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An Overview of the Best Colour Training in the World

The first day is, for many of my students, their favourite day, because it’s a day of transformation. How you “see” colour when the day starts and how you “see” colour by the end of the day typically becomes one of those moments where the world looked one way when you entered the class and entirely different by the time you leave at the end of the day.

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  • Learn more about how trends impact your business and why you need to understand them.
  • We’ll discuss how to really evaluate complex and sometimes difficult neutrals and whites. You’ll complete a series of exercises in breaking down and distinguishing neutral undertones and whites.
  • You’ll do the work of categorizing a set of colours and build your own colour reference guide you’ll be able to take home with you and use as a helpful resource.
  • Discover how to understand neutrals that can sometimes seem to change right in front of your eyes when you look at them in a certain context.
  • You’ll start to learn the language of explaining why your intuition-informed choice is more accurate than what your client is suggesting. A big part of this is learning how to compare colour so that your client can see what you can see. This is where the magic happens. 
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  • Day two will start with The White Workshop; everything you need to know about choosing white. It includes the 4 gradations of white, when and how to specify them, plus the control whites you’ll need for choosing white tile accurately (HINT: comparison is key).
  • You’ll learn when to choose a warm vs. a cool white, how to choose the right trim colour every time (HINT: it’s about contrast) and finally, which white is best under less than perfect lighting conditions. THIS IS A MUST SEE!
  • After establishing the foundation of how to see and categorize colour, we go on to the nuts and bolts of how to actually go through the interior of a home and specify colour. This is the first step in gaining confidence.
  • I will take you through my 4 Step Killam Method, which is a system you’ll use when consulting with clients. Plus you’ll watch me walk through actual client consultations where you will have an opportunity to see how a master colourist does it.
  • This is a hands-on learning environment with actual fixed elements and furnished items to help you use the language you learned in my books: How to Choose Paint Colours – It’s All in the Undertones and White is Complicated.
  • You’ll work together in groups to pick the best colour(s) for an interior. You’ll do several of these exercises, so you start to develop a feel for how a colour consultation goes.
  • After class we all get together at a local, reasonably-priced restaurant to eat, chat and get to know each other better.
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  • On the third day you’ll unlock more about the business of colour and design. I’ll share how I developed my successful business model and help you discover which pieces you can map into your own business.
  • You’ll learn my insider secrets on how I work with clients online, choosing and specifying colour for their interiors and exteriors, so you can add this valuable and lucrative service to your list of offerings.
  • Becoming a True Colour Expert will give you the ultimate edge in providing eDesign for your clients. You will also get exclusive tips for accurately seeing neutral undertones online.
  • Set yourself up for success by learning how to communicate effectively with your online clients and handle objections by being clear about WHY your recommendations are the best options for their project.
  • Get a FREE complete digital template for creating your own custom eDesign presentations for your clients.

“I learned things here I NEVER learned in school or 20 years of practise, and I’m a licensed interior designer! Go, go go. It’s so worth the money!”

Val Short, Principal GBNA Consulting

The SYSTEM For Specifying Colour®

Celebrity designers still get away with making declarations like this to their audiences: “Colour is hard, all you can do is test it and hope that you get it right”.

But that is not true! You CAN master colours if you know their undertones in a rational way with reasons behind your choices instead of mere intuition and guess work.

Getting proficient in specifying the right colour used to take years — it took me 20 years to train my eye to see colour like I do. But I know you don’t have 20 years to spare. So I have condensed everything I know into one three-day course, where I share all my insider secrets that took me 20,000 hours to learn. Developing your aesthetic as a decorator or interior designer takes a long time, but you can learn the best way to sell a classic and timeless look and feel in only three days.

You CAN learn how to select the perfect colours with ease and confidence. All you need is a system for selecting the right colours – a system that works each and every time.


  • Identify exactly what is going on, and what should be going on, when you walk into a home.
  • Know exactly where to begin, every time
  • Create a colour scheme that pulls the look of a home together.
  • Distinguish undertones in complex neutrals and whites
  • Learn how to choose the right greige or complex cream when one of the 4 gradations of white will not work in an interior.
  • Create a niche, specializing in colour with my proven system for choosing neutrals, colours and whites.
  • Become known as a True Colour Expert™!

Colour is the foundation of any design project.

How long will you wait until you’re really good at colour?

