Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass

Exterior Colour Online Training

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15 Module Online Training Masterclass

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In this online course, I will walk you through the process that a colour designer who understands undertones goes through to arrive at the right colour.  You’ll learn where the trends are now and how to create the most timeless and classic colour scheme for your home or your clients home. You also get LIFETIME ACCESS with your purchase today.


Maria Killam’s Online Masterclass on Exterior Colour Selection

This is your opportunity to learn the stress-free way to choose exterior colour, without the fear of making expensive mistakes. 

The new trend for exterior colours is black and white. I’ve never seen a trend sweep the nation like this one.

But it was too early for beige to come back (for wall colour anyway) and grey is on it’s way out for most people who are in the know about colour.

White seems newer and fresher than any other colour.

Go-to List of Exterior Colours
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However, there are many homes that have stone from previous colour trend cycles. Stone that if you pair it with the wrong white or even try to incorporate black, might make it all worse than it seems right now (if you are craving an update).

What is the most classic and timeless colour? Which colour will make your house look the best? That’s what every module will teach you.

This online training will instantly take the world of thousands of paint colours and reduce them down to a manageable number to select from. And when I show you a house with a colour you need to know, I will list it in Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams so you can follow along with your fan deck.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • Module 1: Getting Started
  • Module 2: How we’re influenced by Trends
  • Module 3: All About the Black + White Exterior Trend
  • Module 4: The Colour of Timeless Stone (Why it’s Important for you to know)
  • Module 5: Windows: Your First Step in a New Build
  • Module 6: Classic Brick + Stone: When to Combine it or What colour to Paint it
  • Module 7: The Best Exterior Paint Colours by Undertone
  • Module 8: Trim and Garage Doors: Create the Right Contrast & Balance
  • Module 9: The Most Versatile Roof Colours
  • Module 10: Best Front Door Colours
  • Module 11: Shutters: When they work, when they don’t, and the best colours
  • Module 12: Curb Appeal begins with Landscaping + How to Test Exterior Paint Colours
  • NEW! Module 13: Porch, Deck, Fencing, and Paving
  • NEW! Module 14: What would Maria do with THIS house? Real houses, real colour solutions.
  • NEW! Module 15: What would Maria do with THIS patio + fence? Real houses, real colour solutions.
  • Plus, you’ll have access to all new modules added in 2020!


It’s 100% RISK FREE for you!

If after 30 days you don’t feel like you’ve received your moneys worth, and you are not completely satisfied, email us at [email protected] describing why you are disappointed and we’ll refund you 100%, no questions asked.

You’ll have lifetime access to this course, along with free updates inside the current trend cycle (trends last 7-10 years, depending on where you live).