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Are You a Tree Hugger?

By 03/24/2012January 28th, 201714 Comments


We are having a rare, sunny weekend, it’s so beautiful and almost feels like Spring. My sister Elizabeth and her husband have a goat on their property in Yarrow. His name is George.


Markus came inside for something to eat after they had been playing and when he was ready to go out again I said “Wait, put your coat on” and he said “It’s not a goat, it’s a jacket!”. So adorable!

Photos by Maria Killam

My mom and sister planted a plum tree today and when they were done my mom told the boys to hug and kiss the tree. So here’s Markus, following instructions.

Has spring arrived where you are yet?

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  • Oh, I love and miss BC so much! 🙂
    Spring has sprung here also. It was a beautiful day and, talking about goats, we’re going to the zoo w/ our kids tomorrow. Can’t wait!


    Luciane at

  • I heard you were finally getting some great weather – looks like we got your bad weather after 2 weeks of glorious May-like temperatures. Everything is growing like crazy – my magnolia is in bloom (the earliest date before this was April 10th).

    Your nephew is SO CUTE!! It’s not a goat – love it!!

  • Linda Beam says:

    Love the Goat Story. My 4 year old neice asked me several years ago if I would sing the “Ottawa” song with her. I told her I didn’t know it; could she sing a bit for me? She took a deep breath and belted out:
    “Ottawa live without you…” (Leanne Rimes)

    Out of the mouth of babes….

  • So cute. My parents have two goats in So. Ore. Their grandkids love the goats. We’re getting nice weather in Seattle this weekend so I think I can say that Spring is in the air (you never know in Seattle). Have a great weekend.

  • Mary says:

    I’m an Atlanta follower of yours who was in Vancouver today – great weather and I visited Urban Barn for the first time and saw your chair…fun!

  • Brenda Adams says:

    What a cute story.I am having two ornamental plum trees planted soon,the tree your mom and sister planted sure has a nice shape to it.
    Spring has arrived here in Ohio,but a freeze is expected tonight.
    Have a wonderful day Maria,

  • It sure has, spring in NC is absolutely beautiful ! Your nephew is super cute.

  • Claire says:

    Cute goat (we have four dairy goats, and they are always sources of amusement). Even cuter Markus… He looks like a little garden gnome! Precious.

  • Lesli says:

    OMG that is so adorable! what a cutie pants! Those cheeks…and the goat is cute too!
    Show him this painting I did of a JACKET…I mean GOAT!

  • Denise says:

    Not only do I hug my trees, I name them all – Emily (Maple), Don (Cherry) and Stephanie (Plum)!

  • Elara says:

    Markus is so cute..!

  • We were having some beautiful weather but rumour has it, British Columbia stole it from us. 🙂

    Your nephew is so adorable. Had my Grandson looking for Fairies under mushrooms the other day. Kept him entertained for hours. He even attempted to convince me he had seen a few. Do you think he did??? (Maybe the last laugh is really on me.) -Brenda-

  • Angela N says:

    I live in FL so it’s always spring/summer. 😉 I do miss the change of seasons every so often, but it sure is nice to not have to bundle up in the winter.

  • Ilona says:

    I’m a Landscape Architect and became one because I’m a major tree hugger and wanted to make a living being one too 🙂

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