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Traci Zeller Home Giveaway

By 07/27/2013August 1st, 2018119 Comments

Traci Zeller's new Fabric Line for Kids

I’m excited to share my good friend Interior Designer Traci Zeller’s new fabric line with you! She was my first True Colour Expert back in May 2010 when I launched my Colour Training.

Traci Zeller's new Fabric Line for Kids


Traci is a mom of twin boys and she’s done a fabulous job of establishing her niche as an expert in creating beautiful interiors that are twin tested!

Traci Zeller launches fabrics!

Here’s her sparkler fabric displayed behind these two little angels!

Twin Tested Traci Approved!

And she’s selling a beautiful candle that burns for more than 70 hours in her shop too! Check out here fabrics here, and post a comment below telling us which one is your favourite and I’ll post the winner of one of her lovely scented candles on Monday!

Traci Zeller Textiles Giveaway

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer weekend everyone!

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  • Avatar Paula Van Hoogen says:

    My favorite is “Sparkly”, in Carnival!
    Maria, did she start her business right after taking your course?
    I would have loved to take your summer school, but am crazy trying to keep up with this VRBO, choir, my own house,etc. and……
    learning how to “Post”….(haha.)
    Definately next time! xo, Paula.

  • Avatar Elynn says:

    WOW – ‘Bubbly’ in retro – no child needed to enjoy these colors – but girl or boy – these colors and the energy of the design will grow them!

  • Avatar Sharon says:

    Absolutely love her work! I also love the “sparkly” in Carnival”. Bright and colorful it gives so many possibilities!

  • Avatar Justine says:

    I love sparkler/prep in retro. Would it be ok to use for upholstery? Thinking dining room chairs…Thanks!

  • Avatar Jann Newton says:

    Oh, it’s so hard to pick just one favorite fabric! If I had to I would pick Prep in Pop, but I love all of the fabrics in the Pop colors.

  • Avatar Ivy Lane says:

    My fave is Bubbly in Retro! All of the fabrics and colorways are so fun! The Sparkly in Carnival is very fun too!

    Happy Weekend!

  • Avatar Noel says:

    I love Bubbly in Carnival. Beautiful fabrics!

  • Avatar Elaine Harkiss says:

    Love them all but Bubbly in retro would be my fave!!

  • Maria– I adore Bubbly in Retro -so chic!

    I have been SO excited watch Traci take her design work and business to new levels this year. It is breathtaking to watch her talent unfold, and the textiles are just one part!

    And Traci is a delightful person, to boot. In her corner are two sweet, adorable and creative boys, can’t wait to see what she has up her colorful (colourful!) sleeve next!

    Congrats Traci!


  • Avatar HEATHER MCRAE says:

    Colour Me Happy follower
    No involwement in decorative world
    But I agree with the majority
    Bubbly in Retro would be my pick and surely would make me happy if it were in my home

  • Avatar Nancy Harwood says:

    Bubbly in Pop! Fun, cheery and versatile. What more could you want.

  • Avatar Carol Anne says:

    Bubbly in Retro is amazing…Congrats Traci…

  • Avatar Gretchen says:

    Love Bubbly in Pop. So fun!

  • Avatar kate says:

    I love the whole Pop colorway, but the Bubbly Pop is my favorite!

  • Avatar Angela N says:

    Ever since she posted about her fabrics I have been in love with the Bubbly in Carnival. I especially love that her kids were involved in her process.

  • Avatar Linda Hendry says:

    My favourite is bubbly in retro. Love it!

  • Avatar Nicole says:

    I love Sparkler in Retro.

  • Avatar Bhavana says:

    I liked all the Carnivals, but if I had to choose for my house, I’d buy Bubbly in Carnival. It just looks happy and lived in.

  • Avatar Linda Holt says:

    Bubbly in carnival is my favorite although I love them ll!

  • Avatar Rae says:

    I like sparkler in sweet pea. I like all the sweet pea ones.

  • Avatar Joanne G says:

    I love them all but would choose Bubbly in Pop for my house.

  • Avatar Joyce Ward says:

    Luv Bubbly in Retro for my studioffice, how fun- thank you very much!

