Art from High Point

On the last full day I spent at High Point on Monday, I went to a few one-of-a-kind including antique stores with Lauren from Pure Style Home and her husband Dave. When we arrived at one little hole-in-the-wall antique store, Dave actually escorted us to the door from the parking lot (so sweet) because of the shady neighborhood we were in.

I bought this sweet little banged up piece (which got even more banged up on the way home—I dropped it twice) of a boy and his rabbit. For now it’s propped up in my guest room.

I love this whimsical little end table but I thought it should be a colour so I painted it to go with the Maxwell Fabric I found for the drapery in this room (below) Pattern: Hibiscus Colour: #240 Avocado (more photos coming soon). I have always loved the overscale painted flower print. The room is BM Pale Sea Mist 2147-40.

Above photos by Maria Killam This post is also a link party to continue from last weeks, Cheap yet Happy Wall Art Post! My favourite link was from Erika at Bluelabel Bungalow. She painted stripes in her boys room. Hmmm. . . I just realized there’s a trend here as last week I posted about a striped room as well.

Click here to see the rest of the this nautical inspired room! And please post a link below if you have an inspired (and inexpensive) art project on your blog and next week I might post your idea! If you are an artist, please include a post from your blog which lists the price (this is about affordable after all) and link back to this post so everyone’s inspired ideas get read!

If you would like your home to fill you with happiness every time you walk in, contact me for on-line or in-person decorating and colour.

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  1. Great finds! It is always fun to travel and bring something home from your trip. I have linked up an easy (and cheap) art project from my dsughter's bedroom makeover. Hope you will take a peak.

  2. Annie Wilcox Designs

    Some of my favorite pieces are from trips or places we've lived in the past. I love those treasures.

  3. Maria: I've just posted your beautiful face, or should I say re-re-re posted. Send me any pics from our fun dinner.

  4. I love love love the fabric. It has my favorite colors in it. Please let me know how I can get a swatch of it and how I can order some yardage if I like it once I see the swatch. Is it only available to designers?

  5. Erika at BluLabel Bungalow

    What a great color palette! So tranquil and very soothing. Can't wait to see more of those drapes and that lovely fabric.

    Thanks for featuring my son's room! It was a wonderful surprise.

  6. traci zeller designs

    So fun that you picked up some art! The guest room looks great. I have Pale Sea Mist in my boys' bathroom. Can't wait to see the drapery all done up! The end table is fab …

  7. The bed-side table looks fantastic in soft blue – so much better!! In fact, I think I'm coming to stay in your guest room because it looks very inviting!!

    I've added an art project to your link party. Pretty inexpensive = if you're interested in costs, get in touch.


  8. Hi Maria-
    So fun to follow your travels! One question on the table; the finish is so nice that it looks like you had it sprayed professionally. Did you or did you do it yourself? If so, how? Many thanks for all your great information.

  9. are you sure BM Pale Sea Mist is 2147-40 and not 2147-50? -40 is Dill Pickle.

    Good Post, good work, love the blog and expertise.

  10. I love the painting, and the fact that it's banged up makes it even better! Is the art a play on the "blue boy" well known art?

  11. Oh, that little nightstand is adorable! I *love* it. Good find, and the new color looks lovely.
    I may just have to get brave and paint a piece of furniture a fun color… I've got a cute little $6 nightstand I recently rescued…

  12. Would you share the color of the end table? Thank you
    Also–could you do a post sometime on choosing paint colors with floor colors in mind–I have red oak floors but love blue/grey/green rooms.

  13. Hi Maria, I LOVE what you did… the colors, the nightstand, the bedding – so fresh and pretty – you are so talented.
    I linked up my daughter's bedroom mini makeover but also check out my 'Art Studio' post for Friday 10/22. I featured my sister's artwork and I would love for you to see it.

  14. Developing Designs

    Love the guest room, the end table turned out great! Sorry to hear you dropped the art (twice!, yikes)….good thing for chips/dings/nicks on pieces, for it all just adds more character. 🙂

  15. Love the old picture…..that truly makes the vignette. How the heck did you get the chest home????? I linked up a small art project. Have a great weekend.

  16. For the two of you that asked, sorry I forgot to post it sooner. I already had the end table, (I just included the 'before' photo because I had painted it) I certainly couldn't have taken that on the plane 🙂

  17. Maria, It's been a momentous week for us with the sale of Dad's house just off the horizon and hanging by a thread…of paint… of all things! Thanks for the kind comment. Paint stripper is not something I'm familiar with. I've been a 'chicken' when it comes to paint as you well know. I feel, in the back of my mind, that all of this first hand experience with paint is leading up to something great..but I'm not sure what that is. Ha!

    Thanks for sharing the idea about the stripes on the wall. Great concept! I think it's such a perfect way to decorate. My boys' rooms are 'blank slates' so to speak. And I think they would go for that.

    I love it..frugal..and fabulous at the same time!

    You are so smart! (I'm in the midst of a house selling crisis so I haven't been by of late.) I miss reading your posts more than I can say!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  18. PS. I've been so timid about the idea of painting an antique like your beautiful side table, even though you told me that my antique china cabinet should be painted (cream). Why do we worship something..just because it's old?

    You are so brave to just 'paint it'! I'm in total awe of your decisiveness on this issue. I was told..don't paint that hutch!–and emphatically so. Which left me with a very ugly bright white. Who am I living with the white for? Posterity? Thanks for the courage to paint what needs to be painted. Gee…that would make such a great post!

    Donna @ Comin' Home