Vancouver Kitchen Cabinets – More on Maria’s White Kitchen

So I’m about to buy the appliances because my kitchen can’t go into production without knowing the final sizes of everything. It’s like buying a car, you can spend a fortune! Anyway, I’ll let you know what I chose in the end, in the meantime I met with Mike at Quality Cabinets and Jan Romanuk again this week to finalize some details.

Jan says renovations are all about compromise, compromise, compromise. You create your wish list and then start making compromises to get what you want with the existing limitations of your space.

We reviewed my plan again and decided that even though many of you felt strongly that there should be a counter beside the wall oven, we like the feel of the pantry wall that will be created without another counter. Otherwise it’s a lower with a counter and then an upper again. I want a kitchen without the look of uppers.

Also, some of you expressed concern over the oven being right beside the fridge. This is not perfect either but it’s the only way it’ll work in this kitchen (and it’s not a concern with today’s appliances). We have TONS of space, so we don’t need full 24″ cabinets on either side of the fridge and wall oven. They are 14″ instead. Compromise.


Instead, on the left side of the fridge/wall oven, we will install a pull-out shelf for the toaster & espresso machine. This leaves the counters free for chopping and prepping.


I showed you the cabinet style I wanted last week but the reason it’s so pretty is because it’s face frame cabinetry. That’s how cabinets were built until they discovered hinges from Europe (Mike said). It makes them a lot more expensive. So I chose a 3″ shaker instead. It’s not as common as the 2″ shaker style cabinet.

See the cooktop (above)? Right beside it we will install a pull-out for oils and vinegars.


That leaves nothing on the counters and the decoration will be on the shelves!


I considered painting the island yellow but that idea was nixed. Apparently there’s enough yellow in our house with my sunflower yellow sofa!

Have a great weekend my lovelies!

ps. I’m doing a poll, we are about to nix the wine fridge that is currently designed to go into the island (first elevation above) because we need all new appliances including a washer and dryer and that is already almost $10,000. Should I bite the bullet and keep it in? Or take it out?

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  1. For appliance advice subscribe to consumer reports online (you can do a single month subscription just to help figure out what appliances to buy) and also look at, a huge online appliance store. Between those two places I got a ton of reviews and advice and could narrow things down.

    One thing to consider when getting the vent hood above the cooktop is how much LIGHT it gives off, not just how much air it sucks in to vent. It has been a real lifesaver for me to have a good hood with super bright (adjustable) lights.

  2. Maria – The yellow island is fun – but quite permanent – easier to introduce yellow with painted walls or just some accessories like a great big bright painting with yellow and reds and oranges- yellow towels or a huge yellow fruit bowl. Remember you are doing white because it is timeless and bright – but also a “neutral ” background. Keep it easy to change.

  3. p.s. — I forget to mention about the interesting (good) experience of buying our kitchen faucet (Grohe) and silgranit sink (Blanco) at — I don’t know if they still have this, but at the time we were doing our renovation there was an option to enter the price you thought was fair for a product, then they would get back to you within 3 days with a counter offer. Both times, for us at least, they came back a couple of days after the counter offer saying that after second thought our initial offer was good — we saved a lot of money doing that!

  4. maria you will not miss a counter next to the wall oven. I have one and never use it (except for more clutter). Anything coming out of my oven goes right on the island behind it, just as yours is. Good luck – i am anxious to see the finished kitchen.

  5. Maria, Love your kitchen ideas. I’m taking a 20-20 class right now so your kitchen drawings are interesting and reminiscent of what I’m doing in my class but of course, not the same. As for the wine refrigerator–if you love wine and drink a lot of it, then go for it.

  6. I vote to “nix the wine fridge”. Put it in the basement (if you have one or another area of the house) and enjoy the exercise it will require to retrieve a bottle of wine. You will be glad for the extra space it will free up in the long run. You may think you have tons of space right now but over time your family circumstances may change (ie. welcome additions) or you may even sell your home so it is better to make it a family friendly home and leave the alcohol option for the basement lifestyle.