  • Avatar L says:

    I like the bubbly in sweet pea

  • Avatar Heddy bing says:

    Prep in sweet pea. In love with the purple pallets these days

  • Avatar Nina Jacobs says:

    Love prep in retro, colors are perfect for one of my rooms. And I Love the candle too!!!!

  • Prep in Retro is my favorite. Congrats on your fabric line.

  • Avatar Maryann Hartzell says:

    Prep in Retro is my favorite. Congrats on your new fabric line. It is beautiful.

  • Avatar Gilda says:

    bubbly in carnival//it immediately reminded me of something from my youth, maybe a wrapping paper, but it really struck a chord….

  • Avatar Diane says:

    Bubbly in Retro is my favorite. It has the colors I use most often.

  • Avatar Jennifer Smith says:

    Love the Prep in Pop. The name is so clever!

  • Avatar chris says:

    I like all of the prints in Retro…something so soothing about the blend of colors in that one…but if i had to pick, the bubbly is my favorite.

  • Avatar Katerina says:

    Bubbly in Retro would be fabulous in my boys’ room. Way to go Traci!

  • Avatar Paula Diekhoff says:

    I love stripes, so Prep in Carnival and Prep in Sweet Pea really spoke to me.

  • Avatar Louise Dubois says:

    They are all wonderful fabrics but I can’t get over Bubbly in Sweetpea. I just moved into a new place and may just have to get myself some of this.


  • Avatar Cherie says:

    Sparkler in Sweet Pea for me! It reminds me of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. All the fabrics are so pretty.

  • Avatar Laurie says:

    I love the ‘twin tested-traci approved’ logo and concept! Prep in Pop is my favorite. Really great idea!

  • Avatar Brenda Schmidt says:

    Tough choice as each and every one of them have so many possibilities! The one that instantly drew me was Sparkler Sweet Pea. That line reminds me of Van Gogh!

  • Avatar Cherie says:

    Such fun fabrics! I love “Sparkler in Carnival”. I can imagine using it in a number of different ways.

  • Avatar Sue says:

    I love the Bubbly Retro, though they are all beautiful fabrics ! Commend you on multitasking. Hats off to you…
    The candle sounds wonderful!

  • Avatar Katherine Stewart says:

    My fav is Sparkler in Retro. Would be great in my twins room.

  • Avatar Bonnie says:

    Great patterns and colorways. I especially love Bubbly in retro!

  • Avatar Layne stabler says:

    Love all the sparklers in all color ways

  • Avatar Christie Brown says:

    I Love, Love, LOVE Sparkler In Sweet Pea. I Feel Like She Must Personally Know My 8 Year Old Daughter In Order To Have Created Such A Perfect Textile For Her!

  • Avatar kristin says:

    love the prep in the pop colorway

  • Avatar Karen Poels says:

    I think I NEED the Bubbly in ‘pop’ for my living room cushions on my yellow loveseat. Of course, I’d have to celebrate that with a happy bottle of Bubbly just to make a perfect match! 🙂

  • Avatar Kimberly says:

    Love all her fabrics but the Bubbly In Retro is my favorite.

  • Avatar Sonia Mckenzie says:

    I Love “Bubbly In Carnival” the colors pop and circles make me happy!!!

  • Avatar Elizabeth Smith says:

    I love the Sparkler in Pop!! He looks “happy”!! Congratulations Traci on great new products!

  • Avatar Carol says:

    Very hard choice, but I think Bubbly in pop is wonderful.

  • Avatar Rachelle says:

    Tough call, but I’m going with Bubbly in Retro. Looking for something bold in my tiny bathroom and this might play well with my non-bossy tile.

  • Avatar Kalina says:

    Love the bubbly in carnival! Looks like a kaleidoscope of fun, happy colors.

  • Avatar Arlene says:

    I love Bubbly in Carnival. It is happy. Every
    fabric is interesting but this one stood out
    for me.

  • Avatar amyks says:

    Love the Bubbly in retro and the Sparkler in retro, sophisticated color, but fun design!

  • Avatar Beth says:

    I love ‘Sparkler in Sweet Pea’ as it reminds me of fireworks & sparklers which I love.

