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Happiness is. . . a Little Magic

By 06/14/2012January 28th, 20179 Comments

Sometimes clients are looking for a little magic when I arrive with my box of colours.

Barbara Barry


But sometimes, magic will not erase a mint green carpet installed all throughout your house, for example.

Barbara Barry


Sometimes colour can absolutely make something old and dated look a hundred times better. Sometimes, it just takes money.


When I was in Toronto last week, Irene and I had dinner with Janice Lindsay at a wonderful restaurant a short walk from her house. Janice said she chose the colours for the restaurant across the street and mentioned that she selected a dark, dramatic colour for their boring, nasty hallway to make it disappear.

I loved that.

The right colour is magic. And sometimes you need money to pull it off and sometimes just a can of paint (in the correct undertone I might add) will do the trick.

Where do you need magic in your house?

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  • Nothing like a can of paint to transform a room into something magical. That’s why it’s my favorite design tool!! In the right undertones, OF COURSE!!

  • Soma says:

    I embraced the lack of light in my condo and painted much lighter than I would have liked, but I can barely describe the amount of magic and romance it has brought into the house! 🙂

  • Nicole says:

    Said so beautifully, Maria… as always! 🙂
    I am always pleased to see an articulate post update from you in my inbox… thank you

  • Cherie says:

    Nicely written, Maria, and so true. Sometimes we plan that magic methodically, and other times we are surprised and delighted by it. Either way, the magic happens! I love the photos in today’s post.

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Maria, the little illustration of the cicles with the comfort zone is so telling!! That is the root of all fear, right? (I noticed the “money” is need for magic idea 😉
    Where have I heard that before???
    Neil says my personal temperature comfort zone is 3 degrees one way or the other. Yours too?
    Breaking out of our comfort zone design-wise is exactly what’s needed to breathe freshness into a home decor. This post is a saver for me. Well written!

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    PS: sorry about the spelling errors! I’m in a hurry to go paint something!!

  • Kim Wills-Luxton says:

    I do like your post that breaking out of the comfort zone is a breathe of freshness to your home decor…I am a color tech..and just finished a home with open concept and so my client said let the adventure begin , it is awesome color husband is the painter and he agreed…

  • rebecca says:

    Love your blog but feel the need to correct credit for some of today’s photos attributed to Barbara Barry (whose work I adore!). The photos are by an amazing photographer, Rodney Smith. He is just so cool and I first saw his work in a Barbara Barry designed restaurant, The Boxwood, in London years ago. I became an instant fan. Just thought I’d let your readers know so they can check him out at

  • I love Janice Lindsay!!! Her book is great, and I would appreciate it if you would interview her again sometime. She’s brilliant. And so are you of course 🙂

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