Renovate With Confidence

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Three training videos, each approximately one hour for a total of 3 1/2 hours of content.

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DURATION:  Course is 3 1/2 hours


How this training will impact your decisions, from Barbara in New Jersey (and best of all you can do it at your own pace with access anytime)

Now that I’ve viewed the webinar, I see how nominal the price is. It’s just a VERY smart investment and there’s no doubt it will keep us from making many expensive (and heartbreaking) missteps along the way!  Best wishes, Barbara

Adeline in Winnipeg:

I was going to spend $20,000 on a house reno for resale.  Included in my unrealistic plans were the following:

1. two slabs of brown/beige granite for the kitchen countertop, full height backsplash and island top

2.  new cabinets were to be a med dark stained wood (cinnamon).

3. patterned linoleum and carpet in medium brown tones to delineate the open kitchen/living and dining room and for use in the bedrooms. bathroom and closets as well.

4. paint the walls throughout the house.  BJ October Sky in all rooms and halls except for feature walls, bathrooms and closets.  A feature wall in EACH room, as well as the non-furniture island, in BJ Buckhorn.  Bathrooms BJ Seafoam.  Trim and closets in white.

Maria, can you say, “Ooops!!”.

Now that I’ve taken this training I will re-evaluate ALL my plans and select ALL new materials while looking at samples assembled together on site (vs. pictures on the computer) while simultaneously considering trends, lighting (natural and artificial), undertones, repetition, contrast, cool and warm, clean versus dirty, rules on white and neutrals, patterns, AND re-evaluate again and again as items are installed! All invaluable principals I’ve learned.

What do I think all this is going to save me? If I would have continued with my original plans I would be getting on my husband’s nerves with ongoing bad suggestions to change things and he would not want to throw away good money after bad.

So, you have saved me from:

  •  Having an empty bank account.
  •  Having an ugly house sitting unsold on the market for a very long time and then taking a substantial loss to get rid of it.
  •  From my nerves and his nerves – in other words – our marriage.”
[This training is] PRICELESS!  Hugs & Kisses, A.R. from Winnipeg

THIS On-line Training IS FOR YOU IF:

  • You are planning a renovation but you’re paralyzed by all the choices you need to make and you don’t know where to start.
  • You are building a new house and would love to learn a step-by-step process on what to source first. When do you choose the counter tops, flooring, walls, trim colour and everything else?
  • You look at paint colours, counter tops and tiles and ask yourself any of these questions: Is it beige or gray? Is it the right gray? Will I love this counter top when it’s installed? Will this white look too dingy or too cold? Will I love this turquoise shade when it goes up or will it turn into another colour all together?
  • You look at endless colour chips and feel your eyes roll into the back of your head with overload.
  • You wish there was a ‘system’ that would help you organize colour in your mind. (There is.)
  • You rely on your best guess and cross your fingers in hopes you’ve chosen the right colour and the right finishes.

Do this training and you will learn the answers to all these questions and more.

Session 1: 

Renovate with Confidence introduces you to the most important way to see colour.

  • Why understanding contrast is critical to achieving a look you’ll love.
  • The most important information you’ll ever need to know about neutrals, whites and colour with regards to choosing finishes and paint colours.
  • How to compare colour so you never again make the same mistakes you’ve made in the past.
  • The four categories of white (which are the only ones you really need).
  • Hands-on exercises that will have you see colour in a whole new way (it’s always the biggest ‘aha’ moment in my live courses).

Session 2: 

Renovate with Confidence focuses on how to develop a master COLOUR plan for your RENOVATION.

  • Learn all the steps you need to know so you can be smart about where to best allocate your budget.
  • Walk through your entire house using my 10 step Colour Confidence Method™.
  • Learn how to incorporate new finishes in combination with existing fixed elements that are not changing.

Session 3:

Renovate with Confidence focuses on choosing finishes and COLOURS for a new build.

  • Do you know the first decision you need to make?
  • Get the complete list of what to choose first and which colours and finishes must be chosen first to achieve a look and feel that flows throughout your entire home.
  • How to choose your foundation palette, which will make all the rest of your decisions much easier.
  • Whites are complicated. You’ll learn how to choose the right white every time.
  • How to choose the right finishes to coordinate with a wood-stained kitchen (not just a white or cream one).
  • Learn exactly when your wall colours should be chosen. Hint: It’s not at the beginning and definitely not at the very end!



If after 30 days you don’t feel like you’ve received your moneys worth, and you are not completely satisfied with the online training, email us at [email protected] describing why you are disappointed and we’ll refund you 100%, no questions asked.

It’s 100% RISK FREE for you!