  7. It all looks like a great plan, with solid comprise-based decision making!

    My 2 cents: skip the wine fridge. There are SO may things you need/want to spend money on in this new house. You’re already in the kitchen…just use the regular fridge and if you have a ton of wine to store, use the basement and transfer a few bottles of white at a time upstairs. Save the wine fridge expenditure for a later date…maybe in a bar area?

  8. Your kitchen plan is coming along beautifully Maria.

    Glad to see that you have some counter top flanking your burner elements and with the Island being in close proximity to your wall oven I personally feel you don’t require anything else. You will not regret your pantries either and on the subject of a Wine Cooler; some times one must make sacrfices for another. Also as you will love your pull out shelf, is there any other place that you can install a similar concept? (I have very little counterspace and have pull-outs installed in the base cabinets above the top drawers which blend in beautifully and are more than functional.)

  9. P.S: Forgot to mention; I strongly suggest that you check and double check the area between your Island and ANY opening doors/drawers to ensure there is ‘sufficient’ space to eliminate awkward function as far too often ‘standard’ can be a tight squeeze even for slim people like you or myself. -Brenda-

  10. Hi Maria. Nancy and I nixed the wine cooler in our new kitchen – mostly because of budget. For the same money we could have a warming drawer and will aim for that. Also, the wine cooler would not do us much good, the wine is usually gone before it gets cool. Ciao Darling.

  11. I have a tiny Parisian kitchen, a closet compared to what most North Americans are used to, and I think the wine fridge was a great addition to our kitchen. I use it to store all kinds of bottled drinks which leaves lots of space in the fridge (therefore it operates most efficiently) and when we have a party it is amazingly useful- I can slide trays of prepared food right onto the shelves instead of trying to find a large flat surface free in the regular fridge.

  12. Hi Maria.

    We recently moved in to a new build and had to supply our own appliances. We chose the handless Samsung counter depth fridge with bottom freezer and love the clean look it gives.

    My husband’s family are cabinet makers and they made us custom 3″ shaker cabinets nearly identical to your photo. I have pullouts on either side of the side the stove and I found they are great for odd size pans, casserole dishes, rolling pins, saran/parchement paper, etc. I decided I would store my oils and spices at eye level in the pantry 2 steps away instead of having to bend down and search through spice jars. If you do put spices in there, maybe you could take out the top of the pull out and label the tops of the spices so that you can find them quickly…

    We went with a Samsung induction range- FABULOUS! I highly recommend it. So easy and fast and carefree. The one thing missing in our kitchen is the wine fridge. I still want to change that, but it’s hard to disguise it when everything else is done and it’s an afterthought. If we were to get one now, it would be relegated to a weird corner or if we went with the logical location, it would end up on top of a heat register.

    Bottom line: if you know you will want it/use it later on, put it in now unless you have an unobtrusive spot where it can be added later.

    Best of luck, can’t wait to see what you decide. Those of us in the peanut gallery will love it, I’m sure.

  13. Check Home Depot for your wine fridge. We got one for a song there when we did our kitchen reno three years ago. (It was a floor model, discounted.) It’s stainless and the brand is Magic Chef. Fits right under the counter and holds 48 bottles. It was the ONLY thing my husband asked for (he sells wine) so I figured it had to be in the budget. We love having it handy in the kitchen. And it gives us more space in the ‘real’ fridge for food!
    good luck! Love the way the kitchen is shaping up.

  14. Hello, I was curious about a water based polyurethane that will not yellow when put over white paint.

  15. My vote, skip the wine fridge. I have a LG French door refrigerator with water and ice maker. It leaked all over our hardwood, needed to have our entire main floor hardwood repaired. We replaced our natural oak with 5″ handscraped solid hardwood in Dec. my fridge just leaked again on my new floors. Luckily no damage, but STAY AWAY from LG if you are putting hardwood in your new kitchen.

  16. I think a wine fridge is a statement piece, much like a huge Wolf range. If you are a chef, it is great, if you really don’t cook much, it seems like you are just following a trend. So, if you drink a lot of wine, and it adds convenience to your life, go for it. If it is just a feature you think you might want, then I say go for more cabinet space and perhaps put the wine fridge in another part of your house. (Future wet-bar in another room?) I did a kitchen in my 30’s and I was all about “features.” Now that I’m in my 40’s I’m all about asking myself how I really use the space in my home.