“I built a new house . Your site saved me a LOT of turmoil. Everything looks fabulous. Right down to my white kitchen. I can’t tell you how much grief, the contractor, spouse, trim installer, tile installer, cabinet maker, gave me about that white kitchen! When it was all done, they are in awe. The architect wants to put it in an article they are doing on kitchens. I couldn’t have stuck to my guns without your words of wisdom. My cabinets are white with a med gray accent, my walls are BM intellectual gray, countertops are titanium granite (beautiful). I had the trim color matched to my cabinets. My backsplash is an off-white with a gray undertone. behind the stove is pure white and off white harlequin with a braid border. I wish you could see it. I owe you all the credit.”

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“I’ve just stumbled upon your site and love it. Having graduated from art school (Art Center in CA) without a clue about color (Oh yes, i took the theory classes and everything), I have found a light bulb glowing forth from your posts. A light bulb and a slap in the head. Oh, so that’s what that means, I’ve found myself saying time and again. So, please keep posting.”

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I love your blog, I think is one of the best there I look forward to it every day and it never fails to inform and inspire.”


“I just wanted to express how much I not only enjoy your blog, but how much wisdom and inspiration that I have actually gained from reading it. At 43, I feel like I am exploring my creative side for the first time in decades. Not only have you given me great tips about blogging in general but your insights on color and decorating are fabulous as well, to say the least. Finally, because of you, I have enrolled in some online classes at FIT starting in the spring. I guess that is really the point of this email. To let you know how much you have inspired me. Thanks again.”


“Can’t close without telling you how much I enjoy reading your blog and seeing examples of your design work. You are so talented and I’ve learned so much. Most people who write about color never get past the color wheel, shades and tints, etc. and that only get’s you so far when you choosing paint colors for a room.”


“In about 1 hour I will meet with a client who is interested in decorating her living room, dining room, and kitchen. Like every appointment I am a bit nervous but today you helped to renew confidence in my abilities. I’ve been reading your articles (because you are truly an expert) this morning as if they were a textbook. Everything I read confirmed what I already knew and it helped me find a way to explain to my client why they should heed my advice. Once again, I just want you to know that your blog is like a gift that keeps on giving and my virtual classroom when I’m having trouble finding my way. I appreciate all the work you put into making your blog such a valuable resource.”


“I happened upon your blog (some turn-off on the information highway) many months ago and have been consistently impressed. I’ve forwarded your site on to many friends world-wide. Your personality shines though and each blog is so educational and entertaining!!”


“I wanted to tell you your blog changed me life (kind of). It’s given me confidence to decorate. So thank you, thank you, thank you!”