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Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Three days of live training by world-renowned color designer Maria Killam ($5997 Value)
  • Complete and extensive workbook filled with useful cheat sheets ($497 Value)
  • Business forms and tools to build your experience as a colour expert ($297 Value)
  • Photography tip you’ll start using immediately ($397 Value)
  • Catered lunch, coffee, soft drinks and snacks each day ($97 Value)
  • Certification as a True Colour Expert™ (Priceless)
  • BONUS: Free complete eDesign template so you can start offering online consultations ($297 Value)
  • BONUS: Private Access Facebook Group exclusively for True Colour Experts™ ($497 Value)
  • BONUS: $75 Off Colour Boards ($75 Value)
  • BONUS: Certified True Colour Expert Button For Your Website (Priceless)
  • BONUS: Both Of My eBooks: How To Choose Paint Colours + White Is Complicated ($54 Value)
  • BONUS: Online Course: Masterclass on Exterior Colour Selection ($497 Value)

Total Value: $8,705

You Pay Only: $2,250 $1,250 Due Today + $1,000 Due 3 Weeks Out

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As mentioned above,  You’ll Also Receive instant access to my NEW online training, Masterclass on Exterior Colour Selection…
…For Free


    • Module 1: How to Get Started
    • Module 2: How We’re Influenced By Trends
    • Module 3: All About the Black & White Exterior Trend
    • Module 4: The Colour of Timeless Stone (Why It’s Important for you to know)
    • Module 5: Windows – Your First Step in a New Build
    • Module 6: Classic Brick + Stone – When to combine it or paint it
    • Module 7: The Best Exterior Paint Colours by Undertone
    • Module 8: Trim and Garage Doors – Create the Right Contrast & Balance
    • Module 9: The Most Versatile Roof Colours
    • Module 10: The Best Front Door Colours
    • Module 11: Shutters – When they work, when they don’t, and the best colours
    • Module 12: Curb Appeal begins with Landscaping + How to Test Exterior Paint Colours
    • Module 13: Porch, Deck, Fencing, and Paving
    • Module 14: What Would Maria Do With THIS House (Before & After)
    • Module 15: What Would Maria Do with THIS Patio + Fence (Before & After)

This is a NEW course and is available FREE to students registered for my live classes (Value $497). When you enroll, you get instant access to it, absolutely free!

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True Colour Expert® Testimonials

Understanding Undertones

Colour theory isn’t enough anymore.

People often ask me “Why your system? What is Understanding Undertones?”

The first thing you need to know about my system is it’s a helpful way to organize colour in your head so you can make clear choices. It gives you guidelines to follow rather than rules that can’t be broken. And the best news of all – you can ignore 95% of the fan deck.

Do you remember studying the Periodic Table in your high school chemistry class? In 1869 Dmitri Mendeleev organized and published the first widely recognized periodic table. He developed this table to show trends in the properties of chemical elements.

He didn’t invent these chemical elements. What he did was study them so thoroughly that he noticed patterns in how they were configured and how they behaved. Ever since he published this table scientists have been using it to understand and predict how chemical elements behave.

My system is the periodic table of understanding undertones: it gives you clear sense of how colours behave in every space.

Sir Isaac Newton gave us the colour wheel, and many of us get basic colour theory – primaries, secondaries, complimentraries, etc. based on his concept. But he was trying to understand the spectrum, not coordinating fabrics and tiles and other finishes. The colour wheel has very little to tell us about working with complex neutrals and whites in interiors.

The Investment

Is this the right time to invest in yourself or your business?

If you’re building a business – or even if you’re a homeowner who wants to learn exactly how to select the right colours for your home – then you may be unsure about whether this is the right time to spend money…

First of all, consider this course an investment rather than a cost. It’s an investment on which you can expect a HUGE return! If you are making big design decisions, it’s very easy to make a $2000 mistake. Think about how much money you stand to lose by not taking this course. If you’re an interior design professional (new or seasoned), becoming a True Colour Expert™ is absolutely the best investment you can make!

Not only will you carve out a niche for yourself as the go-to expert in your area, but you’ll also easily transition your clients from consult-only clients to full-on design clients, dramatically increasing your bottom line. And if you’re a homeowner, imagine how good it will feel to know, with confidence, that you’re choosing colours that will give your home exactly the feel you want it to have, in every room!

Melissa Bolinger

In the past, I could see that the colour was wrong and could choose the correct colour, but didn’t have language to explain why. Maria’s training not only gave me new vocabulary for colour, but I also acquired a deeper understanding of undertones and how they affect each other. I recently met a woman shopping for tile in a tile showroom. I could hear her sighs of stress as she contemplated her choices. I eventually gave her my business card and told her I could help her as I was “certified in colour by a world renowned colour expert”. She perked up. She asked if I had ever heard of the woman in Canada. I excitedly said, “Yes! Maria Killam! That’s who I trained with!” I was hired on the spot! I am very happy that I invested in the training! It has been invaluable for me and I treasure the memories of the experience.

Melissa Bolinger, Stylist,

Karen Gray

It was great and worth every penny. I gained a lot from it, and now I do not second guess my color choice because a client is telling me “but I really love this color” I WILL NOT BACK DOWN on what the undertones are telling me! And now I have the reasons WHY they should not settle either! Thank you!

