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Colour Me Happy Link Love for March

By 03/31/2013February 20th, 20179 Comments

This weekend, Terreeia took my laptop into MAC because it’s been sooooo slow and spinning, and spinning, and they said “You need a new hard drive”. When we arrived the next morning to pick it up, they said “Your old hard drive is corrupt, so you have nothing”

Well, Terreeia is the techie in this relationship, I was shopping in the mall while she went in to pick up my laptop, and she said “You don’t understand, I am calm compared to how my wife would be so you need to bring that hard drive back and get what we can from it right now!”

Apparently my hard drive was just about to crash my entire computer and we were just lucky that we brought it in when we did!! Apparently I have everything back to 2012 but I need to sort it all out, so if I have not responded to your email, it’s because I’m in computer drama.

In the meantime, I have been dying to spread some link love on a regular basis but I just don’t have time to read all your amazing blogs like I used to, so Saffronia from Design Like The Pros is going to help me round them up each month. Here they are for March:

What’s especially luscious?

Gushing Over Green from Acanthus & Acorn. As most of us know, Pantone has chosen Emerald as its Colour of the Year 2013.

A whole slew of divine white kitchens with open shelving.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink from Habitually chic

Where do you get your inspiration? Here are 4 posts that answer that question

The answer most designers offer?…..”Anywhere and Everywhere.” These next few posts show us just how ubiquitous color is in our world and how fun it is to develop a color palette based on an outfit you saw in a magazine, a colorful fabric or….let’s say….a bicycle by the side of the road.

Do You Live With Colors That Make You Smile from Good Life Of Design

Fashion Friday: J.Crew + Interiors by Erin at Elements Of Style
Separated At Birth from SF Girl By Bay

The half painted wall….what a great idea!

Idea to Steal from Apartment 34

Easter parade of pastels for all of us “colour bunnies”

Pretty Pastel Decorating Ideas from Bright Bazaar

Is serenity a priority for you?

Would you go this colorful in a kitchen?

Spring tabletop ideas to die for

Glamorous Gatherings: The Spring Spirit by Paloma at La Dolce Vita
Thanks Saffronia for putting together this months round-up!
If you have a colourful post that you’d like to be considered for this series, please email us.
Easter basket
Happy Easter my lovelies!! xo Maria
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  • KATHYSUE says:

    Happy Easter to you ! Thank you to Saffronia and you for the blog love!! always fun to see my blogs name in another bloggers post. I really appreciate the LOVE!!
    xo Kathysue

  • Fran Worrall says:

    Computer problems are such a pain. Good luck getting it all sorted out, Maria!

  • Donna Frasca says:

    It’s always nice to reciprocate to the people who support your blog whether it’s link love or mentions. It’s what make a good blog even better. I hope you get your computer back order 🙂

  • Franki says:

    Pleasantly surprised how many of these blogs are already favs! “Computer drama” was such a “nice way” to put it. 🙂 franki

  • Maureen says:

    Yikes Maria same thing happened with my Mac, luckily I had time capsule so was able to buy a new Mac, plug it in and away we go, nothing lost. Time before wasn’t so lucky, lost everything, address book, photos, etc. Hopefully you get it all off the hard drive. Happy glorious Easter weekend on the coast eh?

    • Maria Killam says:

      We definitely had back-up but mine was on ‘manual’ because it slowed down my computer, everytime I opened it, it would start backing up. Sigh. So the last time Terreeia had it on her desk she did a back up in February. So it’s not as bad as I thought! It’s just that all my folders are gone, etc. Maria

  • Kathryn says:

    Please tell us that you back up your computer regularly.

  • SandyCGC says:

    Poor Maria! I suppose one could look at either of two ways:

    If I didn’t have “computer” drama, there’d be no drama in my life at all
    With all the other drama in my daily life, I don’t need “computer” drama too.

    Thank goodness for “techie” Terreeia in your life. A good backup program that does its job regularly and automatically is a must, if you don’t already “got” one. Meanwhile, this post leading to a previoius post leading to another post is a lot of fun while we wait for you to get back up to speed.

  • betsy oshea says:

    Hi Maria and company, I did not recieve the download to review the exterior color webinar. please send thank you oh, i solved my LR wall color problem w a beautiful green, BM Fernwood Green and i am returning the bossy rug. I will think about using your services for my exterior project…$400 is a bit steep for me…we will correspond about that later…..for now, just the webinar download thanks very much

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