Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass

$397.00 CAD

18 on-demand video lessons
+ BONUS go-to list of exterior paint colours
+ downloadable course workbook
+ exterior colour project checklist (NEW!)

Learn how to avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes, manage overwhelming decisions, and ultimately create a timeless exterior – all at your own pace! [class length: 5 hours, 20 minutes]

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Exterior Colour Selection Masterclass

On-demand learning for creating a beautiful and timeless home exterior for homeowners and design professionals.

Total MasterClass length: 5 hours, 20 minutes

In this 18-module online course, I will walk you through the process that a colour designer who understands undertones goes through to arrive at the right colour.  You’ll learn where the trends are now and how to create the most timeless and classic colour scheme for your home or your client’s home. You also get LIFETIME ACCESS with your purchase today.

With this Masterclass, I’m handing over the step-by-step system I use to choose exterior colour for clients all over the world.

  • Module 1: Getting Started [18:21]
  • Module 2: How We’re Influenced By Trends [7:21]
  • Module 3: All About the Black & White Exterior Trend [8:36]
  • Module 3A: Anything But Stark White [37:06]
  • Module 4: The Colour of Timeless Stone [7:58]
  • Module 5: Windows – Your First Step in a New Build [8:10]
  • Module 6: Classic Brick + Stone – When to combine it or paint it [17:37]
  • Module 7: The Best Exterior Paint Colours by Undertone [15:53]
  • Module 8: Trim and Garage Doors – Create the Right Contrast & Balance [10:17]
  • Module 9: The Most Versatile Roof Colours [9:01]
  • Module 10: Best Front Door Colours [6:27]
  • Module 11: Shutters – When they work, when they don’t and the best colours [5:24]
  • Module 12: Curb Appeal begins with Landscaping + How To Test Exterior Paint Colours [11:00]
  • Module 13: Porch, Deck, Fencing, and Paving [23:59]
  • Module 14: What Would Maria Do With THIS House (Before & After)  [24:12]
  • Module 15: What Would Maria Do with THIS Patio + Fence (Before & After)  [28:55]
  • Module 16: Stone Placement [23:38]
  • Module 17: Beyond Neutrals; Timeless Colour for Exteriors [36:53]
  • NEW! Module 18: How to Properly Test Exterior Colour [19:05]

After taking this online masterclass, you will…

  • Know what you want ahead of time so you can avoid being pressured into a bad decision.
  • Have confidence and great advice on what to do when you hit a decision roadblock.
  • Feel in control of what you’re doing so you can move forward without needing to hire a professional designer.
  • Learn a process for selecting things in the correct order and how to create a plan to keep you on track.

It’s 100% RISK-FREE for you! 

This online masterclass is backed by my 14-day happiness guarantee. Take a full 14 days to explore UP TO THREE (3) video lessons inside this course to get a feel for the lessons… And THEN make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t on whether or not you want to continue.

If after three (3) video lessons you are not completely satisfied with the online training, email us at [email protected] describing why it didn’t meet your expectations and we’ll refund you 100%, no questions asked.

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