Karen Gray, True Colour Expert™ HSR, RESA

Angela Block

“Maria’s Specify Color with Confidence course was really the icing on the cake to becoming fully color confident! After spending 5 years as a color consultant and designer, taking Maria’s course took the guess work and stress out of choosing colors for my clients. As a result, I have become much quicker at putting together a color palette and have been able to raise my designer rates. Her course teaches tools in which no other interior design training does to understanding how colors work together and why. This course should be a designer requirement! Thank you so much Maria for helping us save the world from pink beige!”

Angela Block, True Colour Expert™ Interior Designer,

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How much is that worth to you?

I believe it’s invaluable. That’s why the $2,500 ticket price for my 3-day event is more than reasonable.

AND, you make this investment at no risk because you’re covered by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If, by the end of the first day, you don’t think this is the best colour course you’ve ever taken, simply turn in your class materials and I’ll give you a full refund!

That is how much I believe in what I teach and the way it changes the lives of my students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[vc_tta_accordion color=”vista-blue” active_section=”1″ el_class=”custom_tab”][vc_tta_section title=”I’m a brand new designer, or homeowner. Will I feel out of place at this training?” tab_id=”1496906407116-897406da-b48a”]

If you’re building a business – or even if you’re a homeowner who wants to learn exactly how to select the right colours for your home – then you may be unsure about whether this is the right time to spend money?

First of all, consider this training an investment rather than a cost. It’s an investment on which you can expect a HUGE return! If you’re a homeowner making big design decisions at your house, it’s very easy to make a $2000 mistake (or more). If you’re an interior design professional, becoming a True Colour Expert™ is absolutely the best investment you can make!

Not only will you carve out a niche for yourself as the go-to expert in your area, but you’ll also easily transition your clients from consult-only clients to full-on design clients, dramatically increasing your bottom line. And if you’re a homeowner, imagine how good it will feel to know, with confidence, that you’re choosing colours that will give your home exactly the feel you want it to have, in every room!

[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”I read your blog religiously. Haven’t I learned everything you have to teach?” tab_id=”1496906407572-0b78cdad-adde”]

There’s really nothing that replaces a live training experience.

At the end of three days, participants are astounded with everything they have just learned and, most importantly, you’ll be getting it all in the right order. Yes you can find everything for free on-line these days, but it won’t be in the right order, and if it’s not in the right order, it’s far less useful. Join me and learn all my best practices, while taking your knowledge of colour to the next level, for real mastery.

[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Can’t I learn the information you cover in this training in a book?” tab_id=”1496906510468-c67ec6c1-a49d”]

The short answer is, No.

This is my own personal system I developed after performing thousands and thousands of design and colour consultations.. No one else teaches it, because no one else knows it!

[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Can’t I learn the information you cover in this training by reading your eBooks?” tab_id=”1496906679535-6ac20298-4718″]

I wrote my eBooks to widely share the principles of my system, and they are full of great information you can use right away.

What makes coming to my training so transformative is that we spend these three days working with actual projects and exercises. We go through endless examples and I ask questions like, “What’s the undertone here?” and “What’s wrong with this room? How would you fix it?” You will go beyond understanding principles to developing experience around colour. And you’ll leave with a level of confidence that would be hard to achieve through reading any book no matter how great it is.

[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”How can I justify this investment when my business is struggling?” tab_id=”1496906840990-4c115a03-db23″]

If your business is struggling, you need to do something different.

When your customers and clients can sense your confidence, your business increases exponentially. You can command higher rates and work with your ideal clients (who not only pay you happily, but also really listen to – and heed – your advice).



These uncertain times are unlike anything in history and changes may come up unexpectedly. If you must cancel prior to 3-weeks-out from your scheduled Specify Colour With Confidence Training you can receive a refund, minus a $300 non-refundable processing fee.

Cancellations after this date will not be eligible for a refund. Instead, your deposit can be applied to any Specify Colour With Confidence Training held within the following 12 calendar months.

Alternatively, you may have someone substitute for your participation in the course. Call Maria Killam Inc. Customer Service Department at 1- 604-490-6251 at least 30 days prior to the event to transfer your registration.

Although it has never happened, Maria Killam Inc. reserves the right to cancel this event at any time and for reasons beyond our control, including but not limited to the COVID-19 virus, illness, inclement weather or force majeure. In the unlikely event that we are forced to cancel, you will be offered a full refund less the $300 processing fee. Should circumstances arise that result in the postponement of an event, registrants will have the option to either receive a refund or transfer to the same event at a new future date or venue. Maria Killam Inc. is not responsible for any additional costs (e.g. travel, hotel) you may incur due to cancellation of the event.