Mom’s Share Their Best Parenting Advice

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and my mom is away on a trip to Toronto with her best friend Pirkko from Victoria. I’m including some of my favourite images of gardens along with some quotes about parenting starting with my amazing Mother. Every day I am filled with gratitude that I get to live close to her out here in the country:

This first image is for my mom. She loves pink and these climbing roses are fabulous! And here she is:

Hellen Junttila

Pink Climbing Roses



Elizabeth Jacobs

Turquoise & White


Boxwood Garden


Happy Mother’s Day! This quote is for all of you!

Mother's Day


If you’re a Mom, what’s you’re best parenting tip?

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  1. As a mother of a 1.5 year old, best tip I ever got, the one that turned my post partum depression around: Shower Every Day, even if it means it’s at midnight.

    Second tip: Dad’s enjoy parenting more because they don’t suffer Mom Guilt. My tip: Shake it off as best you can. Then, tell me how you did it.

  2. For little ones: Kneel down to eye level to speak to them, don’t yell.

    For teens: Take the time to speak with them and show an interest in their lives.

    Show respect to your children, they will show respect to you. Show approval for who they are and will be.

    The key: Encourage, compliment and praise !

    We have three amazing children 23, 20 and 18.

    Beautiful photos and wonderful post Maria !
    Thank you

  3. “Prepare your child for the path, not the path for the child.”

    My best Mother’s Day gift: my 4th and youngest son graduated from college yesterday!

  4. Tell your children you love them, no matter their age. Start at birth and keep it going for always. Mine are 42 and 32, and I still say, “I love you,” each time we talk.
    Lovely post today, Maria. It’s a little blessing for all your readers.

  5. Lovely!!!
    As I sit here waiting for both my sons,fiancé and girlfriend to come over, I thank my lucky stars for the men they have turned out to be. My best advice…hang in there through thick and thin! It pays off, in the long run.
    Happy Mothers Day to all!

  6. I have had the privilege of being a mother for 44 years. Being a mother continues to change as the relationship does also. My tip is to just love them as they learn their lessons in life.

  7. Beautiful post, Maria. Thank-you!
    My advice: Look your child in the eye and tell him or her how proud you are of him or her. Give a specific example, especially as a teenager and a young adult. Even grown-up we still seek approval from Mom and Dad!
    You have such a lovely family, Maria! Thank-you for sharing them with us!

  8. What thought-provoking reminders to us all, no matter the ages of our children. Thank you, Maria! Best advice – Remember that they’re not YOUR children, they are each unique individuals, briefly entrusted to our care. They will create their own lives, which they are entitled to claim and embrace. As parents, we keep them safe, guide them, believe in them as they learn how to make decisions and mistakes, and love them as best we can.

  9. A wise older man who is also a man of faith and counselor, shared with me recently that he believes it is most important to tell children, often, that they are lovable and capable. I think sometimes they need to hear it even more as they get older – we all do! As we moms know, sometimes our children also need that nudge to try something new and find out how capable they are.

    Mmmm… one more tip: teenagers aren’t thrilled to see their picture in the newspaper with their mom’s Mother’s Day column, especially if their goofing off, and even if you tell them in advance. Love my four teen sons!