Event Special: The Business of eDesign

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Today my eDesign business brings in a minimum of $50,000 a month. But as an early adopter of eDesign, I had to build the plane while flying it. With this NEW course, you won’t have to. Unlock thousands of dollars in potential revenue with my powerful eDesign business model.

Self-guided video lessons. Yours to watch forever.

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Get a deep dive into my eDesign business model AND gain a powerful edge in the online design business so YOU can start making more money through eDesign. 

This ADVANCED, self-guided course will guide you step-by-step from getting your business started to creating a niche to growing your leads online.

Includes over 70 downloadable workbook pages to help you follow along with the video lessons, as well as cheat sheets, checklists, scripts, eDesign slides, and more!

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Module 1:  Get Inspired: Successful eDesign Business Models

Module 2:  Sourcing: How to Choose and Compare Colour

Module 3Develop Your Expertise: The Killam Method for Identifying Neutrals

Module 4:  Getting the Photos You Need to See Colour Accurately

Module 5:  Processes for Communicating Effectively with Your Client

Module 6:  Establish Your Expertise: How to Anticipate and Handle Objections

Module 7:  How to Guide Your Client to Effective Colour Testing

Module 8:  eDesign Customer Service: How to Handle Upset Customers