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Cocktails with Janice Lindsay in Toronto

By 04/25/2013February 20th, 201712 Comments

We’re right in the middle of my Specify Colour with Confidence™ Training and tonight Janice Lindsay hosted us in her fabulous home just blocks away from the University of Toronto where the course is being held.

You know when you see the list of credits in the beginning of a TV show and there’s the special guest stars? Well, Janice is one of those special guests in my Training this week!

When I wrote my Colour Training program for designers, stagers, homeowners and architects on Understanding Undertones™, I included two of her quotes on the first day, here and here.

Janice Lindsay

Janice (above) made us all special champagne cocktails and we all loved being in her beautiful home.


Every corner was thoughtfully decorated with art and colour!

Ginny & Irene

Ginny Truyens & Irene Hill

Janice Lindsay's House

Lesley Hunt

Lesley Huntley, Roost Interior Design

Love this whimsical polka dot fabric on two slipper chairs in her living room.



Cocktails with Janice Lindsay

Allyson Paris

Cocktails with Janice Lindsay

Marilyn & Maria

Marilyn Chattin & Maria Killam

Cocktails with Janice Lindsay

Janice had beautiful vignettes everywhere.

Cocktails with Janice Lindsay

Beverly Leeck, Rescue Me Interiors

Cocktails with Janice Lindsay

I especially loved this art in her entry hall.

Cocktails with Janice Lindsay

Karen Baird & Loretta Kukkonen

Cocktails with Janice Lindsay

And as I said in this post, how you know if you have a fabulous chair is if it looks great just sitting there all alone. Here is a chair just like that.

We are loving our new location for the True Colour Expert Training here in the University district blocks away from shopping on Bloor street and fabulous restaurants all around the area.

Here’s the new distinction we got today:

When choosing a complex neutral for an interior, you should coordinate the undertones in the NEUTRALS to the existing furnished and fixed elements in the space. When choosing COLOUR however, it’s about finding the right clean/dirty balance to achieve a beautiful colour palette.

I’ll be back in Toronto this fall, I’ll announce the dates shortly, and there’s a few spaces left in Vancouver coming up May 29, 30 & 31, 2013, sign up here.

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  • Scarlett says:

    Fun! Nice Stella & Dot earrings btw! I know where you can get more, lol!

  • Barbara says:

    A few years ago I went to a presentation of Janice Lindsay’s and we were all given her big deck of colours in the Harmony paint collection.

    I’ve used several of her colour combinations, letting both my sons pick their bedroom colour scheme from her suggestions. I am pretty sure that her entry hall (in your photos) is the colour I have in my open plan living-dining-kitchen area–Gingerbread. I just love it!

    People were shocked that I would put so much orange in a space, but I have been so happy with the outcome.

  • Cherie says:

    Maria, what do you mean by “complex neutral?” Is it something different from just a neutral? Is it a neutral with undertones? Thanks.

  • Alison Hodd says:

    Cherie: Grays that are mixed from black and white are simple neutrals. Pink beiges, green beiges, tans, browns and similar “neutrals” are complex (meaning they consist of several hues in various proportions). Marie: I love that you’re talking more about successfully combining clean & dirty colours. As you know, I know rooms that mix clean and dirty colours. Awesome!

  • Franki says:

    That entrance hall…WOW!!! franki

  • Paula Van Hoogen says:

    I love that entry hall too!
    What fun—wish I was there w/you again, Maria.

  • Max says:

    Love love the orange! I had an very orange wall in my previous house and as a Stager I was suppose to paint it a neutral color, but thought I’d take the chance and see what the feedback is. Long story short, none of the feedback mentioned that I should repaint the walls and it sold within 30 days in a slow and miserable market. Guess what, I have an spicy orange wall or two in my new house again 🙂

  • Sherry T. says:

    Wow! What a fabulous home. Looks like Gertrude Stein would feel right at home hosting one of her parisienne ‘salons’ for artists and writers. More importantly, it looks comfortable and effortless. (And we all know how hard that is to achieve!) Thanks for sharing, Maria!

  • Sharon says:

    Maris I was struck with a “ah ha” moment when I read your last paragraph “when choosing a complex neutral for an interior….”. Could you do another post dedicated to this with examples. This is a great distinction! Thanks.

  • I have Janice’s book ‘all about color’ next to me at home all the time – I can pick it up and get inspiration immediately.

  • Elise says:

    That is such a profound quote I have been pondering it all day. That is part of the problem with my house. I have lots of oak, which leads you away to dirtier colors. But I have a gray (purple undertone) carpet which is more fresh colors. I’m having trouble. It has presented endless dilemmas. And then each room is different and leans towards clean or dirty, but I have a free flowing house so trying to make it all work has just been tough.

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