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Top 8 Posts by True Colour Experts

By 09/28/2012January 28th, 20176 Comments

I’ll be in Toronto next week leading my Specify Colour with Confidence course! I’m so excited to meet a whole new group of True Colour Experts!


Traci Zeller gets the first spot on this post because back in May 2010 whenI first launched my True Colour Expert Workshops she was the first one to register.

I loved this post she recently wrote about Why you Should Create “Me” Space. 

via Traci Zeller’s Blog

Linda Holt was the second one to register and I love this post she wrote a while ago, Don’t make the same Three Colour Mistakes I Made.

Heidi Nyline the owner of Warline Painting in Vancouver also does all the colour consulting for her painting company. She’s always posting her exterior jobs on our private True Colour Experts page and here’s a great post of a round-up of her Best exterior House colours for 2012.

Colour by Heidi Nyline

Kelly Bernier from Restyling Home by Kelly recently wrote a very helpful blog post about selecting hard finishes, Correct Steps for Colour Selection.



 Sarah at Redesigning Sarah recently transformed a video store using colour!


Redesigning Sarah

 Check out this fabulous Belgian Chic room by Kristie Barnett of The Decorologist!

The Decorologist

Love this post by Luxury Interior Designer, Kimberley Grigg as she breaks down the Psychology of Color!

Interior Design by Kimberly Grigg

Patsy Overton transformed an exterior in her “Is Yours the Pink House on the Street” post.


Colour by Patsy Overton

The True Colour Expert who most understands my system next to me is Irene Hill my right hand, multi-talented associate! She’s been with me since June of last year and it’s a joy and a pleasure to work with her every day! She wrote two guests posts for me about discovering my course, here and here.

This picture was taken at Christmas last year which is why we are wearing angel halos. And she is an angel anyway, it’s just that most days you can’t see her halo!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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