Vancouver Interior Designer: Wreaths on Bookshelves

I am still decorating  for Christmas and decided to hang wreaths on the bookshelves in my living room. This space (below) is a perfect candidate for wreaths. Love the green drapes.


Here’s some boxwood wreaths tucked into a bookshelf.


I like the way these are tied with red ribbon.


After searching high and low I ended up with real wreaths. Not boxwoods, every place I found them only had two left and I needed three.


Jodi from Simply Inspired Home hosted a bloggers gathering yesterday and I asked her to send me this picture of a vignette on a little ledge in her white kitchen. So beautiful.

Image via the Decorologist

Here’s a wreath you could hang on your bookshelf all year round (above). This is hung with ribbon but I used these 3m hooks.

Since my living room does not get enough natural light so that I can photograph it properly on my own, my photographer is coming Thursday to take some holiday photos of my living/dining room so you’ll see it soon!

I love wreaths hanging on top of mirrors and windows too! Where do you hang extra wreaths in your home?

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  1. Wreaths add so much – almost at any time of year, but especially at the holidays.
    I have a traditional wreath hanging over the window above the kitchen sink, another red berried one in the eating area of the kitchen and a third one in the upstairs hall hanging over a mirror – it’s a grapevine with “sugared” fruit and green ribbon, hung by the ribbon – I love it.
    Can’t wait to see your bookshelves.

  2. Can’t wait to see how your living room turns out! I am working on embellishing a pre-lit wreath with ornaments and extra greens… hopefully, it will turn out okay!

  3. This year I hung a wreath on my bookcase, like in the last photo. I’ve just discovered those 3m hooks too and LOVE them…I’m a bad one for thinking I can “eyeball” hanging something, but then end up with multiple holes in my walls! 😯

  4. Wreaths used as a centrepiece on a table can look lovely too, especially with a collection of chubby little candles in the middle or whatever else takes your fancy. I just love 3m hooks. I’ve just used the decorating clips to hang some icicle baubles from the ceiling. They made the job so easy and the baubles look fabulous dangling in front of a mirror. Looking froward to seeing your pics.

  5. Beautiful, inspiring images, Maria. I don’t have bookshelves (yet), but I do hang wreaths in my windows (on the inside) and on my interior french doors . I use various types and try to have something new each season. I have to admit though, the Christmas ones are my favourite!

  6. I have a faux snowberry wreath hanging from the mirror over my buffet. On my buffet is a Kinkade village, so the overall effect is a snowy winter wonderland, especially at night when the little village is all lit up!

  7. Rebekah hung a wreath right over the picture window in our livingroom with garland off of either side for our parties last week. Why did I never think of hanging wreaths somewhere besides the front door? I don’t know. LOL! Great ideas, Maria!