tired of it even faster.

Their choice of a soft black is a smart marketing move. It’s clearly based on statistics that the majority of people would consider painting their walls black.

So this means that black has moved from edgy and cool to, honestly? Kinda boring.

It also means that this trend has peaked and is ripe for looking dated.

But that’s ok! It’s only paint. I can get behind trying out the black trend with paint! It’s much easier to change out than flooring, tile, ALL your hardware and plumbing fixtures and your WINDOWS!

#1 Black walls need contrast

So if you want to have some fun with black walls, know that super dark walls need contrast. So add a pop of colour.

Or a lot of white fabulous texture like this one.

Decorating with black walls

 Via BHG

Remember that black is not a shortcut to decorating just because it’s bold.

Learn how to add colour to any room in my free training here!

#2 Black walls need lots of lamps

So the second thing you need to pull off a black room or a black accent wall is plenty of lamps. Nix the overhead lighting and opt for a glowy  atmosphere instead. Lamps are what will give you that moody feel you’re looking for.

Moody black walls atmosphere

Abigail Ahern

Black is most timeless when used sparingly. This advice is what I’ve given thousands of homeowners and designers here and here and here.

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  • Jenn says:

    Would love to know what you think about a charcoal gray bathroom with warm wood tones. Timeless or trendy? Thx

    • Tina says:

      Jenn, I think you’d be sick of it in no time at all.

    • Cindi says:

      A bathroom that gets used? Or a powder room? I never understand why people put dark walls and showers in bathrooms that get used. Isn’t it a place you want to see yourself, and that you want to be bright and sunny to greet you in the morning? Or maybe my bias is just the amount of hard water stains that show up on dark surfaces, and I’m lazy.

  • diana says:

    Good Morning Maria

    The state of the country is truly what chooses the color. It then falls to wardrobe and then to homes.

    Also, short skirts mean the stock market is good, long skirts mean not so good.

    For me, black is sexy but this doesn’t mean everything needs to be black.

  • Annie says:

    Black walls also collect lint! I painted the lower 2/3 of my water closet Tricorn Black and it looks like I rub toilet paper on my walls. I still liked it, but I’m getting ready to paint it again. I’m thinking a neutral-brown like Library Pewter (which I’ve already used elsewhere in my house) with Creamy or F&B Pink Ground above it. It’s a temporary fix until we remodel the bathroom.

    • MD says:

      I can commiserate. The previous owner of my house painted the powder room with textured paint. I laughed out loud at your comment about rubbing the walls with toilet paper. :0)

    • H says:

      LOL! Thank you, I was just thinking it might be fun to paint a powder room black, but I have pets with white fur! Now I’m thinking about toilet paper lint AND pet fur stuck to the walls LOLOL

  • MD says:

    Have you seen the recent Houzz article about the kitchen makeover where they describe the matte black features as ‘fresh’? Call them anything but ‘fresh’!
    If I’m gonna be judgy, that hood should not be black (stainless may be a good choice). Otherwise, it screams: Over here! Look at me! I’m a big ole hood!
    The pendants could be better. Even if you want to use black, how about glossy black with *some* sort of metal on the fixture. It looks like some one attacked them with a can of matte black spray paint. “Oops, there’s a little overspray. Whatever, I guess I can spray the whole thing.” Are the seats of the bar stools black? You don’t have to do that. Listen to Marie! Just use a LITTLE.

  • Rose says:

    I’m tired of black already and I have none in my house. I do have some pops of SW Status Bronze – and it’s amazing. We painted our living room fireplace with it, and repeated it in the drapery as well. It’s dark and sophisticated but warm. (It’s a dark greenish brown.) It works well as a neutral with many colors.

  • Maureen LoPresti says:

    I may be swimming upstream with my opinion on black, but Iove it. I painted my living room BM Black Satin 3 years ago. It has enlivened the artwork and created a very cozy environment. My white woodwork, fireplace and built in bookcase look very fresh and crisp next to the black. Warm hardwood floors keep the room from looking stark. BUT I will say that any flaw will show, and it attracts attention. I will be refreshing the paint soon-same color. I have used a feather duster and a mop wrapped with an old towel to dust the walls. People sometimes want to touch it (which drives me crazy), but so far no marks left behind.

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