If I were going to Washington. . .

If I were going to the historic Presidential inauguration, [in a perfect world] I would stay in the Hay-Adams hotel I found at La Dolce Vita:

I would travel there in this airstream from A Schematic Life:

There is a new definition of Charisma in the Boston Globe [for the full story click here] and it is

“ What people are responding to in charismatics, is the power of apparently effortless embodiment of contradictory qualities simultaneously: strength and vulnerability, innocence and experience, and singularity and typicality among them.”

I would have to brush up on my charismatic abilities to fit in with all the politicians.

I would have to consult with Things that Inspire to find out exactly which rooms I cannot miss during the white house tour as she was just there this Christmas. This image is from Architectural Digest.

I would ask Cote de Texas for some tips on how to make my hypothetical post from Washington so amazing that I too would get over 100 comments which is just average for this blogger! One of her recent posts, Kitchens 101: Elements to copy received 129 comments. Just a day in the blogging life of Cote de Texas!

I would wear this dress to the ball:

And these shoes:

I would make sure I got some interview tips from Meade Design Group before I left, just in case I was able to interview someone famous for my blog! This is an interior from Martyn Lawrence Bullard, his most recent interview/post:

I would so love to be there with my best friend from Wise Space among the 2 million people expected, to witness history being made!

What would you do if you were going?

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  1. oh how i wish i were going, but i will be watching it on TV, probably crying my eyes out just like i did on election night. i’m such a goof. anyway, to answer your question, what would i do if i were going? i’d avoid being seen standing next to you at the ball, since we’d be wearing the same dress. 😉

  2. Wow Maria what a brilliant post! Only you could give the inauguration the extra full coverage from a perspective of style and design. I love the piece on Charisma. How do you fit all this in one post? Bravo to you Maria! Enjoy the celebration.


    This is the reason why we love you and your blog so much – you are the best Maria!

    You left a big big smile in my face after reading your entry.

  4. hi Maria, yes I drew the little cat in celebration! Great post, i think i would get a half-smoke form ben’s chili dogs and watch the parade!

  5. Things That Inspire

    Very nice post! I went to the Hays-Adams before the party at the White House, and had a drink in the ‘Off the Record’ bar. It was great! I would do that again – I had a champagne cocktail.

  6. What a brilliant post! As always, Maria, you bring a fresh, vibrant and colorful take on the world! Watching in my home since 7:00 a.m. this morning and loving the colors of this historic event in our country. Just amazing! Thanks for giving us your colorful review!

  7. Finally pulling myself away from 8 hours of TV watching (Inaugural!) to look at lovely blogs. And yours is one of them. I love this post.

  8. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, Sara Says Awesome. I hope you keep checking back I post something new everyday. KISSES!! SAra

  9. Thanks for the link…I would travel first class to Washington, with a stop in Chicago at the Design Center!

    Great post!

  10. The Blue Ridge Gal

    I would wear the same gown as you, but in black instead of gold…. and I would do my best to dance with President Obama…. Now THAT would be a moment to remember.

    The Blue Ridge Gal