  • Avatar Susan says:

    I think the cherry red and turquoise sparkler would make great kids’ bed sheets and pillowcases. The boy-girl twins in the photo are darling 🙂

  • Avatar Mandie says:

    I adore Sparkler in Sweet Pea and in Carnival… But it’s precious that she created Bubbly from her sons actual paintings! What a great way to personalize a design and make it kid friendly!

  • Avatar Ronnda Stapleton says:

    Prep in Retro! Actually, all of them are awesome! So refreshing! :o)

  • Avatar Carol says:

    The Sparkly in Carnival is the most fun! Great colors together. Though the rest are great coordinates, the Sparkly really wins!

  • Avatar Marlene says:

    Bubbly in Sweet Pea!

  • I love the colors of Bubbly in Pop! So fun, fresh and clean. I can see any of these gorgeous fabrics work well in childrens rooms, offices or even a fun white kitchen.
    Fingers crossed! Would LOVE to have that candles, citrus scents are my fav!

  • BUBBLY IN SWEET PEA is my favorite fabric. Also great for a sundress. In fact, all her fabrics would be perfect for summer outfits too.

  • Avatar Angela Taylor says:

    Sparkling Sweetpea appeals to me:)

  • Avatar Angela Taylor says:

    That should have read: SPARKLER IN SWEETPEA:)

  • Avatar Rob says:

    Loving Bubbly in Sweet Pea!! Such a sweet line!

  • Avatar TracyB says:

    I’m a quilt artist so I love the the Bubbly in Sweet Pea. The stripes are wonderful too!

  • Avatar Sarah S says:

    Love Prep in Pop

  • Avatar SandyCGC says:

    How exciting for Traci that she’s found her niche and I wish her great success. I’ll pass on the fabric giveaway (as charming and fun as they are) – no wee ones in my life. And can’t do candles with 3 curious kitties in the house. However, I totally enjoyed visiting Traci’s site and checking out the images. And the moment that great, grand, glorious white kitchen with the octagonal island goes up for giveaway, I want to be notified first. Don’t worry that the kitchen would take up half my house – I’m not.

  • Avatar joanne says:

    Bubbly In Sweet Pea is my favorite.

  • Avatar Therese says:

    Love the sparkly pop . Wish that fabric line had been around when my daughters were small. Fabulous wishful fabrics with so much potential.

  • Avatar Vicky Rizzardo says:

    Bubbly in Sweet Pea is my choice…!

  • Avatar carol says:

    I LOVE both Prep & Bubbly in retro. The candle is gorgeous, too.

  • I’m really loving Prep in Pop. My 3 daughters are pretty much on their own now, but I would have loved to use it for them when they were younger.Congrats Traci!

  • Avatar Lori says:

    Luv Bubbly in Sweet Pea!

  • Avatar Linda says:

    Love the Sweetpea colorway, especially Bubbly, but the whole collection is fantastic.

  • Avatar Ellie says:

    Bubbly in retro is my favorite although Bubbly in Carnival is a close second.

  • Avatar jon anne winstead says:

    Love all of them but Sparkler in Retro is my choice overall.

  • Avatar jeannene says:

    I love the bubbly fabric. Very pretty!

  • Avatar teresa says:

    I choose Absratct Bubbly in retro for a pillow, or the swatch box with which I could make all sorts of fun things.

  • Avatar Fran says:

    Prep in ‘Retro’. Fresh but still classic! Lovely.

  • Avatar BillP says:

    BUBBLY IN RETRO is my favorite!

  • Avatar Tami says:

    My favourite is Bubbly in Retro! Perfect colours!

  • Avatar Deb says:

    sweetpea in bubbles….not only for kiddos, as I can see it as a duvet in my ( omi’s ) bedroom!

  • Avatar Sabrina says:

    LOVE all of these fabrics! Congratulations on your creativity!

    My favourite is Prep in “Pop!”

    Take good care.

  • Avatar Mary Ann says:

    I really like the sparkler in sweet pea! And the candle looks like my style.

  • Avatar Franki says:

    “Prep in Carnival”…I am in crazy love with stripes, etc. The colors are beautiful. franki
    [email protected]

  • Avatar Sara Adams says:

    I love Bubbly in Sweet Pea the best although they are all adorable!

