Maria Door Cropped

Coming Soon: This is eDesign School

Want to be the first to know when the ultimate eDesign course is launched?

Designers everywhere are scrambling to move their business model online.

But Maria has been specifying colour online accurately and successfully SINCE 2009!

In that time she has conducted OVER 7,000 online colour consultations!

AND she does it with the incredible COLOUR ACCURACY that only her proprietary System for Specifying Colour can provide.

This is a brand NEW online training event and you can be one of the FIRST to access her unrivaled decade of experience to catapult your eDesign business way beyond the competition!

NO ONE ELSE can tell you how to specify colour online effectively.

And COLOUR is where most designers fail when attempting to consult online.

Communicating effectively with clients online is also an art perfected by experience. Maria knows how to ask the right questions and anticipate common objections in advance, so you don’t have to waste time in endless back and forth emails.

Don’t wait!

When This is eDesign School opens, we only have 100 spaces available for the first launch. So don’t miss this opportunity to learn from your favorite colour expert and industry leader in the eDesign space!

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