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10 Happy Goals for 2009

By 01/01/2009January 23rd, 20178 Comments

Okay I’m putting them out there for the world to see but I think some goals can be public [why not?] we all have them and I figure this will make them happen quicker cause I’m committed to DOING SOMETHING about it so the universe can BUMP ME in some direction : ) [see previous post on this] Okay, first things first, I really need a new car, my little reliable BMW 318ti is 14 years old and although I love that car, it’s time to trade it in for a new one. An all wheel drive this time since I live above snow level and cannot go anywhere when it snows with my current vehicle. This would be my perfect car!

1. BMW x3 in Platinum Bronze Metallic

2. Vacation in Italy – It’s on my list AGAIN this year

This is Portofino, I just loved this photo with the house, perched on a cliff!

3. A New Dining Table and Chairs

Love the classic Saarinen table and Eames chairs but I could also do an antique dining room table as I have 4 Queen Anne style dining chairs – 2 of which are William Switzer. I can’t decide, this is why it’s easier to leave it the way it is, decorating my own place is way too hard. . . what if I see something better in my travels a month later!

5. A Louise Vuitton Bag – Tivoli GM

Ever since I saw one of my stylish [past] students [Hanan from Aura Interiors] sporting this bag, I have wanted one. And Universe, while you’re at it, might as well throw in a matching wallet, I’ll need one of those as well.

6. An Orange Daytimer from Hermes.

I don’t know if it is compatible with Filofax which is the current system I use but I just love it! (I still like having my daytimer in paper, I know I’m behind the times cause I don’t have a crackberry yet!)

7. A Flat Stomach

I already work out 1 – 2 mornings a week on my own and a personal trainer [Ruth will be asking me what my fitness goals for ‘09 are so here it is in advance] on Friday mornings, but I’ve never had a tummy that looked like this! I’m 41 now, if it’s going to happen it has to happen now or I might as well give it up, so this is the year folks!

8. Have my work published in a shelter magazine.

If nothing else is available, I’ll take the front page 🙂

9. I want to get paid to fly somewhere [I’m flexible] and speak [about colour] at a conference.

As Steve Nobel from Inspired.Talk says “An expert is someone who lives more than 500 miles away”. That’ll be me!

10. Form a ‘Mastermind Group’ with Designers and like-minded Professionals to inspire each other and share ideas.

Resources and tools to support me in achieving these goals:

1. There’s a great site called 43 Things and the premise of it is; People have known for years that making a list of goals is the best way to achieve them. But most of us never get around to making a list. 43 Things is great for that! Make a list on 43 Things and see what changes happen in your life.

The 10 goals listed above are part of MY 43 things.

2. I’m hiring my very own Business Coach. When you are your own boss/business owner, it’s easy to weasel out of commitments you’ve made to yourself. Therefore, I’m going to pay a coach to hold me to account.

3. Closing out [the old year] 2008 and Inventing [the new year] 2009. Terreeia Rauffman, a Certified Executive Coach and business consultant with the Wray Group says New Years Resolutions don’t usually last much past February so the structure to put in place is to first; close out the past year, and THEN invent the new year. Terreeia recommends naming the year like the Chinese Astrologers do; for example, Year of Partnership, and then create goals consistent with the name of the year. This keeps it alive all year long.

The ancient Babylonians began the idea of New Year’s resolutions as a way to start the year off with a clean slate by returning borrowed items. What might we transform resolutions into if we got those things complete this year?

If you are interested in Inventing 2009 for yourself, click to Terreeia’s blog, Wise Space and send her an email with ‘Inventing 2009’ in the subject line and she’ll send it to you for free—just because you know me 🙂

I look forward to your comments and making more friends in the blogging world in 2009!

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  • Patricia Gray says:

    Hi Maria
    Thanks for sharing your goals with us. Very brave of you, but it means that you are committed no matter what. I have just finished clearing out 2008 and I am starting on inventing 2009. How exciting a new year filled with infinite possibilities!!!
    Good post.
    All the best to you for 2009 and may all your goals be realized.

  • Hanan Arabatlian says:

    I hope all your wishes and dreams come true! You are a wonderful person and deserve it all. Cheers to a new year!!

  • michelle says:

    It was so great to get together with you again Maria…Our talk about being commited vs. just wanting something was on my mind all night.

    It’s nice to have met someone as positive as you 🙂 I’m going to Terreeia’s blog now.

  • Anita says:

    43 things . . . I’m off the make a list. You’ve inspired me ! I’m going to check out Terreias’ blog too.


    Dreams without a date never come true. Mexican saying.

    Just put a date and all your goals will come true 🙂

    PS I also love comments in my blog – gosh! we have an amazing traffic and hardly ever people leaves comments. I have to say that I always appreciate your comments Maria.

    Your favourite groupie, Iván

  • Lyndsy says:

    I am loving all your goals for 2009! In fact you gave me some ideas for myself! Cheers!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Love your goals! I also love all the beautiful pictures you have on your blog.

  • Annie@A View On Design says:

    gee business is good girl!!

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