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Happiness is. . . a Little Magic

By 06/14/2012October 1st, 20219 Comments

Sometimes clients are looking for a little magic when I arrive with my box of colours.


But sometimes, magic will not erase a mint green carpet installed all throughout your house, for example.


Sometimes colour can absolutely make something old and dated look a hundred times better. Sometimes, it just takes money.


When I was in Toronto last week, Irene and I had dinner with Janice Lindsay at a wonderful restaurant a short walk from her house. Janice said she chose the colours for the restaurant across the street and mentioned that she selected a dark, dramatic colour for their boring, nasty hallway to make it disappear.

I loved that.

The right colour is magic. And sometimes you need money to pull it off and sometimes just a can of paint (in the correct undertone I might add) will do the trick.

Where do you need magic in your house?

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