What I Love about Lauren Liess Textiles

Lauren from Pure Style Home has been selling her new fabrics on her website for over a month now and I keep meaning to write about how beautiful they all are, so here it is finally!

I have known Lauren since I began this blog three years ago! She is so talented, a very sweet person and a wonderful designer of interiors, fabrics and furniture!

Her two angels (with another on the way) are all over her blog and were in this totally inspiring photo shoot too! (below)

Click here to check out all her stunning fabrics!

Here’s how to measure for drapery that comes to the floor so you know how much to order. This instruction is for side panels only (to keep it simple).

1. Measure from the floor to approximately 4-6 inches higher than the window molding. If you don’t have too much space between your molding and the ceiling it also looks nice to start your decorative rod from right below your crown molding. If you are doing it that way, install your rod first and then take the measurement from the bottom of the ring to the floor.

Images via Pure Style Home

2. So, if your measurement is 86″ add 14″ for hems and headers = 100. Then divide by 36″ to get how many yards for each length. In this case it’s 2.78 so that means you need 2 3/4 yards. As most of Lauren’s fabrics will have a pattern repeat you’ll need to take that into consideration as well, here are instructions on how to calculate.

3. If you already have blinds covering your window, buy two panels for each side.  Take 2.75 x 4 (two panels for each side) and that equals 11 yards in total. For way more details then I’ve provided here for measuring check out this article. And for details on how long your rod should be, read this post I wrote awhile ago.

I’m off to tweak my house for the Christmas photo shoot! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Great instructions! I am completely inspired by Lauren. Her fabrics are stunning and so reflect her style. Nice of you to highlight her. I’m waiting for your Christmas photos!! Have fun today 🙂

  2. Such beautiful fabrics!!

    FYI, if you are having your drapery custom made, please check with your workroom before ordering fabric. Their sewing method will dictate how much fabric they add in the hems. The ‘standard’ in the U.S. is to have double 4″ hems on top and bottom, so you would add 16″ to the finished length. Some workrooms use a ‘low bulk’ method in the top hem, so you could get a way with a little less fabric.

  3. Loved this article Maria. The LL thistle design in three shades is stunning! It caught my eye right away having acquired some thistle whimsies over the years. Good to know someone else appreciates the thistle aesthetic and she has captured it perfectly…I only wish I had seen this fabric before my son’s Celtic wedding a couple of years ago.