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Colour lesson

Consultation on Dining Chairs; Clean vs. Muddy

By 09/04/2010January 23rd, 201717 Comments

One year ago I consulted on wall colours for this client (below). Then a few weeks ago when he finally got around to painting, he decided not to go with the more earthy shade of gold I had chosen to coordinate with the damask dining chairs, he went instead for fresh and happy, and painted the entire main living, kitchen, and dining room BM HC-4 Hawthorne Yellow! It looks wonderful and feels really fresh and bright!

Photo by Maria Killam

He then found the fabulous piece of art (above) so of course now the chairs looked muddy and dirty next to both the wall colour and the artwork. Yesterday, I arrived with a bunch of fabric books and we found this one from Robert Allen, Many Stripes, Colour: Leaf. The colour doesn’t read exactly right on screen but it works perfectly. It will tie in nicely with the green accents he already has and the blue in the painting along with the yellow on the walls.

Stay tuned for the ‘after’. I also photographed his fabulous turquoise guest room which is coming in another post very soon!

Have a wonderful long weekend my lovelies!

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  • Marlis says:

    Isn't it funny how colors affect the other colors around them! Great post showing that point.

  • Kathysue says:

    I love color it just fascinates me. This was a good post to show what happens with the wrong color combo. Color marries to other colors. Have a wonderful weekend. Did you see my post over at Averills Odi et Ami. I did a guest post on shopping like a design blogger and there are a couple of good sites for pillows if you are still looking. Have a wonderful long weekend.

    here is the link:

  • marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says:

    I can't wait to see the new chair fabric all done. I'm sure it will look wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  • Oh I have Hawthorne Yellow in my family room and I just love it. It's so vibrant but never harsh. Can't wait to see the finished foom!

  • Windlost says:

    You are so right about that muddy thing. I have been thinking of doing a new white-white sofa but I know it will make my sand-coloured rug and cream walls look dingy, so I am going with a natural linen colour instead. I always see muddy now as I like to use bright white and find it can make my off-whites look dingier as it is so crisp and pure and bright, just like this guy's yellow…

    Love the new chair fabric. Terri xo

  • Karena says:

    Such a good eye you have Maria. I have really adored the before and afters you havw shown,

    Art by Karena

  • Ideezine says:


    Another winner as this room comes together of course!
    Love yellow and blue and the strips are very refreshing for the chairs.


  • Janet K @ Manly Gallery says:

    so refreshing to see people love their artwork and THEN work around the colours in the painting rather than visa-versa (eg buying a painting to "match" the chairs)!!

  • Anonymous says:

    yes, agree with Janet K — art changes everything! I need your post on sofa tables, soon! before I make huge mistakes! 😉

  • I love that fabric but of course RA is one of my favorites. Any way you could convince him to paint the wall behind the painting a deeper color. The artwork just doesnt really stand out enough and kind of gets lost and it is too pretty for that to happen. Hard to tell but the chandlier could probably be lowered a smidge as well. Cant wait to see photos of the chairs done.

  • Cindy Sue says:

    nice! curious, is he putting up drapes/curtains or blinds? and is he changing out the lighting above the table? Can't wait to see more!

  • Brillante Home Decor says:

    Great choices, it will be a lovely room. Is that a McGuire table???

  • Maria Killam says:

    Hi Diane,
    I think it looks kind of ethereal because the yellows blend together, and it didn't even occur to me so suggest an accent wall because I'm not a big accent wall person. Also he had a red accent wall in his living room from the last owner that he was glad to get rid of.

    Cindy Sue,
    The verticals are mandatory with the strata unfortunately so he needs to keep them. Panels to cover them could be an option for sure.

    The chandelier is new and I think its perfect!

  • Splendid Sass says:

    That room will be perfect after the chairs are covered.
    Have a great weekend Maria.

  • Erica @ Decorica says:

    That fabric looks perfect for the room. Can't wait to see the final results. Stripes always look great on dining chairs.

  • designsimplyworks says:

    What a great example of "muddy" (re: those chairs against that wall color). Thanks once again for another great picture.

  • Between you, me and the Fencepost says:

    Clean vs muddy something I never would've known about until I read your blog. I organised all my magazines in pretty piles with an accessory or two on top because of your blog. It's as if, by osmosis your blog is bringing out the decorator in me.

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