are you afraid of choosingTHE WRONG COLOUR?

Maybe you’re stuck because the last time you selected a paint colour from a paint chip and then when it was painted on your walls, you were like, “OMG, what happened to my colour?”

I can’t tell you how many times I have picked a paint colour from a 2″ paint chip and thought it was the right one. But then, when I hold up that colour in one of my large painted colour boards, I discover the colour is SO WRONG.

Here’s the thing…

The single most important (some might even say magical) tool that I have is my collection of 11 x 14″ large painted colour samples. When I don’t have my colour boards with me, I’m basically visually impaired in terms of specifying colour accurately. And without them, so are you.

The Best Collection of Classic & Timeless Colours are in

My Large Painted Colour Boards

+ One Free Understanding Undertones Colour Wheel (Value: $19.99 Each)

Ever heard of the 80/20 Rule? It also applies to paint colours. Why?
Because 80% of the time we need a paint colour, it’s usually a NEUTRAL.

Most people don’t paint all the main walls in their house a kaleidoscope of colours. They are usually looking for the perfect neutral. And the most useful neutrals make up ONLY 20% of all paint colours.

an easier way to chooseCLASSIC & TIMELESS COLOUR

Choosing a neutral paint colour is about understanding what undertones already exist in your hard finishes and furnishings balanced with the undertones of your neutral paint colour that can either create harmony or chaos.

Do you know the difference between white, off white, cream, greige, or complex cream? More importantly, do you know which one of these neutral colours is the right choice for your space?

That distinction can be pretty intimidating and hard to recognize without my System for Specifying Colour coupled with large painted colour samples

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easy as

1 – 2 – 3

Next time you are in a living room and you want to see if the colour you have just chosen is pulling the room together, you prop up your sample (or 2 or 3) either on the mantle or behind the sofa and stand back. Easy.

Or you are in a bathroom or kitchen (where the undertones of tiles and granite are the most confusing) and you just go through your large samples until you find the one that works. Simple.


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The best beiges in pink, yellow and green undertones.

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The best grays, green, blue and purple undertones.

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The 10 best whites.

My System for Specifying Colour  is now available in two paint brands. If you don’t have ANY of my large colour samples, start with the Benjamin Moore Core Collection or the Sherwin Williams Foundation Collection because these collections include all 9 undertones in my system.

Here’s what is included:

  • 50 large paint samples (11 x 14″) in the best neutrals and whites for $349 with free shipping (in the US or Canada).
  • Instructions for how to use my boards
  • Free Colour Wheel

There’s also a second set of samples, which is currently ONLY available in Benjamin Moore colours.

The Benjamin Moore VIP Collection

Here’s what is included:

  • 50 large paint samples (11 x 14″) in additional greige and complex creams (since they are so popular) as well as my favorite pinks, yellows, blues and greens and the best dark colours – which work well for specifying exterior colour – all for $349 with free shipping (in the US or Canada).
  • Instructions for how to use my boards
  • Free Colour Wheel

“First and foremost, the collection is beautiful and the presentation first class. I can’t imagine a more comprehensive range of shades. The boards also look pretty and feel good. They are fun to place around the room (behind art, against the cabinets). My clients are impressed that I have such a great decorating tool in my possession!” As a decorator, the samples provide a wonderful source of inspiration for painting a neutral canvas. I have actually picked up 2 jobs because of them!”

Pam H.

stop guessing andSTART PAINTING

The reason you will only need a limited number of colours is because it’s a System. After years of choosing colour for clients I noticed there was a selection of colours that I used over and over again. My collections feature the most useful colours for each of the 9 undertone categories, so you’re covered. This means that if you are trying to coordinate a neutral with tiles or stone or fabrics, 95% of the time, you’ll find it here.

Instead of trying to choose from thousands of paint chips, I have hand-selected the most useful neutrals and colours you’ll ever need. My boards are reusable and portable so you can move them around the room and easily place them next to your sofa or countertops without the annoying peel and stick application. You will use my colour boards over and over again to choose colour in any application for years to come.

** The cost of each sample works out to approximately $6.00 each. To paint your own costs $12.00 each. A paint tester sample costs $9.99 never mind the time and cost of poster boards, rollers etc. to make up your own. It took me 2 hours to paint 8 samples.

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Buy the most important tool for choosing classic and timeless colour in your design or do-it-yourself world.