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My Interior Design Style

By 03/31/2009January 27th, 201716 Comments

I have been tagged by Brooke at Velvet & Linen and Lauren at Pure Style Home to choose only one image that represents my style. This took way longer than I expected because I couldn’t find one room where I liked almost everything! The hardest part about it is finding ONE image, I also love a look combined with mid-century furniture as well as more contemporary. I finally settled on this one from Jamie Drake for the dramatic, traditional, yet contemporary feeling combined with fabulous colour!

When I choose a place to live, I walk into the space and go directly to the windows. If I like what I see outside, I look around inside. A beautiful garden and a view (what I have now where I live) is perfection! Here in this photo, you can see there’s a wonderful garden outside.

I love french doors (they are not shown here but were in every room that I love). What I like about this room is:

1. The mostly neutral furniture with the hits of chrome yellow and bristol blue! I never decorate a room for a client without including toss cushion fabric options and designs. I think they truly pull a space together, like they do here as well. I also like the fact that nothing matches (except for the pair of yellow chairs) but it all looks great together!

2. The tall endless french country windows with the dramatic drapery treatment.

3. Ottomans. They create such versatile seating arrangements.

4. I also like the touch of whimsy created by the bird lamp.

The flowers that have been placed in the room become secondary next to the dramatic palm that really makes this room! Also I think every living room could stand a touch of animal print!
If anyone wants to take on this little project, you are tagged! Let me know in the comments if you want to play! I look forward to seeing yours!

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  • Brillante Home Decor says:

    I would love to be tagged! I have so many rooms I love and feel mine that I would not mind been tagged twenty times…(kidding)

  • DesignTies says:

    I’ll play along, and I’m sure Victoria will too 🙂

    I knew you’d pick a colourful room to represent your design style 🙂


  • Awesome Sara says:

    what a gorgeous room!!! i love all the colors in it!!!!

  • Bethany says:

    I love what you came up with. I think it fits your personality really well. It is a beautiful space. Be sure to check my blog to see what I wrote about you yesterday. I really appreciate your inspiration and generous spirit.

  • Velvet and Linen says:

    Oh, I can definitely understand why you love this image. The perfect use of color, the playful bird lamp, and the elegant drapery remind me of you work and your personality!
    Thank you so much for doing this post and for all of your wonderful posts that have taught me so much, Maria.


  • Imogen Lamport says:

    Lovely. I’m so attracted to rooms with lots of light! We have a room in our house that is the piece de resistance and it has windows full length both north and south sides of the house – and it has cathedral ceilings – it has the best feeling when you walk into it.

  • Mrs B says:

    Hi Maria
    I would love to be tagged as well! I have a collection of so many photos that represent exactly what I like…the challenge will be is to pick just one.
    What a beautiful room you have picked as well. I am actually looking forward to seeing all the rooms from fellow bloggers who want to be tagged.
    Mrs B

  • Linda at Lime in the Coconut! says:

    Oh…Perfect single picture. Those window/doors…oh!

  • Anita says:

    I love, love , love that room. It makes me want to take out all the yucky tables, lamps and shelf in my living room and replace them stat!

  • Kelee Katillac says:

    Oh darn.I thought we were going to get to see YOUR home when you started out the post. This room is lovely…Drake is great. Show us your home!!! We would love to see your style… has to be beautiful.

  • Colour me Happy says:

    Okay I need to set the record straight on why I won’t be posting images of my house anytime soon. Because we rent. Although I love the house I’m in because of the garden, the view, the large windows, I can’t show you the carpet I would rip out, the ancient kitchen, the drapery (that covers 40 ft of windows (it’s okay but it would still come out in a second if it were my house).

  • Maya says:

    I would have a very hard time finding one room…, I could go very casual beach cottage, or modern minimalistic. The view to me is also very important. I want to see nature through my windows. And I’m so happy that I see ocean too.

  • Love Where You Live says:

    this says to me you’re a fun and spirited woman.
    what happy colors! -susan

  • sallymandy says:

    Oh, that’s beautiful. The high windows and soaring ceilings just lighten me up looking at it.

  • Y. Kang says:

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  • Lauren says:

    I can totally see you in this room!! I love the pops of yellow & the massive windowss & all that light!!! It's got such an energy about it.

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