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Video Clips from September’s True Colour Expert Workshop

By 10/25/2010January 23rd, 201718 Comments

I am seriously delayed in posting new dates for this course, but I’ve been working on some video clips. Don’t judge them too harshly, they are far from professional and although a lot of the course was taped by my fabulous assistant we only ended up with a few very short clips which were presentable. Here’s September’s class:
From Left to Right; Jennifer Duchene, Natalie Peterson, Mary Jo Gallagher, Jill McDonald, Maria Killam, Christina Joe, Gloria Hansen, Laurie Shelsby and Terreeia Rauffman.
Click here for all the information on location and new dates, I have tentative dates for LA (need a location) and am working on the East coast – I have received many emails requesting I take this show on the road so that’s what I’m going to do! They are very short so take a look:
A quote to explain why light colours look better in rooms with plenty of natural light:
Here I’m expanding on Janice Lindsay’s quote:
Here I’m discussing an in-class exterior exercise:

When consulting on exterior, we go through a number of possibilities with a client before we both have an aha moment:

After the course I received this email from Mary Jo Gallagher, and interior designer who has been in the business for over 30 years;

“Your class exceeded my expectations and I look forward to making my clients happy with my expanded knowledge”.

“I would highly recommend this workshop for everyone from seasoned interior designers to people simply looking for instruction on how to choose paint colours. Maria’s warmth and engaging smile made me feel comfortable enough to ask the ‘dumb questions’. I consider her course to be absolutely essential for anyone wanting to understand the intricacies of colour.” Jil Sonia McDonald

Again, I have posted the new dates here. Email me if you would like to schedule a phone call to find out if this course is for you!

If you would like your home to fill you with happiness every time you walk in, contact me for on-line or in-person decorating and colour.

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  • Beth says:

    I'm having trouble viewing the videos – is there a password I need, perhaps? I'm looking forward to seeing them!

  • Maria Killam says:

    Sorry Beth, I realized I had the account set up under the wrong email. arrrgh so I need to delete it and upload all over again, I'll hopefully have them public shortly!

  • Jbird says:

    I love this! It's so nice to SEE you in person… not just in a picture. 🙂 Would you consider posting more videos in the future? Just a thought. 🙂

  • Ivy Lane says:

    I love this! I can tell that you are so passionate about what you do! Congratulations! If I lived closer, I would love to attend one of your classes!

  • Kimberly Grigg says:

    You are so adorable, Maria! Your video clips really capture the essence of your "cute"! Thanks for bringing them to life! Well done!

  • East coast ???? Get. Out.!! I better be first on the list :)! I can't get the video right now — my issues. But I couldn't wait to comment on the road show! If I can be of any help on this end, please don't hesitate to ask, seriously.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lively,intelligent gemini! I agree with the post above — more videos please. Teach us a short lesson on video — how to design a console table, show us what to do, why, and what to avoid and why, only visually. We'll see/hear you in motion. Love that idea.

  • traci zeller designs says:

    You know you can stay with me if you bring your course to the Carolinas! 😉

  • Kelly says:

    Boston!! Providence! Yay!! I will be happy to help you plan. At my IRN conference this week in Boston- I told my friends all about you and I know I can help you fill class!

  • Ideezine says:


    The best way to help others is to teach them and they will respond. I'm so thrilled that people, professional and non professionals are interested in knowledge. You are very generous with what you know and it's appreciated…good for you. Teaching in addition to designing is really a way to fill a niche. I love the variety they both provide.

    Some of the greatest situations come up as questions from classes I've taught. Those solutions present themselves unexpectedly keeping us all happy and with more to educate ourselves as well as others on.

    Great job!


  • Stephanie says:

    You are a natural, I hear Hollywood calling you. Did you mean Los Angeles when you posted LA? I would drive up from San Diego for a class for sure.

  • Anonymous says:

    Honestly, designing a room from scratch gives me a terrible headache. Lol

    I'm sure it takes creativity and years of mistakes to do this with ease.

    Sounds like your courses could be a hit on the East Coast!
    I'm in NC so this sounds like a great idea to me! 🙂


  • Hannah says:

    You are welcome to stay with me as well, Maria, should you come to the Philadelphia area, and I would be your fabulous assistant as well 🙂

  • Thanks, Maria. So fun to see the video clips! Don't forget about us down here in the South – we'd love to host you in Nashville!

  • Amy @MaisonDecor says:

    I found this a lot of fun to listen to your voice1 You have a good one! Nice chance to see you in action.

  • Marcus Design says:

    Ooh, I love that you included video clips for us to see, how great! Your course looks amazing Maria, and it's so awesome that you are taking it to LA and beyond. Congrats to you!

  • Space by Eliana Tomas says:

    you're such an avid teacher (and learner I suppose). Maria, you're great in what you do and what's amazing is that you prove all the time how well you do your job. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  • Jennifer Duchene says:

    How lovely to see the videos and of course our class picture, after having enjoyed an incredible class with you Maria. Your method is fantastic. I love how you have taken the essentials of color training and created a class that makes so much sense. I loved the class, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to simplify the process in an intelligent meaningful way. You are a delight to be with.

    Jennifer Duchene
    The Home Makeover Mixtress blending cool and cozy style.

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