The Business of eDesign + Colour (Bundle)

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16 Self-guided video lessons. Immediate access. Yours to watch forever.

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Remember, the only way to access the Business of eDesign is by taking the Specify Colour with Confidence course. 

What’s the difference between the 2 courses?

  1. The Business of eDesign (ADVANCED Colour Course): The Business of eDesign is an ADVANCED online course that takes a deep dive into Maria’s super successful business model for offering online colour consultations. That means it’s narrowly focused on the world of eDesign specifically. Whether you are an experienced professional or a new designer starting your business, this course will help you use your new colour skills to add this lucrative service into your design offerings.  Maria has done THOUSANDS of eDesign consultations and this course gleans her most VALUABLE lessons, mistakes and insights to help you build a successful eDesign business of your own.  She will walk through EVERY STEP of the process and it’s loaded with tips, cheat sheets, scripts, eDesign sample slides, and more!  
  2. The Business of Colour: Where The Business of eDesign is narrowly focused, The Business of Colour is a broader look into all of Maria’s income streams from in-person consultations, to products and also a brief look at eDesign. Find out what it takes to succeed in the business of colour directly from an industry leader with 20+ years of experience. Maria will teach you critical components from developing your aesthetic and your portfolio, to how to leverage social media to grow your following and find your ideal clients. She’ll show you where to begin and what to focus on first. You’ll learn about fee structures, setting up processes and systems for managing your client interactions smoothly, and how to gain credibility with your clients. If you dream of turning your passion for colour into a profitable business, this is the course for you.