Virtual Event: Specify Colour With Confidence – June 21st – June 22nd, 2023

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Certified True Colour Expert® Training

Wednesday June 21, and Thursday June 22
8:30 am to 5-6 pm Pacific Time
via Zoom Video Call with Maria

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Spend two days with me and I’ll teach you what doesn’t get covered in design school; what the colour industry never tells you; and what you’ll never figure out with most designers or decorators (unless they are one of my True Colour Experts).

And as wild as this might sound, this training works whether you’re a designer, a colour enthusiast or a homeowner.

If you’re a design professional, you’ll have the confidence to raise your rates immediately. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll have the confidence to make future colour choices and fix the colour issues you may be living with right now.

What will I learn?

Day 1 is all about Learning a New Language for Colour:

  • The best three terms to use when you are describing neutrals, whites and saturated colours. When you consider all the terminology that is used around colour, knowing that just three is all you need makes your life so much easier.
  • My System for Understanding Undertones™. This piece is the lynchpin of my system and it is all about neutrals. When you use words like mushroom, latte, sand, tobacco, camel, linen, oat, etc, etc, you are using highly subjective new language to describe neutrals. How do you know that what you mean by “linen” is the same as what someone else means?  Learning the 9 neutral undertones in my system sweeps away all this confusion and is the clearest and best way to talk about and work with them. You can feel the relief rising.
  • Choosing whites can be complicated. And have you wondered why there are so very many whites available to you? I’m going to give you the 4 white gradations that will serve you well 99% of the time you need to choose white for something in your home. Walls? Covered. Trim? Got it. Cabinets? That too. Tile? Fabric? Yes and yes. Complicated reduced to simple.

You’ll also discover some colour history, aka, “What does knowing about colour trends have to do with me in 2022?” This has nothing to do with following the trends. Following the trends is a shortcut to being held hostage by your colour choices.

You’ll see the advantages of firmly planting your design feet on the rock of making timeless colour choices. You may be surprised to learn how this will give you the MOST freedom to express your personality and love your home forever.

Now that you know what the 9 neutral undertones and the 4 white gradations are, you just need to refer to the lists, the colour wheel and the colour boards in my toolbox. Because the colours are all perfectly pre-determined for you. You don’t need to guess, “Is that a yellow beige?” or say, “I can’t tell if this is a green beige or a green grey.” And the more you use the tools the better you will become at correctly identifying neutrals, whites and saturated colours. 

And throughout the entire Day 1, I will use show you, tell you, remind you and reinforce in every way the one tip that separates a colour expert from a wannabe. 

Day 2 is all about Making Colour Choices:

Now that we’ve set the foundation for colour, Day 2 is all about how to make colour choices for your home. Where do you start? What decision trumps another decision? What do you need to consider if you simply want to choose a new wall colour? Add tile? Replace your flooring? Buy a new sofa?

No matter where you find yourself in a building, renovating or decorating project, I’m going to show you the basic strategies you need to follow to move forward towards a home that makes you happy every time you walk in your front door.

  • The colour decisions you make in kitchens and bathrooms are primarily informed by their hard finishes (tile, cabinets, counters and flooring). Once you’ve chosen or identified the colours in these hard finishes, adding styling and wall colours will be a delight. You’ll see the difference between timeless hard finishes and trendy ones to reinforce the reality that blindly following trends is a shortcut to being held hostage by your colour choices.
  • The colour decisions you make in the living areas of your home (living, dining, family, office and bedrooms) are less informed by the hard finishes (flooring and stone or brick fireplace cladding) and it’s in these rooms that the furnishings and decorating decisions often take the lead in your colour choices. Once you’ve chosen or identified the colours in any hard finishes and furnishings, adding decorating, styling and wall colours will bring your personality and design aesthetic to life.
  • My favourite part of choosing colours is when it comes to decorating and styling. Not only does this add interest and individuality to someone’s home, but successful decorating and styling covers a multitude of colour mistakes. Even if a project has passed the point of ideal choices for your finishes and furnishings, I have saved many a room with the magic of successful decorating and styling. And, that’s when the room goes from, “It’s not fabulous yet, is it?” to “I LOVE this room!”

In order to help you make the best colour choices for yourself or your clients, I’m going to share the critical questions you need to ask, the best way to navigate a design budget, and colour guidelines that will keep your colour choices on track.

And just like in Day 1, YOU will experience what separates a colour expert from a wannabe. 

Here’s what you get when you take my Specify Colour with Confidence training:

  • Hands-on exercises where your hands will help you train your eye to see colour differently.
  • In-class exercises where you look at real rooms to help train your eye for colour.
  • My unique WowBox is delivered to your front door and filled with all the materials you need for the training.
  • A workbook filled with useful colour principles, exercises and guidelines.
  • Digital versions of my new Understanding Undertones colour wheel and more.
  • My two eBooks, How to Choose Paint Colours — It’s All in the Undertones and White is Complicated.
  • Special deals on my colour boards and other online courses.
  • Certification as a True Colour Expert™. With this certification, you’ll receive a True Colour Expert button to display on your website and print materials.
  • Access to my exclusive Killam Colour Academy Facebook page. This is PRICELESS! If you work alone and need a sounding board for the endless decisions in your design and colour consulting business, you’ll find a community of true colour experts ready to collaborate with you.True Colour Expert Certification

Still wondering if this training is for you? If you have the interest and passion to understand colour and make the best colour choices for your home or your clients’ homes, this training is definitely for you.

There is only one way to become a True Colour Expert, and you have found it. Space is limited to allow for interactive and hands-on learning, so reserve your spot now!



If you are an interior designer who needs CEUs to maintain your ASID or IDCEC status, this course is IDCEC approved, with credits granted for each day of training.

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