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A Colourful Giveaway by Panyl

By 07/05/2012January 23rd, 201774 Comments

When I received this email from Panyl, I immediately emailed them back to say I’d love to do a giveaway. Here’s how it works!

PANYL is the revolutionary design material that puts all the creative possibilities of custom furniture finishes directly in your hands. Literally.

See this normally white FRAMSTA Entertainment unit from IKEA? Well here’s what it could be:


Thanks to PANYL, vinyl enthusiasm is no longer just for audiophiles. Due to great strides in vinyl manufacturing, PANYL’s inexpensive, self-adhesive, pre-cut pieces are as aesthetically stunning as they are easy to order and apply. Matched to the exact dimensions of IKEA products, PANYL lets you upgrade inexpensive “flat-pack” furniture into customized, designer bling.

How easy is it? If you’ve ever assembled a piece of IKEA furniture, you’re vastly overqualified. If you can fold a paper airplane or wrap a present, you can install PANYL.


Along with simple installation instructions that take advantage of PANYL’s natural resistance to air bubbles and creasing, sample “practice panyls” come with every order.


So two lucky readers will each win a gift certificate for $100, so you can add some colour to your space ASAP!

Which colour is your favourite? Post a comment below and I will announce the winner this Saturday, July 7, 2012!

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