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Colour Consultation

A Design & Colour Consultation in Gibsons

By 06/26/2011January 27th, 201710 Comments

It was a rare, sunny and gorgeous day here in Vancouver last Wednesday at 7:20 am, when I hopped on the ferry to Gibsons to see my clients Sandra & Michael. I decorated their home 4 years ago in Richmond. They have fallen in love with this little town on the Sunshine Coast and found the most adorable cottage which is under a complete renovation.

Photo from the garden in the backyard
Here it is (below) they had to bump out the entry because the stairs inside were way too steep! For the exterior Sandra was looking at some muted gray green tones (BM CC-574),
However I suggested that we work with the existing fresher greens inside the house to create flow from the outside in. Also the style of the home dictated a more fun and happy colour scheme.

I suggested Misted Fern CC-668 with white trim and she loved the idea. Sandra is so much fun! Later when she found the colour chip with the muddier colour she threw it on the floor and stomped on it.  I adore my clients.

This is the view from their balcony – so rough!
Interior Design by Maria Killam 
This is the bedroom in their last house. Sandra said when they listed their house, there was a line-up around the block to view it and it was sold immediately. It’s certainly a great argument for creating a home with a look and feel or definitely staging it before you move. The new owners loved all the custom  drapery and negotiated it in with the price.

I still had the fabrics from that job so I brought them with me that day.  First we selected 2146-40 Pale Avocado (above) to go with the bedding and headboard but then when we went through some drapery books to find some new fabric for the windows found this one from Robert Allen (YoungLove – Tarragon), so we tweaked the colour to Fernwood Green 2145-40 (below):

The pillow sham fabric had two tones of green in it. Right above it looked great with Pale Avocado but it also worked really well with Fernwood Green when we found this new pattern with the cooler greens. Love my big samples, very hard to see colour without them that’s for sure!

This is their wild and wonderful garden downstairs which overlooks their office and master bedroom. It needs some trimming of course, but it’s fabulous even now!
This is the wall colour Sandra wanted for the master bathroom! (pinterest)

The plan was to install 8 x 8 white tiles on the floor with this little black 2 x 2 insert. Michael liked the black/gray and white mosaic accent tiles and we had a discussion about stone countertops and whether they were necessary. Since they were running over budget already (who doesn’t on any reno) I suggested a laminate countertop instead so they would have extra money to create a look and a feel with their furniture and main living space. If I had to choose, I would always go for a wonderful and decorated living room over stone countertops.

The final decision to install stone or laminate should be based on your neighborhood.  If you live in a high end area where home buyers expect to see stone countertops then that’s a good argument for having them.

Here is the laminate countertop I suggested. Then I turned the board around to this lighter carrara, glass and white mosaic accent which Sandra loved already and Michael (happy that we nixed the stone) agreed. And I’m always quick to minimize an accent tile which stands out too much (but you already know that :). The wall colour is Wickham Gray.

For the guest bathroom, we selected alternating white and yellow 8 x 8 tile with a yellow laminate countertop (similar yellow as this bathroom above).

This is the hardwood floor Sandra had selected and I declared it perfection! We went with HC-35 Powell Buff with the furniture from her last house (below). Lighter, fresher feeling and more current. Sandra was especially pleased to see how great her furniture looked with the hardwood floor she had chosen as their furniture is currently in storage!
Interior Design by Maria Killam 
In their last house the living room walls were HC-28 Shelbourne Buff.
Here was our workstation, on the floor in the middle of the renovation! The kitchen cabinets are white and Sandra had a butcher block countertop on her island in her last house so she was doing the same thing on all the countertops in this one.
And here is our finished palette. The red for the powder room and the front door (same as the sofa and loveseat). The fun, rich and happy blue, for Michael’s office!
Maria & Sandra
Gibson photos by Maria Killam
If you are renovating, a good designer will advise you where you can save money and where to spend it to get the most bang for your buck and create a look and feel that will make you happy every time you walk in the door!
I think a house with a garden like this and a view is perfection, but if you had to choose where would you live? A house with a fabulous garden or a view?

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  • Karena says:

    Great job Maria!! A view for me always!! A terrace even small,can be made really beautiful!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my fashionable Giveaway!!

  • Karena says:

    Great job Maria!! A view for me always!! A terrace even small,can be made really beautiful!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my fashionable Giveaway!!

  • Lazy Gardens says:

    A view. It doesn't need to be weeded and watered and mowed.

  • Jil Sonia McDonald - Interior Designer says:

    Love the mix of colours Maria, and how you repeated the red from the couch on the front door and powder room.
    Great idea to go with the laminate, most designers wouldn't have mentioned that option.
    That colour/finish selection was a LOT of work, but I just know it'll look fabulous, hopefully you'll be able to post the new pictures of the completed work 🙂

  • Luciane at says:

    Well, that's why we moved all the way form vancouver to the Maritimes… We moved here because we could actually by a house that would be millions of dollar in Vancouver, but for so much cheaper here. We got the view (waterfront) and the gardens, and the house. But I still miss Vancouver so much! call me crazy!!! LOL

    Anyways, I love your pictures and your picks. Great choices here.

    Have a blessed week, Maria!


    Luciane at

  • traci zeller designs says:

    What a beautiful property!! Great advice, Maria, and I can't wait to see it when it is completed!!

  • Kristie at The says:

    Nicely done, as always! I love Wickham Gray, especially in bathrooms 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    This looks like such a fun project in a lovely home. Since I've had both a garden with a view it is hard to choose, but I will choose garden because I love to work with nature. Have fun with this!

  • chezjolly says:


    You have such a creative eye!
    Beautiful blog and great posts. We are thankful to have stumbled across your blog.
    Check us out too please 🙂

    Jessica & Holly

  • Sheila Zeller says:

    Gibsons is so quaint, and this reno is going to fit right in, but in a stand-out way! If I had to choose, I would pick a view every time 🙂 Love your choices Maria, and I think my favorite is the red door. What a great way to create flow…

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