  • Avatar Zhaleh says:

    All the Bubbly patterns. I may try to DIY a Carnival colored one for birthday uses.

  • Avatar Cheryl T says:

    Sparkler in Sweet Pea is my favourite ~ can envision using this fabric in a guest room or a feminine bedroom. Thank you for sharing this information and introducing this fabric line to us.

  • Avatar Suzanne O says:

    I love Bubbly in Sweet Pea, the colors are lovely.

  • Avatar Elizabeth says:

    Bubbly in Carnival is so fun!

  • I’m torn between Bubbly in Retro and Bubby in Sweet Pea. I love the colours in Retro, but Sweet Pea is what I used to, and still do, call my baby girl…who is now 22! 🙂 *daughter rolls eyes*

  • Avatar Anne-Marie says:

    Loving the Sparkler in Sweet Pea – a lovely color palette. Traci has some beautiful interiors!!

  • I could easily design with Sparkler, Carnival – love it!
    But, I think my favorite is a Bubbly in Carnival – or maybe Bubbly in Retro! Fun!

  • Avatar Linda says:

    Love the Bubbly in Retro; goes well with my current dining room. 🙂

  • Avatar Laurie says:

    I love Prep in Carnival!

  • Avatar Emily says:

    I love the Bubbly in Carnival – great vibrant colours. The citrus combination in the candle is the perfect blend – all great items for summer!

  • Avatar StagerLinda says:

    Traci is always SO buzy. I wonder when she sleeps? Great line of fabrics. So happy for Traci. I’m lovin’ all the Sweet Pea line….SOOOOO many possibilities with all those prints. Congrats Traci.

  • Avatar Alexis Lee says:

    I love Sparkler in Retro and Prep in Retro. These fabrics would fit beautifully in my home!

  • Avatar Linda says:

    I’m loving Bubbly in Retro! Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Avatar Gail Bailey says:

    Love Sparkler in Carnival. Darling babies!

  • Avatar Brooke cole says:

    My favorite is Bubbly in Retro because the colors are unexpected and lively! I LOVE the candle Traci. Even if I don’t win here, I must have one!

  • Avatar Lucy says:

    Bubbly in retro is my favorite!

  • Avatar Maureen says:

    My fave is prep in carnival, love these fabrics.

  • Good Morning Maria & friends!
    Thank goodness prints are starting to come back! Yay! I won’t pick a favorite, but honestly am really happy to see prints on the forefront of the market. It is such a delight after all the somber wovens we have been working with!

  • Avatar kristin says:

    I love the Sparkler in Sweet Pea! Gorgeous fabrics.

  • Avatar Babs Loyd says:

    Bubbly Retro would be perfect in my re-do in progress. Lovely designs. Twins are adorable; my hat is off to the mom who also runs a business with two angels.

  • Avatar Rachel Lando says:

    Sweet Pea/Bubbly is adorable, but Prep in Retro steals my heart. Thanks, too, Maria, for introducing me to Tracy (via her blog).

  • Avatar Lauren Liess says:

    HI Maria!!! I absolutely loved this peek at Traci’s beautiful and super fun textiles!!! They look so good and so Traci!!!
    big hug,

  • Avatar Cynthia says:

    May be too late but will give it a shot, love the sweet pea line

  • Avatar Annie says:

    Just love how talented she is!!! Love the bubbly in pop and the sparkler in sweet pea!! Can’t wait to try out the candles!!

  • Avatar Susan McCargar says:

    Such a fun, fresh line! Love them all Traci but my fave is Bubbly in Pop! ;)Susan

  • Avatar Catherine says:

    Bubbly in Pop is the one.

  • Bubbly in Pop is my favorite! I would love to use it in a nursery. It makes me so happy.

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    Bubbly in Pop is my favorite! I can’t wait to one day use it!

  • Avatar Karen says:

    What fun with color!! Im crazy about the Bubbly i Sweet Pea and would love to use that along with Prep in Sweet Pea. Cheerful and sweet!

  • I love sparkler in Pop! Congrats Traci,my friend, you deserve it!

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