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In certain parts of North America houses clad entirely in brick are very common. Brick is also often used to add interest as an accent feature.

Natural brick colours vary from red to brown to gray to cream and are typically mottled in pattern. Correctly diagnosing the colours in any brick is vital, as these colours will impact the rest of the colour choices you make for your home.

Each and every recommendation is from Maria directly. The eDesign team packages her advice into a clear presentation for you and handles communication and client support.

This is colour advice from Maria via photos and email.

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A few common Exterior Design Questions

Whether you’re choosing a brick, or considering painting the brick you already have, I can help you get the colours right and on the right track to complete the look of your house.

  • I live in a neighbourhood full of brick houses — how do I get mine to stand out?
  • I’m building a house and my neighbourhood plan says I need to make it brick Can you help me pick the best one?
  • I’m ready to paint my brick — how do I choose the right white?
  • How do I coordinate my brick colour to everything else on my house?
  • How do I combine stone and brick in a classic way?

Brick differs from stone in that brick can be painted where stone typically cannot. The option to paint brick can open up other possibilities for the look of your house.

Once you purchase this Exterior Colour Consultation you’ll receive a prompt email with a fill-in-the blank form so you can describe your question and give us the relevant information for the consultation. This email will also give you instructions on how to send me photos, so I can get a good sense of the area in question as well as least one photo of your entire home. Take the photos and complete the form and send it to us.

Maria has worked with thousands of clients will all imaginable types finishes and colours. This service provides guidance for DIY decorating so it’s rare to have after photos that are worth posting, because they require professional styling and photography. This is why you won’t see many of them on the blog.

Your Colour Solution will arrive within 5-7 business days.

Note: Exterior Colour Solution is a residential service. Please contact us for a quote for commercial property inquiries.



You have paid for our time so we can’t provide a refund if for some reason you move or something changes before you can implement our recommendations. We want you to be happy, so if you have any objections or concerns about the recommendations, we ask that you share them with us along with photos of your colour testing and give us the opportunity to tweak our selections before you reject them outright.

Please note, we will not provide a refund unless we have had the chance to make adjustments to our initial recommendations.


Things come up in life, situations get altered or sometimes we just change our mind – it happens. Our eDesign team is here to make you happy and we are committed to complete client satisfaction. So, if within 90 days of your purchase, and prior to submitting your information, you change your mind, we will provide a refund less a 5% administrative fee. After 90 days, or once you have initiated the consultation process by submitting your information, we can no longer provide a refund.