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Before and Afterwhite kitchens

Renovation Inspired by Colour Me Happy: Before & After

By 03/25/2013February 20th, 201728 Comments

Is it possible to renovate your house from top to bottom just from reading my blog? As a matter of fact, yes it is! This set of photos with a few before’s are from Karen. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Hi Maria, we are selling our home and just wanted you to see a product of your advice, very proud of our home and very thankful a friend referred me to your site just before we began renovating! Thank you!  

Renovated house

This is such a fun picture with the clouds in the background!

Kitchen Before

Original kitchen – Before

After Kitchen

 “The backsplash in the kitchen is carrara marble, because of the nice blue/grey veining it has, cabinets are IKEA, countertops bright white quartz, a recommendation from your blog . The floors are hand scraped Maple, which also have a gray tone to them. I studied your posts about timeless wood floors before I made this decision, it took me a month! I made sure all of the paint, including the kids rooms, the black front door, and even the bright white on the closet doors (Behr White Fur) all had a blue or gray undertone to them, which really keeps the house harmonious!”

Kitchen Dining Area


bathroom before


Bathroom After


Hallway Before


After Entry


Living Room After

“The wall color was Sherwin Williams “First Star”, which is a very light white with a grey undertone. We chose it because the walls and floors were so dark, it felt right to brighten the place up. The fireplace was tiled in Mother of pearl, which also has the grey/beige color, but also gives the room a wonderful shiny surface that the light from the chandelier dances off of at night.”

Living room

 Curtains are Taffetta, the dining set was a rummage sale find that took a trip to our local upholsterer where I could pick any fabric for the front and back. Rug in dining room is West Elm, rug in living room is

Master Bedroom

 Here’s the entire listing.


Have you noticed how much graphic black and white is in Spring fashion yet? It seems like we can’t get enough white walls and white clothes in 2013.

Spring 2013 Fashion

Sometimes all you need to add some fresh to your living room is white curtains and white pillows. Karen added just enough hits of white to the living room to bring the gray sofa and carpet to life! Love that she hung the drapery rod right up to the ceiling!

Where are you injecting black and white this Spring?

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  • Tawna Allred says:

    Gorgeous reno! Congrats to the homeowners…they did a fantastic job!

  • Wow, Maria, that is cool! Great listing, I’m sure it will go fast…it’s so fun to see your advice come to life here! The hand-scraped maple floors look beautiful, and I love all the whites and grays.

  • What a dramatic change. I love the whites and grays too1

  • Barbara North says:

    I can’t imagine wanting to sell it now. Wonder where they are going? Couldn’t find a picture for the dining room…

  • laurie says:

    How much did the renovations cost, and what will yor sale price be?

  • Karen says:

    I hope you are proud and delighted with the success of your blog and the sucess of your students. The homeowners have great taste and style. I would give them an At. Congrats to them!
    Karen in Al.

  • Julie from Downunder says:

    Very nice! And all from reading Maria’s blog. I have learnt so much and I reread my copy of ‘How to Choose Paint Colours’ often. Best buy ever. I recently visited friends in Gladstone, Queensland (Australia) who had just bought a home and wanted to repaint over the pale pale blue in their living / dining/ kitchen. We went to Bunnings (big hardware store here) and they trusted me to pick out a couple of colour chips which I based on the ‘Maria Killam Undertone Philosophy’. I kept the selections narrow so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed – like I normally do. Took them back to their home and within 10 mins could see what would work and picked the colours. Left them to paint and they sent me photos saying they loved it and so did everyone that saw the two colours chosen…so thanks Maria – instead of the usual dozen little paint sample pots all over the walls I just stuck to the principles – although it could be that I just fluked it hahaha.!!!

  • Franki says:

    Amazing reno…it will make a “finished” home for some lucky family!! franki

  • Cathy says:

    Wow! What a transformation, these pictures are beautiful!

  • WOW! They did an amazing job! She really studied your work, Maria, and it paid off big.

  • Agnes P says:

    I like it very much! Now she can inject any colour with accessories 🙂

  • PRyan says:

    Love it! so beautiful and clean finishes. Can’t wait for the webinar this week!

  • [email protected] Silverman Designs says:

    Beautiful reno! I did have to chuckle a bit at the listing though…the house includes a bomb shelter! Not something you would hear about in Canada!

  • Sandy Huntsberger says:

    Fabulous transformation! It appeared that she kept a lot of the dark wood, wall paneling and transformed it with paint. This is a great way to save $$ and be eco friendly at the same time! Also adds some architectural interest. Love everything about it!

  • Beth Sears says:

    That reno deserves a WOW!! Amazing job!

  • Carol S says:

    Love the makeover. Would like to know what color they used for the walls in the bedroom (2nd to last photo). I also have wood paneling and am planning on painting my dining room walls.

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    WOW! At that price and with an indoor pool?!
    I’d be surprised if that home doesn’t sell TODAY!
    This is something to add to YOUR portfolio, Maria.
    The proof is in the pudding. Fabulous result of great teaching.

  • SandyCGC says:

    Stunning job, Maria! Your color workshops and other courses are fantastic and worth every penny (at least that’s what I gather from everyone who has had the opportunity to take one), but, although this project didn’t earn a consulting fee, what a validation to a true teacher – that can’t be measured in money! Definitely you need to include this in your portfolio with all the background on how it came to happen.

  • Deb says:

    Wow, what a testimonial to the fabulous information and tips you share! You’re a great teacher!

  • Anne says:

    Wow…amazing transformation!

  • Jill Baum says:


  • mrsben says:

    Beautiful transformation … and the view … oh my! I think I would have difficulty parting with it. -Brenda- ☺

  • Ginny says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I’m curious what color is on the walls in her master bedroom?

  • Janet says:

    You are such an inspiration! Thank you!

    What a transformation Karen has done! Love the view!!

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