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A Happy Yellow Living Room: Before & After

By 04/27/2012February 20th, 201713 Comments

Eun emailed me for an on-consultation because she had some questions about colour as well as decorating her living room. She wanted to buy a new sofa.

The yellow on the walls and orange drapery were already here when she moved in and she liked the existing colours.


Notice her carpet is pink beige but we decided to ignore it. An area rug solved that problem. Remember two months ago in my newsletter when I posted about ‘Two ways to work with carpet you hate‘? This is a great example of how to do it. Two colours, one + a neutral is how it’s done.


Eun and I went on-line together during the call and picked out coffee tables and lamps. She had a long list of things to buy when we were finished and I think almost the next day she emailed me photos of everything she had purchased, ‘a woman of action’, I said.

She also had big walls to fill so I showed her this image from Eileen Kathryn Boyd (below):

Eileen Kathryn Boyd

I told her to get some RIBBA frames from IKEA, paint them orange and get some custom matting to create an art wall. She did a great job, this collection is in her den.

I love her dog, so adorable!! Here’s what she said in the end:

‘Maria definitely knows her stuff! Maria was able to give me her honest opinion when it mattered the most. Things like back splashes and choosing the right colors for each room was easier with Maria’s expertise. Thank you for the inspiration and the guidance in helping me design my house!’ 

Have a great weekend my lovelies! xo Maria

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  • susan says:

    LOVE your “afters”, Maria! And the photo wall is lovely.
    I have sofa lust, however, for the white sofa w/pink pillows! Might you be able to source it for me?
    Happy Weekend!

  • tara dillard says:

    Now to that back garden, fence & view on axis from her pretty new interior.

    I KNOW her dog will be pampered outside too!

    Beautiful work Maria.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  • Louise Dubois says:

    I love the look of that white sofa with the colourful pillows too! I’ve had a white sofa for over 25 years (not the same one of course) and can’t think of any other colour sofa to have in my home. After all this time, I’m still in love with them even if they’re a bit more work to keep nice looking.

  • Great redo. Amazing what you accomplish over the phone. Love those orange frames. :). Brilliant.

  • Margaret says:

    Love what was done with this room! I am looking for a sectional sofa and I really like the clean look on this one. Can you tell me where it was purchased and what fabric and color is shown?

  • Vered Rosen says:

    very cool transformation. I’v been learning a lot from your blog, Maria, and telling everyone about it! The rug does take away the attention from the dated beige carpet underneath. Is that from west elm? could you also share where that cool coffee table is from ?

  • Pursuitofperfect says:

    What a lovely transformation. Any tips on how to achieve such perfection in alignment when hanging multiple pics?

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    A woman of action FOR SURE!!! She is as perky as her little doggie. I love him too! It is quite an accomplishment that you were able to guide her
    over the phone and online to such a satisfying conclusion! Wish I could make out the actual color of the new sofa….

  • Marion says:

    Love the carpet – fab design, great solution, and the new furnishings. The colour is also wonderful. Eun sounds like a dream client.

    I’m curious though, why the curtains weren’t rehung? The space above the window seems to stop the living room from becoming totally cosy and elegant. Perhaps it’s just my eye, however.

    • Maria Killam says:

      I thought it was fun that they were so high, it doesn’t always work but here it’s playful!
      Thanks for your comment!

  • Lauren says:

    Just wanted to chime in here. A similar coffee table can be purchased at CB2 for $279. It’s really popular and used often by designers (e.g. Palmer Weiss). CB2 also offers a clear console table which looks great with cube ottomans beneath and I see it published a lot too. Love the orange painted RIBBA frames!

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